Partying all night long in Lima, Peru

Lima nightlife scene has not only grown during the last ten years, but also has certainly added more options suitable for everyone, and if you want to go dancing, be aware that club partying in Lima starts to get hot a little late; not before 11am, in any case. But we are sure that Lima’s discos and dance clubs will not let you down, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Some of the best dance clubs, perfect for either going with your friends or for socializing a bit with the locals, are established in Miraflores district, probably the most tourist-friendly in Lima. Some of the best-known are located specifically at Larcomar shopping center, like, for example, Gotica and Aura (both considered among the best ones in the city) and Xcess Larcomar, a friendly combination of a trendy disco and a lively after-hours bar.

Miraflores also hosts many other dance clubs, from which we may highlight Downtown Vale Todo (the most popular LGBT disco in Lima), Nebula (for those nostalgic 80’s pop-rock-electro fans), and Dolce Vita (open, friendly, and affordable).

Outside Miraflores, but still very close, in the neighboring district of Barranco, we find two very good dance clubs: Antiqua (a terrific place by the sea, actually) and Dragon, a popular disco-bar-club that schedules live music by local bands almost every night, plus dance music setlists afterwards.

Going a Little further, in San Borja (to the East of Lima) we find Cronos, a modern and brand new disco intended for young-minded classy adults (over 25) in search of some contemporary dance music; and in almost in Downtown we find Brisas del Titicaca, that combines local foods and drinks, folk live shows with Latin American dance music.



For any visitor, Brisas del Titicaca is a must, since it is an absolute winner three-in-one combination: a lively night show, colorful Peruvian folklore on stage, and an enjoyable Peruvian dinner... and drinks, to choose from soft drinks, beer,...  Read More

El Dragon de Barranco


Established in a traditional manor house in Barranco, El Dragon is considered by many people (especially young individuals) as the the best and most lively dance spot in Lima. There's always live music, very specially electronic, dance, rock,...  Read More

San Borja


Cronos is still a new place (it was first opened in November, 2011) but is earning a reputation of being a classy, elegant and safe lounge disco, special for young adults looking for a different alternative. It has also become known for having...  Read More



Another dance place located in Larcomar Shopping Center, under the Plaza Gourmet: the regulars are mostly young people attracted by the very affordable prices and the large and well set dance floor, and by the lively electronic music usually...  Read More



As the name states, this is a kind of club: you do not need to be a member, but you need to be over 21 (the staff may ask to check your DNI) and if you want to go with your friends, you should register previously by email, sending a list with...  Read More



Dolce Vita is a good and affordable choice for a night of fun, and the ideal place for people in their mid-twenties. This is a modern disco, located in the very heart of Miraflores (only 150 away from Kennedy Park), with a large dance floor and...  Read More



If you are a child of the 80's, or partied a lot during the 90's, this may as well be your favorite dance spot in Lima. Nebula is one of the oldest discos and dance clubs in Lima, and certainly one of the most respected ones, due to the quality...  Read More



One of the fanciest and most exclusive dance clubs in Miraflores: its dance floor is very large and the place always has the trendiest sets of disco lights. Most of the regulars here have bought memberships or are friends of a member. Aura also...  Read More



The most popular and well known spot in Lima's gay/lesbian scene, it has gone through some careful remodeling and now it has place for some 500 guests, including straight ones (yes, they are welcome). Vale Todo hosts some of the most spectacular...  Read More



The best spot in Lima for electronic music, with some of the best Peruvian DJs spinning here, as well as some guest international ones, too. Located at Larcomar Shopping Center, in Miraflores, this dance club draws a young, yuppie and noisy...  Read More


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