10 Best Spots For The Coolest Sightseeing In Lima, Peru

Lima has many routes for sightseeing: there are so many things worth seeing. We are suggesting a few alternatives, depending on where you are staying at.

If you are near the Downtown area, you will enjoy a walk along the old Lima streets, starting of course at the Plaza Mayor, the place where the Spanish conquistadores founded Lima: a few blocks away you will find the beautiful San Pedro church and San Francisco church and convent. There are many examples of traditional colonial architecture there, but uf you feel like walking a little more, go to Barrio Chino, where you can finish your route while enjoying a Chinese style meal.

On the way back to Miraflores you will find the Magic Water Circuit; once in Miraflores you can walk to the Costa Verde marina, to enjoy a view of the beaches and the paragliders that usually do their practice flights there. Following the marina you will soon get to Barranco, the traditional artists’ town, where you can see some beautiful places such as the “Puente de los Suspiros”.

Outside Miraflores and Barranco there’s still a lot of Lima for some sightseeing:  for example, Pueblo Libre, another historic district, with traditional houses, some museums, and lovely little places like its own Plaza Mayor.

This is a peaceful spot away from the noisy downtown but still in the heart of the city: however, it is surrounded by some large and very commercial areas full of shops. So this is actually like an oasis in the city. It has a beautiful antique...  Read More

Inaugurated in 1876, it links two Barranco streets, Ayacucho and La Ermita: it is a historic place since it survived the destruction caused by the War Of The Pacific (against Chile) in 1881. The name refers to the many romances that have started...  Read More

As a coastal city, Lima has a bunch of easily accessible beaches, that offer a complete experience to the visitor; sea, beaches, restaurants for all budgets and the possibility of practicing some nautical sports. These beaches are lined up and...  Read More

Paragliders have become a common sight in Miraflores, as soon as you get closer to the cliffs or to Larcomar area: there are several companies that offer paragliding both tandem flights and paragliding lessons. If you are interested you may want...  Read More

The Parque Central de Miraflores (Miraflores Central Park, aka Kennedy Park, too) is almost the heart of Miraflores' center: everything takes place around or very close to this place. Not only it has an amphitheater where many different shows...  Read More

In a few years, this place has become quite a very popular and unbeatable attraction, for both locals and foreigners: located not far from Lima Downtown, in the traditional Parque de la Reserva, this complex of 13 fountains offers two very...  Read More

Lima's China Town is locally known as "Barrio Chino" and even as "Calle Capon", due to the old name of this street during the Vice Royalty times. Actually, Lima is home for the largest Chinese descendants community in South America, and its most...  Read More

Iglesia de San Pedro

This impressive Baroque church was built by the Society of Jesus during the 16th century, and nowadays it is still both a spiritual centre and as well as a religious art museum. Its architecture of three naves and dome (with Moorish-influenced...  Read More

This is by far the most visited place in Lima, this yellow-and-white 17th-century complex has witnessed most of Lima's historical episodes and survived a few massive earthquakes. The old Convent of Saint Francis houses a fine religious art...  Read More

Lima's Plaza Mayor is the most important place to see regarding this city's history and current daily life... and lifestyle: Lima was founded here by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535, in the land that previously was owned by...  Read More


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