Best Bars in Lima

Bar Fun In Lima, Peru: Some Of The Best Places To Explore

Like in any other big city, there's plenty of bars to choose from in Lima. However, these are of very different kinds and styles, and prices: top, fancy class, themed bars, youth bars, gay-friendly, tourist-friendly, bars that are dance clubs at the same time, "cultural bars", etc. And we are not listing hotel bars here, since that category would probably require a separate list.

A very nice place, classy, quiet and with deli food too, is Olé Bar, which is in fact a very elegant gourmet restaurant-bar in San Isidro, established more than 15 years ago. Other place with some good food (but not gourmet) is Treff Pub Aleman, in Miraflores.

Still in Miraflores, the most tourist-friendly district, you will find El Tayta, Capitan Melendez, L'Orient Express, Treff Pub Aleman, and Huaringas, four fabulous themed bars whose decors will amaze you, and where you can enjoy some Lima stories while enjoying an excellent pisco-sour.

Larcomar Shopping Center houses two very good places: Gotica, a actually trendy dance spot with several well-stocked bars inside, and XCess Larcomar. Both of them schedule events on a regular basis (check their web pages).

And there's Barranco districts and its many small bohemian bars. We will recommend two: La Noche, a combination of bar, cultural center and night club, and el Dragon, another dance club that is very popular as a bar, too.







Established in a traditional manor house in Barranco, El Dragon is considered by many people (especially young individuals) as the the best and most lively dance spot in Lima. There's always live music, very specially electronic, dance, rock, reggae and some jazz; drinks are quite cheap (between $4-$6.50) and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. The owners describe this place as a "cultural bar" that promotes bands with a special kick on fusing funk and Latin rhythms with local jazz elements. The decoration includes art from local painters, and music changes according to the day: Tuesdays are for Afro, Jazz, Reggae and funk fusions; Wednesdays for electronic, Thursdays for local bands, and Fridays and Saturdays for local DJs.

Local Expert tip: There is parking space outside; large groups are welcome, dress code is casual, and it is not necessary to make reservations in advance. All events are performed live, so you will be asked to pay a cover charge (which is never expensive).

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Another dance place located in Larcomar Shopping Center, under the Plaza Gourmet: the regulars are mostly young people attracted by the very affordable prices and the large and well set dance floor, and by the lively electronic music usually played or performed here. If you are staying in Lima for a while you may be interested in register into their webpage, for discounts, special promotions and events. You can check their scheduled events (including live music events with foreign and local Djs) via their webpage or their facebook page: Thursdays are Ladies Nights. Dress code: no T-Shirts or sport shoes allowed.

Local Expert tip: If you are planning to go out with friends, you can book a table for eight people until the previous day: the price is around 150 soles (some US $32) and includes one bottle of rum, Vodka, Whisky or Pisco, and its complements (soda, juice, ice).

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This is actually a disco, a dance club: it is considered as the the best spot in Lima for electronic music, with some of the best Peruvian and international DJs spinning here. But Gotica also attracts people looking for a trendy bar, and draws a young, yuppie and noisy crowd during all night long. Gotica is organized in two main areas and several bars, so drinks are always easy to order. And since the place is oriented towards the sea, if at any moment it gets too full or if you need a break from so much dancing, you can sit relax at the patio and maybe socialize a bit.

Local Expert tip: Check their webpage often for a complete event calendar, and remember to check their Facebook group updates, since you can access to memberships, special promotions, events, discounts, and register yourself at an event's guest list (if you are not registered you will be charged 100 soles for the entrance).

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This is very special place that has recently turned 20 years old, and the owners (a Spanish-Peruvian couple) call it "a cultural bar" because they schedule concerts, parties, cultural events, plays, stand-up comedy shows, etc. It is located in the middle of Barranco nightlife, pretty close to one of the Metropolitano bus stations, and in a large and traditional manor house turned into a bar and cultural center. The walls are covered with art from young local artists: there's beers, wines, and lots of cocktails, including the local star, pisco-sour and other pisco-based drinks. There's also some appetizers and sandwiches to go with.

Local Expert tip: Live music shows usually start at 11pm., but if you are interested in one performance in particular it's better to arrive earlier in order to get good seats. Check their webpage or their Facebook fan page for schedules and updates.

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A small yet lovely themed bar inspired in the luxury and comfort of the Orient Express train (hence the name). Its young bartender, Karol Miguel, won the Best Pisco Sour contest at the Mistura 2011 Food Fair, so this is one of the places where you can be sure you will have a top class pisco sour. But, in addition, here you will feel like entering a time warp and being transported to the golden times of the famous Orient Express: this cozy bar is decorated to resemble this train's bar wagon. A good choice either to share a drink with some friends, to celebrate your birthday, to enjoy a romantic date, or whenever you fancy a good pisco.

Local Expert tip: This is a temple of pisco (the Peruvian flagship drink) but you can find many other options, international and Peruvian as well, and there's many appetizers and some very nice real fusion and international cuisine dishes, like Lomo Saltado, Fetuccini in Huancaina Sauce, ot Pappardelle.

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One of the most popular bars in town, this place has several socializing spaces, from the ground to the attic. They specialize in pisco-based drinks, focusing of course in the Peruvian pisco-sour; but they have elevated it to a new dimension, mixing it with local and tropical fruits. In addition to the classical pisco sour, we strongly recommend the passionfruit pisco sour, and the one prepared with coca leaves, known as the "witch" or "brujo sour". On a regular day you will find here many locals relaxing after work, with one of the many kind of piscos, whose prices range between 18 and 25 soles. Live music on weekends.

Local Expert tip: The perfect place for trying new flavors, meeting the locals and having a great time. Every day, all Double Sours cost the same as Single ones until 9pm. And don't miss the variety of Chilcanos, too. Or try something completely different: the "martini pisquero de maracuy� achocolatado" (Pisco Martini with chocolate and passionfruit).

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Treff Pub Aleman is a cozy, traditional German-themed pub, where you can enjoy the best music of the 80s and 90s, play at the pool table and of course, try some of the best beers from all around the world, as well as many tasty appetizers and snacks. Established in 1993 two German friends (actually one German and the other one Austrian), this was one of the first places in Lima serving the best German beers.Currently owned and run by Peruvian partners, it maintains its quality and is still an excellent choice to spend a good time with friends. Open hours: 7pm-3am.

Local Expert tip: TIP: Drink options are not limited to beers: there are many cocktails and drinks based on pisco, whisky, scotch, gin, rum, tequila and even vodka. There is also a good wine selection and a many internationational cocktails to choose from, as well as German and Peruvian snacks and appetizers.

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This another theme bar, or maybe we should call it a temple dedicated to spreading the virtues of pisco-based drinks, specially "chilcanos". Its owner and manager, Roberto Melendez, is also regularly creating new pisco-based mixings at this small yet cozy and friendly spot. Capit�n Mel�ndez also maintains the traditional Peruvian drink recipes, but not only that: there is also a small cafeteria, that serves excellent sandwiches, specially those made of ham and cheeses. There are some Peruvian coffees as well. A welcoming atmosphere is granted, and very often, you will find 2x1 offers in pisco-sours and chilcanos de pisco in the evenings.

Local Expert tip: Don't miss the "Tertuliando con el Capit�n" (Chatting with the Captain) tasting meetings, conducted by the Roberto Melendez (the owner) every Thursday night, since there�s always something new to try: fun and friendly chatter is guaranteed, usually until very past midnight.

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This a very tourist-friendly spot in the heart of Miraflores, where you can alternate with locals while enjoying some drinks, lots of music and live shows: all in all, this is a place to meet people and make friends. This place combines some Andean culture elements (hence the name, "Tayta", a quechua word meaning "Dad"), with the traditional concept of bar, and as an example of this you will see modern elements lined up with some antiques. But this is a bar intended to promote friendly chatter and conversation, a concept that nowadays is becoming harder to find. Order your Pisco Tayta (the drink of the house) and have a complete experience!

Local Expert tip: Check its webpage and Facebook accounts often, for information on special offers, events schedule and news. There is a live show almost every night (11pm) and they are usually very good; and you may ask the owners to have an open mic for you on Mondays.

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This fancy bar and restaurant was established more than 15 years ago and not only maintains its top-class quality, but also keeps on creating new dishes regularly: this is a place cherished by business people, and an excellent choice to pamper yourself with a good drink and an original menu that blends Spanish, Peruvian and Asian cuisine. More than that, every detail of its decoration has been carefully planned to make your stay even more enjoyable: warm colors and lights, elegant style, relaxing music, very comfortable furniture, etc. It is located a few steps away from El Olivar park and from Sonesta el Olivar hotel.

Local Expert tip: The best drinks (actually the specialties) here are Martini Ole, Capitan and Pisco Sour, but there are more than 40 varieties of piscos, more than 12 kinds of wines, and many other liquors. Its classic dishes: Prime Rib, Tortilla de Papa (Potato Omelette) and Tiradito de Pulpo Nikkei (Octopus, Peruvian/Japanese Fusion)

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