Partying in Lima! Fun, History, Entertainment and many other possibilities

Night is for fun. Well, probably every person could have a different definition of "fun" of its own, but there's some points in common for almost everyone: party, drinks, dance, and some adrenalin, of course. And you will find plenty of these in Lima, the city that never sleeps, whose citizens love to laugh and have fun.

Peru has its own national liquor, the pisco, and its national flagship drink, called “pisco sour”, made with pisco, lime juice, a bit of egg white… and lots of bartender’s secrets. You have to try it, but let us give you a friendly warning: it may become addictive.

Now that you know, we can suggest some places to enjoy a good pisco sour: for example, Huaringas Bar and Capitan Melendez, places that follow the traditional pisco sour recipes and are also constantly innovating with new drinks. And if you are in social drinking mood, there’s places like El Tayta and Treff Pub Aleman, where you will have a chance to meet nee friends.

Regarding partying, Gotica (upscale) and El Dragon (popular) are two good dance spots with live music and very affordable drinks. And there’s a place where you can dance and also enjoy a live folk dance show: Brisas del Titicaca.

If your idea of fun includes gambling, then Casino Atlantic City is custom-made for you. But if you enjoy just winding down and see the rhythm of the city, you will enjoy the cozy Café Z and its outdoor terrace. But Café Z also presents some live music shows, so you may have the best of both worlds here.



Treff Pub Aleman is a cozy, traditional German-themed pub, where you can enjoy the best music of the 80s and 90s, play at the pool table and of course, try some of the best beers from all around the world, as well as many tasty appetizers and...  Read More

Casino Atlantic City


Probably the largest and most elegant and fashionable casino in the city, this place has a total of 1,000 slot machines and 33 table games, plus many lounge areas, all of them distributed in multiple levels, showing off the beauty and...  Read More



This a very tourist-friendly spot in the heart of Miraflores, where you can alternate with locals while enjoying some drinks, lots of music and live shows: all in all, this is a place to meet people and make friends. This place combines some...  Read More



This nice, quite rustic caf� is not a night club nor a dance spot, but does schedule some live music shows regularly, and in a few years has become quite a referent regarding bohemian coffee places, especially among young people. Run by...  Read More



For any visitor, Brisas del Titicaca is a must, since it is an absolute winner three-in-one combination: a lively night show, colorful Peruvian folklore on stage, and an enjoyable Peruvian dinner... and drinks, to choose from soft drinks, beer,...  Read More



The best spot in Lima for electronic music, with some of the best Peruvian DJs spinning here, as well as some guest international ones, too. Located at Larcomar Shopping Center, in Miraflores, this dance club draws a young, yuppie and noisy...  Read More

El Dragon de Barranco


Established in a traditional manor house in Barranco, El Dragon is considered by many people (especially young individuals) as the the best and most lively dance spot in Lima. There's always live music, very specially electronic, dance, rock,...  Read More



This another theme bar, or maybe we should call it a temple dedicated to spreading the virtues of pisco-based drinks, specially "chilcanos". Its owner and manager, Roberto Melendez, is also regularly creating new pisco-based mixings at this...  Read More



The most popular and well known spot in Lima's gay/lesbian scene, it has gone through some careful remodeling and now it has place for some 500 guests, including straight ones (yes, they are welcome). Vale Todo hosts some of the most spectacular...  Read More



One of the most popular bars in town, this place has several socializing spaces, from the ground to the attic. They specialize in pisco-based drinks, focusing of course in the Peruvian pisco-sour; but they have elevated it to a new dimension,...  Read More


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