10 Best Chinese Restaurants For You To Explore while In Lima, Peru

Chinese restaurants in Lima are an experience not to be missed. Chinese and Peruvian cuisines have happily influenced each other, creating a kind of Chinese food that you will hardly find outside Peru. Flavors fusion, colors, mystery, and top class service, make these restaurants, locally known as “chifa”, a must for everyone, especially for foodies.

There is a chifa almost in any Lima neighborhood, so it is quite easy to find one. We are suggesting a few of the best ones, mostly in Lima, San Isidro and Miraflores.

If you are in Lima Downtown, San Joy Lao and Wa Lok are the ones to visit. There are lots of Chinese restaurants located here in the local China Town, but these ones are top class service.  However, there are also many small and very affordable places, perfect for backpackers.

San isidro has some excellent chifas too, like Ming Yin, Mandarin, Royal, Lung Fung (which includes a casino) and Palacio, all of them offering a very large selection of dishes; and if you are in Miraflores, you have many great options, like Kuo Wha Gardens or Madam Tusan, among others.

Another very interesting place is Mandarin (located in San Borja) that combines a chifa, an international restaurant and a casino.



One of the most emblematic chifas (founded in 1920) in China Town, and unanimously considered as the best in its kind, and during its many years of existence it has blended Peruvian and Chinese flavors (in food and drinks) to create an unique...  Read More



This Cantonese style restaurant is located on the second floor of the Golden Palace Casino, in San Isidro, a few blocks away from the heart of the financial zone of San Isidro district. Nowadays it has some 20 tables, and its most famous...  Read More



Kuo Wha is the largest and oldest (48 years old) Chinese restaurant in Miraflores, and is also conveniently located near the Indian Markets in Petit Thouars Avenue, a few blocks away from Miraflores Central Park. Its culinary offer includes...  Read More



This is another good option, due not only to its excellent food, but also to its location, close enough to hotels, banks, and the financial areas of San Isidro, but not too close from the noisy and crowded nearby avenues. It is a very spacious...  Read More



Peru claims to have one of the best Japanese-fusion cuisines in South America, and since there's a big community of Peruvians from Japanese descent, there must be some truth in this. And you will feel inclined to believe it when you visit Niqei,...  Read More



This is one of the most luxury Chinese restaurants in Lima: its centric location in San Isidro makes it easy to reach from almost anywhere in the city. It was first established in 1995, and its owner Cesar Loo is very proud of this...  Read More

San Borja


Part of the Mandarin corporation, this is more than a mere Chinese or oriental restaurant: you will even find a casino here. However, this place has become popular because its buffet is probably the largest one in Lima, and has many options:...  Read More



Madam Tusan is the latest effort of local chef Gaston Acurio in exploring fusion cuisines. This restaurant blends Peruvian and Chinese cuisine techniques and flavors, based on the fact that the latter has a strong presence in Peru since more...  Read More

Chifa Palacio
Photo courtesy of Chifa Palacio


One of the largest chifas in Lima, this place has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, which could give you an idea of its well-earned prestige in Lima. It is restaurants have room for up to 300 people, and they claim to serve "the best...  Read More

Chifa Wa Lok


This is a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant established more than 15 years ago, during which it has built itself a reputation of culinary excellence and good service. This one is located in the Barrio Chino (the local China Town) and its cuisine can...  Read More


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