10 Best Bed and Breakfast Places To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Lima, Peru

You can tell Lima is a backpacker-friendly city. Not only people is friendly actually to tourists, but there are plenty of low-profile places where you can eat for almost ridiculous prices (between US $3 to $5 for a complete menu combo), and transportation fares are cheap (up to some US $0.50 per trip). But the best of all, there are many decent and good bed&breakfast and youth hostels available for those traveling the world the affordable way.

Most of these Bed and Breakfast places are located in Miraflores, and this is easy to understand: this Lima district is acknowledged as the most tourist-friendly and concentrates many services, restaurants, shops, attractions, and nightlife spots.

We have listed some of the best Bed and Breakfast places, and we do hope that this list will be useful to you.
Starting in Miraflores, one of the most conspicuous is Che Lagarto, but there are other good options, such as Pucllana Lodge, Enjoy Hostels, Condor House, Eurobackpackers, and 151 Backpackers.

There are also an interesting option in San Isidro, right in the middle of the way between Lima and Miraflores, like Youth Hostel Malka San Isidro. Barranco district has some excellent bed and breakfast places, like 3B Barranco and Aquisito, popular due to their excellent service. And, last but not least, there is one outstanding backpackers place in Lima Downtown: 1900 Backpackers Lima.

Youth Hostel Malka


Youth Hotel Malka is a place intended for young travelers seeking safety and comfort at very affordable prices. Its location allows for quick connection to public transports, and it is almost surrounded by banks, supermarkets, money exchange...  Read More

1900 Backpacker's Hostel


This hostel is located right at the start of Lima Downtown, at a beautiful remodeled house: it is also very close to attractions like the Lima Art Museum, Parque de la Exposición, the National Soccer Stadium, or the Lima Magic Water Circuit,...  Read More

151 Backpacker Hostel


151 Backpackers is located in the middle of Miraflores district, conveniently close to restaurants, nightclubs, shopping areas, the beach, the ruins of the Huaca Pucllana, travel agencies, super markets, and movie theaters: it is also an...  Read More

Eurobackpackers Hostel


Eurobackpackers Hostel is located in a centric area of Miraflores, close to banks, shopping areas, restaurants, tourist services, etc., and airport pickup is available if booked in advance. The place offers spacious shared dorms and Continental...  Read More

Condor's House - Hostel


Condor's House is a clean and comfortable lodge founded by two backpackers who fell for Peru. Its strategic location in Miraflores makes it a great place to rest after spending all the day touring the city (or all the night partying, or both)....  Read More

Enjoy Hostels


Enjoy Hostel, one of the cheapest options in Lima, is located in Miraflores, not far from the Costa Verde beaches and reasonably close to the very active district's nightlife: it is also within walking distance from restaurants, gift shops, the...  Read More

Pucllana Lodge Bed & Breakfast


This is a very affordable lodge designed to meet the needs of tourists looking for an economic alternative, reasonably near from the lively Miraflores nightlife but in a quiet residential ??rea: Pucllana Lodge is great for backpackers, but also...  Read More

Aquisito Bed and Breakfast


Located in the romantic and bohemian district of Barranco, Aquisito Bed and Breakfast offers great hostel accommodations at very affordable rates. Just to start with, they can arrange airport pickup if needed. This is a nice and cozy place...  Read More

3B Barranco's Boutique Bed & Breakfast


This is a basic but also complete bed and breakfast hotel in Barranco, one of the liveliest district in Lima, located very close to art galleries, restaurants and nightlife fun, and also near to Miraflores, another very tourist-friendly...  Read More

Che Lagarto Hostel Lima


Che Lagarto Lima is part of a South American network offering quality budget accommodation "bed and breakfast" style: you can choose between private bedrooms and shared dorms. Excellent choice for backpackers and for young couples, since its...  Read More


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