Lima Cafes, A World Yet To Discover

Cafes in Lima are, literally, a world yet to discover. As a traveler, you are discovering a new city and a new culture; either you are already a coffee lover or if you simply want so sit and relax for a while, you will discover new flavors and new ways of enjoying coffee, too.

First of all, most cafes in Lima are thematic; some good examples are Café bar Habana (Cuban-themed), Café Colombia, Café de la Paz (peace-themed), News Café (journalism-themed), La Tiendecita Blanca (Swiss-themed), or Haiti (Caribbean-themed). Cozy atmospheres, friendly service and some glimpse to other cultures and traditions will add a new dimension to your coffee experience.

 Second, the recent and growing boom of Peruvian cuisine is influencing most cafeterias. They are not only “coffee shops” or “cafes”. You can tell that most of them offer more than just plain sandwiches; they offer deli, gourmet sandwiches, a la carte dishes and buffets, or even openly call themselves “Café Restaurant” or “Café Bar”. And some of them even offer live shows and exhibitions. This is obviously a marketing strategy: Peruvians have a rich gastronomic tradition, while their romance with coffee (even with the excellent Peruvian specialty coffees) is still brand new. Joining the best of both worlds, Lima cafes can position themselves in the market while expanding the culture of cafes and turning more and more customers into coffee lovers.

A great place, with top quality a la carte dishes but its buffet options (for breakfast, lunch, brunch and tea-time) have become famous, too, due to their large wide selection of salads, sandwiches, fruit juices and desserts. Other great...  Read More

This is another of the most traditional caf� places in Lima, Peru, with more than 50 years in the business. Undoubtedly this is the most popular caf� in Miraflores, among locals and foreigners as well, due to its quality and...  Read More

Established in 1937, this restaurant and caf� has become a widely known landmark in Miraflores, which combines the best of Swiss and other European cuisines with Peruvian gastronomy, plus offering a superb pastry and desserts offer,...  Read More

With some more than 15 years operating in Peru, News Cafe is a thematic place that recreates the world of newspaper press and journalism; the format has been so successful that currently it has four branches in Lima and one in Arequipa. The...  Read More

Cafe de la Paz

This is a lovely and cozy thematic place, inspired in the old French street cafes: "paz" in Spanish means "peace", so, the d�cor features many symbols of peace: it even has a white dove in their logo. You will see many famous quotes...  Read More

A Colombian spot in Lima, a good choice to enjoy the best food, drinks, coffees and music from that country: the eclectic decor (which and features antique pieces and handicrafts, as well as some modern design furniture) evocates the hospitality...  Read More

Established in 1979 by Hector and Isabel Oldani, this restaurant serves pizza an other Italian specialties and some fusion with Peruvian flavors. The owners pride in offering "home made flavors" but more than that �they have become known...  Read More

This nice, quite rustic cafe is not a night club nor a dance spot, but does schedule some live music shows regularly, and in a few years has become quite a referent regarding bohemian coffee places, especially among young people. Run by the...  Read More

Established a few years ago by a Cuban immigrant, this thematic bar has become a referent in Miraflores' nightlife; it also hosts some music events and temporary art and handicraft exhibitions. The owners pride in serving "the best traditional...  Read More

This a two-floor large café that you can enjoy at any time of the day; you can have breakfast, lunch or even enjoy the evening with friends here; the diverse menu includes more than 25 types of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, desserts, and of...  Read More


Meet Isabel Guerra

Isabel is a freelance Journalist, Writer, and Photographer born and raised in Lima, Peru, where she currently lives: in addition to her writing career and to her traveling almost all over...  More About Isabel