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10 Best Desserts and Coffee Places That Are A Must In Lima, Peru

Limenians love desserts. This is not new: official historic records mention that centuries ago there was a Viceroy that tried to put an end to what he used to call “an excessive consumption of sugar, that leads people to laziness, instead of using sugar for making medicines”. Centuries have passed but Limenians still have a very active sweet tooth, so there’s plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best Peruvian and international desserts.

So we are listing our choices for the 10 Best Coffee and Desserts restaurants here. Most of these are located in Miraflores, such as Pasteleria San Antonio, in a strategic corner between Miraflores and Barranco. There are in fact three places surrounding the Miraflores Central Park (aka Kennedy Park) like Cafe de la Paz, Cafe Haiti and La Tiendecita Blanca; Cafe Café is only half block away;  and there’s News Café, in Larco Avenue (there's another in San Isidro), and of course Mangos Café, located at Larcomar Shopping Center.

If you are hanging around in Chorrillos, you could try Deli Bakery, that still prepares its own bread in the old-fashioned way; in San Isidro or in Surco you can find La Bonbonniere (there’s another in Miraflores, though) and if you are near Chacarilla (Surco) you can explore the desserts at L’Artisan, a place where pastry and art have blended.


Deli Bakery
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In a city with lots of bakeries but where it can be a little difficult to find really good and freshly baked bread, Deli Bakery has become a referent in Chorrillos, a district pretty close to Barranco and Miraflores. As the name states, they specialize in bakery, pastries and sandwiches, but there's many options and complete menus, so it is a good place for either breakfast, brunch, lunch, or a quick dinner. There is also a nice selection of coffees and is definitely a kid-friendly place. One of the most famous sandwiches here is the "Tres Jamones" (Three Hams), and regarding to bread, the Cinnamon Bread is also a favorite.

Local Expert tip: It's located by one of the main stations of the Metropolitano Buses. If you need some more solid food, you could try the "Lomo Saltado", "Lasagna" or "Spaghetti in Pesto sauce with beef". Salads are good, but rather small, and yes, there's a reasonably good selection of fruit juices.

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This a two-floor large cafe that you can enjoy at any time of the day; you can have breakfast, lunch or even enjoy the evening with friends here; the diverse menu includes more than 25 types of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, desserts, and of course, lots of cocktails and specialty coffees. But there are also some larger options in case you need a real dinner or a complete combo. Conveniently located beside Miraflores Central Park, close to hostels, hotels and shops, its prices are also very convenient, and it is a place mostly visited by young people, who gather here after working hours.

Local Expert tip: Just keep in mind that this place is usually quite crowded, especially during the evenings. Don't miss their Capuccinos, Mokaccinos or Irish Coffee: ask also for their Peruvian coffees. Cafe Cafe is located within walking distance from many other Miraflores fun and nightlife spots.

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La Bonbonniere was established in 1946 by a French couple, and has become quite a culinary institution in San Isidro: but it has also grown, and nowadays it four branches in another districts. Here you can enjoy French specialties like madeleines, sacristains, croissants, brioches, profiteroles, etc. Prices are a bit high, but the quality of meals and delis is definitely worth it. A simple coffee and a dessert can make a complete experience, but there is a sophisticated and complete menu to choose from. The restaurant is classy and elegant, with an European touch, and has a good selection of wines.

Local Expert tip: Regarding sandwiches, you may want to try the "jamon glaseado" (glazed ham). They also serve many desserts, cakes, cookies and hand-made ice cream; if you need some more food, we suggest the pappardelle with lamb ragout. Top-notch.

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A great place, with top quality a la carte dishes but its buffet options (for breakfast, lunch, brunch and tea-time) have become famous, too, due to their large wide selection of salads, sandwiches, fruit juices and desserts. Other great attraction of this place is its location, up in the Miraflores cliffs (at Larcomar Shopping Center), looking at the sea, which provides a beautiful scenery both from the terrace and even from the inside. The menu covers international and Peruvian dishes; cocktails and beverages are also available. A la carte dishes are definitely pricey for local standards, but the buffets are quite as good, and both food and service are excellent.

Local Expert tip: Mangos is spacious and can host large group reservations and even some parties and events. Some tour operators bring tourists here, so you may ask yours if this is the case: the views from here are stunning, so don't forget your camera.

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With some more than 15 years operating in Peru, News Cafe is a thematic place that recreates the world of newspaper press and journalism; the format has been so successful that currently it has four branches in Lima and one in Arequipa. The atmosphere is welcoming and invites to stay reading some of the magazines and newspaper they always have, or working with your laptop since they have free wi-fi. The menus include a large selection of salads, sandwiches, desserts, beverages and drinks. The service is excellent, there are facilities intended for handicapped customer and most of the staff speaks decent English.

Local Expert tip: Try the Thai Salad, which is excellent, or the Fish with Artichoke Sauce. For desserts, the choice is more difficult, but you may want to indulge yourself with any chocolate-based one. As for credit cards, News Cafe accepts almost all of them.

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Established in 1937, this restaurant and caf� has become a widely known landmark in Miraflores, which combines the best of Swiss and other European cuisines with Peruvian gastronomy, plus offering a superb pastry and desserts offer, including of course cakes, rolls, cupcakes, breads, and of course quiches and the typical German apple pies. A sensible choice if you are in the mood for coffee, sweets, chocolates and fondues; but the options of lunch or dinner are also more than enjoyable. A charming place good for having either breakfast, lunch or dinner, maybe a bit pricey but it's worth a try.

Local Expert tip: The service is excellent, as well as the food. We recommend the Gnocchi, or the Sirloin Tips With Rice and Chips. This is a very original and classy place; but if you really want to enjoy a conversation with your friends, take one of the tables inside, since it can be really noisy outdoors due to Lima's heavy traffic.

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This is another of the most traditional caf� places in Lima, Peru, with more than 50 years in the business. Undoubtedly this is the most popular cafe in Miraflores, among locals and foreigners as well: but more than that, it also offers some terrific, delicious options for lunch time, too. Regarding desserts, they have a large carte of options, among Peruvian and international alternatives: we recommend their "Crema Volteada" (a Peruvian version of creme brulee), their Lemon Pie and the "Selva Negra" (Black Forest Cake). Regarding coffee, they prepare excellent Capuccinos, Mokaccinos and Irish Coffees. If you need to lit a cigarette, you may do so at the outside tables.

Local Expert tip: If you need some more "real" food, you may want to try some of these: ceviche (fish fillets marinated in lime juice), lomo saltado (marinated strips of steak over rice and potatoes) or sopa criolla (Creole soup). There is also a good selection of teas and herbal infusions, as well as digestive liquors, that will go well after the desserts.

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This is a lovely and cozy thematic place, inspired in the old French street cafes: "paz" in Spanish means "peace", so, the d�cor features many symbols of peace: it even has a white dove in their logo. You will see many famous quotes related to world peace in the decoration, stationery, table clothes, wall art, etc. Their wide menu offers many choices: sandwiches, desserts, veggie, French, Delicatessen, Mediterranean, International, as well as many coffee-based specialties and some pretty good wines. The desserts selection is really excellent, and we strongly suggest the Sauco Cheesecake, prepared with local exotic fruits, or the "Tres Leches" (a local dessert).

Local Expert tip: Service is good and friendly, and the menu includes translations of many dishes names, but most waiters do not speak English, so it may be a good idea to carry your pocket Spanish-English dictionary. If there's nice weather (e.g. if it is not drizzling) you will undoubtledly enjoy more if choosing a table outside.

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A very traditional spot in Miraflores, Pasteleria San Antonio has become famous in Lima due to its excellent pastries and sandwiches: almost any kind of dessert (cakes, pies, chocolates, etc.) and fruit juices can be found here, and if you are a coffee lover you can enjoy here of some good options in Peruvian specialty coffees. Pasteleria San Antonio has also become a well-known meeting point for friends and socializing, and currently has opened branches in some other districts (San Isidro, Chacarilla, Magdalena and La Molina) so you have more than one chance to have a great time with either international or typically Peruvian desserts.

Local Expert tip: Don't miss the Lucuma (a 100% Peruvian fruit) Pyramid with Chocolate, or if you are more into tropical fruits, order the Mousse de Maracuya (Passion fruit mousse). Another more traditional choice would be the "Turron de Dona Pepa", or the "empanaditas dulces".

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This is a place where food and desserts have become kind of art pieces. Located in Chacarilla neighborhood (a classy section of Surco district), the decor is absolutely artsy and original: you may find a large chocolate sculpture presiding the entrance, and this is easy to understand since the chef if also a ceramist. Apart from the complete meals and a la carte options available here, desserts here are something not to be missed. Try their tiramisu cake or their Milhojas Dor�; other possible options would be the apple pie, or any of the chocolate-based desserts. You can buy these as a gift, too, packed in a decorative box.

Local Expert tip: Being in Lima, Peru, you should also try the "lucuma" (a Peruvian fruit) based desserts, especially those combining lucuma and chocolate: or the "suspiro de Lime?a", too. Herbal infusions are also excellent, and may be very appropriate to go with desserts. Bon appetit!

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