Best Night Clubs in Lima

10 Best Places for Partying All Night Long in Lima, Peru

Most dance and clubs, bars, and other party venues in Lima, Peru, operate until very late at night, allowing you to continue partying for many, many hours. Some of them address to very young public, some others to people in their 30s or a bit older; a few ones are known as pick-up points. But all of the clubs included in this list offer excellent music, top quality drinks, live shows, and the possibility of having fun all night long.

Most of the clubs listed here are located in Miraflores and Barranco, like Vale Todo or Tequila Rock, which may be convenient for you: but we have also included one in San Borja and one in Lima Downtown, in case you are in or near to those neighborhoods, or if you simply want to try something different. All these clubs are in relatively safe locations, with surveillance cameras and security guards.

However, let's make some clarifications, since the label "night club" may be a bit confusing here in Lima; actually, most places that define themselves as "night clubs" in Lima are in fact bordellos in disguise. We are aware of the fact that adult fun businesses have a great demand nowadays, but to avoid confusions or misunderstandings they are not to be listed here, but under "burlesque" or other similar category.


Etnias Bar, a place that claims to be a cultural bar, has a very strong "rasta" atmosphere and focuses in providing their customers ethnic art experiences and original live shows, so you can get to know many local artists: but there's also DJ's and dance music, and even some 80's-90's rock. Unlike night spots at San Isidro or Miraflores, this is a not a a trendy or a upperscale place, and prices for food and drinks are affordable and reasonable, so this "caleta" (Peruvian word for "discreet") bar would be a good choice for partying and drinking with a bunch of friends and without running out of money. A large dance floor and a large, cheerful local crowd complete the scenario.

Local Expert tip: The star here, of course, is Pisco Sour, the pisco-based national flagship drink: but apart from cocktails there's also options suitable for groups such as beer or sangria (a wine-based soft drink) sold in jars. Open Hours: Wed:7:00 am-12:00 am, Thu - Sat:9:00 pm-6:00 am

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If you are a child of the 80's, or partied a lot during the 90's, this may as well be your favorite dance spot in Lima. Nebula is one of the oldest discos and dance clubs in Lima, and certainly one of the most respected ones, due to the quality of its music setlists and to the the prestige of musicians and DJs that have performed or paid a visit here. As an example, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Peter Hook (New Order), Andy Rourke (The Smiths) have been here, among many others. Check their blog for their schedule and upcoming events.

Local Expert tip: Parties here usually start a little later than scheduled, and the real party doesn't really warm up until midnight at least. Since it is very close to the heart of Miraflores, and a few blocks away from Larcomar Shopping Center, could be a good place if you are staying in this distric �no need to take taxis nor to drive!

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One of the most popular bars in town, this place has several socializing spaces, from the ground to the attic. They specialize in pisco-based drinks, focusing of course in the Peruvian pisco-sour; but they have elevated it to a new dimension, mixing it with local and tropical fruits. In addition to the classical pisco sour, we strongly recommend the passionfruit pisco sour, and the one prepared with coca leaves, known as the "witch" or "brujo sour". On a regular day you will find here many locals relaxing after work, with one of the many kind of piscos, whose prices range between 18 and 25 soles. Live music on weekends.

Local Expert tip: The perfect place for trying new flavors, meeting the locals and having a great time. Every day, all Double Sours cost the same as Single ones until 9pm. And don't miss the variety of Chilcanos, too. Or try something completely different: the "martini pisquero de maracuy� achocolatado" (Pisco Martini with chocolate and passionfruit).

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Dolce Vita is a good and affordable choice for a night of fun, and the ideal place for people in their mid-twenties. This is a modern disco, located in the very heart of Miraflores (only 150 away from Kennedy Park), with a large dance floor and two bars with Peruvian and international drinks. Music here is really varied, ranging from hip-hop until electronic, with some rock, pop and Latin pop included. There's some VIP area in case you and your friends need more space or privacy with your. Admission is free many Fridays, so check their facebook page for their upcoming events.

Local Expert tip: Open hours are Friday to Saturdays, from 10pm to 4am. There's many fast-foods restaurants and places to have a s�ndwich nearby, in case you need it after leaving the disco. It's also very closet to Calle de Las Pizzas so fun in the area is always granted.

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One of the fanciest and most exclusive dance clubs in Miraflores: its dance floor is very large and the place always has the trendiest sets of disco lights. Most of the regulars here have bought memberships or are friends of a member. Aura also has several well-stocked bars and some strategically located lounge areas, and a a beautiful terrace with an stunning view of Lima Bay. Party music is varied: from contemporary American and British pop, to electronic, including some rock and techno, but if it's very late and the crowd is in need of some stamina, you may hear some Latin music too.

Local Expert tip: Memberships are available registering via their web page, but tourists are usually welcome anytime, as long as they respect a simple dress code : casual, but neat, which actually means "no tennis shoes and no T-shirt".

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San Borja

Cronos is still a new place (it was first opened in November, 2011) but is earning a reputation of being a classy, elegant and safe lounge disco, special for young adults looking for a different alternative. It has also become known for having the largest free bar in Lima, with drinks and cocktails to meet everyone's preferences. The d�cor is very modern, with lots of neon lights and effects, and the music is mostly dance, pop, rock, dance and chillout: and in fact the DJ is a woman, DJ Residente Gisella. Despite not being nearby Miraflores or San Isidro, this may as well be a good option

Local Expert tip: If Peruvian friends are not taking you there in their car, book a safe taxi to pick you up. It's easy to get there using public transportation, but it may be difficult to come back from there at late hours and after taking some drinks.

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This is actually a disco, a dance club: it is considered as the the best spot in Lima for electronic music, with some of the best Peruvian and international DJs spinning here. But Gotica also attracts people looking for a trendy bar, and draws a young, yuppie and noisy crowd during all night long. Gotica is organized in two main areas and several bars, so drinks are always easy to order. And since the place is oriented towards the sea, if at any moment it gets too full or if you need a break from so much dancing, you can sit relax at the patio and maybe socialize a bit.

Local Expert tip: Check their webpage often for a complete event calendar, and remember to check their Facebook group updates, since you can access to memberships, special promotions, events, discounts, and register yourself at an event's guest list (if you are not registered you will be charged 100 soles for the entrance).

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Established in a traditional manor house in Barranco, El Dragon is considered by many people (especially young individuals) as the the best and most lively dance spot in Lima. There's always live music, very specially electronic, dance, rock, reggae and some jazz; drinks are quite cheap (between $4-$6.50) and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. The owners describe this place as a "cultural bar" that promotes bands with a special kick on fusing funk and Latin rhythms with local jazz elements. The decoration includes art from local painters, and music changes according to the day: Tuesdays are for Afro, Jazz, Reggae and funk fusions; Wednesdays for electronic, Thursdays for local bands, and Fridays and Saturdays for local DJs.

Local Expert tip: There is parking space outside; large groups are welcome, dress code is casual, and it is not necessary to make reservations in advance. All events are performed live, so you will be asked to pay a cover charge (which is never expensive).

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The most popular and well known spot in Lima's gay/lesbian scene, it has gone through some careful remodeling and now it has place for some 500 guests, including straight ones (yes, they are welcome). Vale Todo hosts some of the most spectacular drag-queen shows in the city, performing live on the stage above the bar. If you decide to come, bring some friends and get ready to stay until very late, since the best shows and events are usually scheduled around 2am, 3am. Vale Todo has also another spot at Lima South Beaches, in Playa Pulpos, located at the Km. 41 of the Panamericana Sur highway.

Local Expert tip: These drag shows are really excellent, and you will even see some perfect impersonations of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and many others. Fun is guaranteed!

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This place has become by far the most popular place among locals and foreigners seeking for fun an adult partying. It is a dance club like many others, but it is the only one in Lima that is open every night during all the year. Of course it offers dance music, shows and drinks, like most discos do, but there are two factors that have made this place one of the most popular ones: First one, it is the only place that is open 365 days of the year, from 6pm to 9am. Second: the most beautiful girls in Lima are to be found here, either as part of the show or as customers. But, be aware; like in any other big city, many of them may qualify as hookers. But if you keep your eyes open, odds are that you will spend a whole night of fun.

Local Expert tip: Tequila Rock has branches in some other Lima districts, and schedules different music and shows for every day of the week, in addition to scheduling special shows and events: for further info on this, check their webpage.

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