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Best Shopping in Lima

Pleasant Experiences in Lima, Peru: Shopping!

As a part of its process of growing and becoming a large, commerce-booming and tourist-friendly capital, Lima has many new shops, boutiques, commercial areas and shopping malls, suitable for almost any budget; from the very affordable street fairs to the most exclusive malls. Many international brands and boutiques have presence now in Lima’s shopping scene, but we are sure that you will prefer those places that focus in original, local creations, so you can get mostly stuff original from Peru.

Most tourists are looking for some small, easy to carry and affordable gifts for friends and/or family. If this is your case, you may want to explore the wide and almost ubiquitous world of street fairs, flea markets and “indian markets”, where you can find stuff like souvenirs, handicrafts, décor objects for your desktop or home, etc., as well as alpaca clothing. However there are certain spots specially recommendable due to their location, quality and prices; Mercado Indio (in Pueblo Libre), Indio’s Market (Miraflores). In these places you will find most of the traditional handicrafts from all over Peru, at very reasonable prices, and other option in this department is the Miraflores Central Park (or “Parque Kennedy”) where you can also enjoy of typical Peruvian desserts.

You may need some something extra domestic supplies; baby care or personal care stuff, some fruit or veggies, etc. In this case Wong and Vivanda supermarket may be your best choices. Other interesting option, if you are staying in the Lima Downtown or nearby, is Real Plaza shopping mall.

On the top side of the scale, some of the best and well-known shopping places are Larcomar and Jockey Plaza shopping malls; for valuable Peruvian silver jewellery, Ilaria; for the finest alpaca clothing, Alpaca 111 (currently changing its name to Kuna), and Dedalo, for Peruvian designers’ stuff.


A park may seem an odd place for shopping, but here you will find some very nice flea markets starting 4pm, and during weekends: the offer is mostly handicrafts and unexpensive jewellery, as well as very affordable clothing (alpaca and cotton garments) and accessories (gloves, beanies, scarves, etc.). But some stalls may surprise you with antiquities and very old books, well preserved. This is another place where you can bargain and getting some discount. You can enjoy a walk along the park (plus taking a glance at the lively surroundings) and end up doing some shopping at these open stalls.

Local Expert tip: There's some carts nearby where you can buy some typical Limenian desserts and hot drinks, that you may want to try; there's also a playground that will come in handy if you are traveling with your kids. And speaking of kids, they will love the Peruvian hamburgers at Bembo's, just beside the park.

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Odds are that you will get to see Supermercados Wong's red logo in many parts of the city. We recommend this chain not only because its customer service is excellent, but also due to the great variety of local and imported goods you will find. Fruits, groceries, beverages, personal care articles, baby care goods, some delicatessen, convenient meals for take away (they sell them by weight) and even a cafeteria and bakery section. And there's the Teleticket modules, where you can book tickets for most live shows in Lima. Wong's main store is located in San Isidro but will find a supermarket in many other districts. You may also want to try its less sophisticated chain, called Metro.

Local Expert tip: If you are buying several bags, it is likely that a staff member will help you to carry them to your vehicle or to take a taxi, and they do not expect to be tipped (they may refuse if you offer a tip). You can choose between the taxis that work with the supermarket (safer) or any other street taxi (cheaper).

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A brand with many years of presence in Peru, and with an excellent reputation for the quality of the very fine alpaca and vicu�a clothes it sells. Vicu�a is considered to be the finest wool fiber worldwide, and they also have two extra quality alpaca fibers: Royal Alpaca and Baby Alpaca. Nowadays the company has grown and have several stores in Lima, including one at the airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Ch�vez), and in Cusco and Arequipa as well. You will find very good sweaters but also accessories like hats, scarves, and coats. However, be ready to spend some money, since prices tend to be high.

Local Expert tip: You will find these stores ("Kuna" by Alpaca 111) easily, since they are located in strategic, very commercial places: Basadre 380 San Isidro (their showroom, actually), Miguel Dasso 166 San Isidro, Larcomar Shopping Center, Jockey Plaza Shopping Center, and even at the Larco Museum.

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Established in 1992, Ilaria specializes in silver jewellery, with original, chic designs by Peruvian artisans who rescue those traditional hand-made techniques and combine them with contemporary influences and with many different natural materials and gems: spondylus, opal, pearls, Peruvian turquoise, quartz, etc. They claim that each one of their pieces is truly hand-made with 100% Peruvian 925 silver, and that these jewels are sold with lifetime guarantee. They have a store in San Isidro, plus other ones in Larcomar and Jockey Plaza shopping centers. These jewels are definitely a bit pricey for local standards, but the quality is worth it. Recommendable.

Local Expert tip: Ilaria has also a large and well stocked shop at the Jorge Chavez airport, so you still have the chance of taking a look here for a last-minute shopping spree, or for indulging yourself with a superb gift that will remind you of your terrific days in Lima, Peru.

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If you are sick and tired of finding the same kind of designs and handicrafts, and are looking for something artsy and truly original, D�dalo is your place, It is a mixture between an art shop and a street gallery, it's a big shop place where you can find from furniture, to jewelry, clothes, accessories, toys, etc., all made by Peruvian designers. Some articles may be a little more expensive than the average, but keep in mind that this is original designers' work and small production, no matter if it's handicraft or art pieces. So if you are the one who hates to see that another person is wearing the same garment or item as you, you may find this place interesting.

Local Expert tip: The owners, Maria Elena and Eduardo, speak fluent English, while the staff speaks some decent English. The neighborhood is a lovely relic from 19th century (and so is the house) so it may be worth to take a walk around to get familiar with the place.

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�Looking for a place to get all your souvenirs and gifts and not spending all of your budget? Forget about top-class spots and go to Mercado Indio galleries: located on Avenida La Marina, this is a large complex that comprises several long galleries full of small shops and stalls offering handicrafts from all over Peru. Here you can choose among a large variety of items, from alpaca sweaters to some inexpensive decoration items. Prices are very affordable, and the extremely large of offer may take you some more time to choose the most suitable for you. And the best of all: don't forget that in these places you can bargain --and maybe getting a significant discount.

Local Expert tip: Actually, you will find almost four blocks of La Marina Avenue full with several galleries with names like Mercado Indio, Feria Artesanal, Plaza del Folklore, etc., most of them focused on selling hand-made stuff. Provided you have time, you can spend some two or three hours searching and bargaining.

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When looking for souvenirs and gifts for the family, a very good choice is this Mercado Indio in Miraflores, a few blocks away from Kennedy park and next to close to many hotels and lodges. Here you will find almost anything made in Peru, from small souvenirs intended for the table to the finest alpaca garments, as well as some home d�cor items and some silver jewellery, if you're looking for truly traditional crafts. There are some 100 stands, so odds are that with some little bargaining you will exactly what you wanted and at a fair price �and shop till you drop.

Local Expert tip: Despite the fact that most of the items sold in these stands are mass-produced, you can still find some unique pieces, so keep your eyes open. And there's even a small bar where you can try some herbal teas made from native curative Peruvian plants.

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This is still a relatively new shopping center, but has become very popular and attracts hundreds of people every day, due to its wide offer and its strategic location (beside the Lima Sheraton Hotel & Towers): if you are in Lima Downtown, this is definitely the place for a shopping spree. It has a well stocked supermarket (Plaza Vea), a large food court (take your time to choose your place), gift shops, boutiques, etc. As a plus, this place is directly connected to the Metropolitano Central Bus Station, which is also full of shops, cafeterias, gift shops, restaurants, clothing stores, convenience stores, etc. Odds are that you will find what you need at very reasonable prices.

Local Expert tip: It does not matter if you are not staying at any Lima Downtown hotel. Since this shopping center is located exactly to the side of the underground Metropolitano Central Station, it is perfectly connected to San Isidro, Miraflores and even Barranco. Perfect for an urban exploration, and we suggest to go around noon, when shops have already opened but are not too crowded �and the traffic is still friendly.

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The most fashionable and top class shopping mall in Lima, with large anchor stores, lots of boutiques, restaurants, a new section Called "Boulevard Jockey Plaza" for international brands such as Studio F, Warehouse, Puma, Carolina Herrera, Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nike, La Martina, ESPRIT, Marc Boehler, Florsheim Shoes, Versace Collection, Calvin Klein Jeans, Puma, �gatha Ruiz de la Prada, Zara, Swatch, Adidas, Chanel Bath & Body, Brooks Brothers, and many others, However, tourists and travelers may be more attracted by its cinema complex and by the food court, that resumes and reflects the great variety of the culinary offer in Lima; don't miss the ice-cream at cafeterias like 4D, since many of them include local exotic fruits.

Local Expert tip: Jockey Plaza is not on the usual tourist routes in Lima, and usually is not included in sightseeing tours, since it's located to the very East. However, you can easily get there taking a local taxi (expect to pay some 10 to 20 soles depending on the distance) or, if in budget-saving mode, take any bus at Javier Prado avenue that goes to La Molina. Fare is around 1.50 soles.

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Larcomar is a trendy, nice, upscale shopping center located at the top of Miraflores cliffs (in front of the JW Marriott hotel towers), with a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean and also with many restaurants, pubs, discos, gift shops, boutiques, playground area for kids and a food court, plus a superb cinema theaters complex. Its architecture includes many terraces so everyone can enjoy the panoramic view from almost any point at the shopping mall. This is an informal meeting point for many people, locals and tourists, and is considered as a safe area, but, again, like in every big city, it's wise to keep an eye on your belongings.

Local Expert tip: There is plenty of parking space underground, but since you are in Lima to relax, we strongly advice you to take a taxi... or to walk. There is also a big park with some fountains on the ground level; definitely this is a kid-friendly area.

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