Family-Friendly Museums in Lisbon, for Kids and Grown-Ups

Family-friendly museums in Lisbon number some of the city’s most celebrated cultural institutions. They also include smaller, more specialised visitor attractions and one or two specially refurbished buildings and industrial complexes. The impressive Museu do Electricidade in Belém is a perfect example where a former power station has been transformed in to an award-winning museum. Lisbon’s Lapa district is home to the Museu da Marioneta, a quirky puppet museum. Kids will also be enthralled by the Pavilhão do Conhecimento-Ciência Viva in Parque das Nações. This interactive adventure playground teaches youngsters (and grownup) all about science in a playful and educative way. The underground D. Dinis Wall and Interpretation Centre in the Baixa reveals city life as it was in the 13th century while at nearby MUDE the emphasis is on fashion and design. Both will fascinate young minds. Again in Belém is the delightful Museu de Marinha where the collection includes fantastic scale model ships. The decorative tiles on display at Museu Nacional do Azulejo will no doubt appeal to older children while youngsters into football should take their parents over to Benfica and the Museu Benfica Cosme Damião, a unique museum that pays homage to Benfica football club, complete with a hoard of silverware. Back in the city, the excellent Museu do Oriente is best appreciated by mature family groups, and everyone will have fun admiring the ceramic caricatures and cartoons exhibited at the Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Museum. 

Campo Grande/Campo Pequeno


Those with a mischievous sense of humour and a penchant for satire will appreciate the wonderfully quirky and irreverent exhibits in this delightful little museum. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846--1905) was born in Lisbon and is one of the most...  Read More

24 de Julho & Docas/Alcantara


The Museum of the Orient celebrates Portugal's presence in Asia with a multifaceted exhibition that encompasses 500 years of history, from the 15th century to the modern era. The scope and depth of the display is extraordinary, with the...  Read More



Here's one for football fans. Benfica is one of the biggest club's in Portugal, and the new Museu Benfica Cosme Damião showcases its illustrious history with a permanent exhibition of polished silverware, memorabilia and other club...  Read More



The National Tile Museum enjoys a beautiful setting within the cloisters of the 16th-century Convento da Madre de Deus in the eastern suburbs of the city. This is one of Portugal's most important cultural institutions and as such visitors often...  Read More



Set sail on a voyage of discovery as you plot a course through this excellent museum. The exhibition charts the history behind the great maritime adventures of Portugal's intrepid 16th-century navigators and beyond, showcasing the country's...  Read More



Youngsters with a budding interest in fashion and design should persuade their parents to visit MUDE, the Museu do Design e da Moda. This shouldn't be hard to do given there's no entrance fee, which makes MUDE one of the city's great bargains....  Read More



One of the city's more unusual museum facilities, the D. Dinis Wall and Interpretation Centre provides visitors with a fascinating glimpse of 13th-century Lisbon. Furthermore, this archaeological wonder is situated below the streets of the...  Read More



OK, so it's not strictly a museum, but this "Science Alive" centre is a veritable playhouse for youngsters, and adults can join in the fun as well. Here it's all about "see, do and learn", where maths, physics and science in general can be...  Read More



The historic 17th-century Convento das Bernardes in Lapa is home to the delightfully eccentric puppet museum, the only one of its kind in Portugal. The fascination and diverse collection of colourful marionettes includes examples from 17th- and...  Read More



A decommissioned early 20th-century electricity generating station has been transformed in to one of Lisbon's most original and fascinating museums. The building itself is a beautiful example of industrial architecture, but it's the interior...  Read More


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