Get up and go! Outdoor activities in and around Lisbon.

Outdoor activities in Lisbon number some excellent sports and leisure options for people of all ages, and there’s no reason for any visitor to slumber indoors. One of the most convenient ways of exploring the city is on two wheels, and at Bike Iberia you can saddle up on a fun-packed guided tour or cycle solo at your own pace. Equally rewarding is discovering the city on foot. Joining a guided walking tour with Time Travellers is a wonderful way to learn more about Lisbon’s history, culture and heritage. A port city, Lisbon is blessed with an attractive coastline. One way of admiring the seascape is to take to the water with Bork Kayak Tours. But if you prefer to be in the water while learning to surf, take to the boards with Lisbon Surf Tours. One of the more unusual outdoor activities is The Real Lisbon Street Art Tour, which takes visitors on a graffiti-daubed journey to admire the work of some the most innovative street artists in Portugal. Feel the need for speed? Once again, Lisbon’s proximity to the ocean provides for an adrenaline-packed powerboat adventure with Megaverde. Similarly, Guincho Adventours specialize in outdoors activities on land and sea, including jeep safaris and horse riding. Kids love zoos, and a day out in the Jardim Zoológico provides hours of entertainment for all the family. Look out for the white tigers! Certainly one of the more novel of tourist activities is the motorbike experience offered by the Side Car Touring Co. Certainly one of the quirkiest outdoor activities is the motorbike experience offered by the Side Car Touring Co. Relax in a vintage sidecar while someone else steers through the city! And if fancy a stroll in the park, head out to Sintra for an intriguing contemporary art exhibition called Point of View that’s set in the verdant grounds of the stunning Palácio Nacional da Pena. 

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To commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of King Ferdinand II, an original and highly unusual site-specific contemporary art exhibition is currently taking place within Sintra's verdant Parque da Pena, recognised by Unesco as a cultural...  Read More

Motoring around Lisbon in a sidecar attached to a vintage motorbike is one of more unusual ways to keep yourself occupied outdoors, but this is a wholly novel way to experience the capital and induces a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. This is...  Read More

Sete Rios/Benfica

Lisbon Zoo is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and is a great day out for those visiting the city with children. The enticing collection of wildlife is impressive and features some truly magnificent beasts, including majestic mountain gorillas and...  Read More

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Thrill seekers in Lisbon will be impressed with the outdoors activities choice offered by Guincho Adventours. Based in Cascais, about 30km west of Lisbon, the company takes advantage of its proximity to the fantastic Guincho beach to offer water...  Read More

24 de Julho & Docas/Alcantara

Taking full advantage of Lisbon's broad River Tagus and proximity to the sea, Megaverde specialises in thrill-a-minute nautical activities. For an ocean-going adrenaline rush, you can take to the water in a speedboat, boosted by twin 300...  Read More

Surely Lisbon's most unusual and original outdoors activity initiative, this tour takes visitors on a fascinating 4-hour journey through Lisbon's vibrant street art scene. Headed by Vasco T. Rodrigues, arguably Portugal's foremost graffiti and...  Read More

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The beaches along the Lisbon coast are excellent surfing destinations and the guys running this Portuguese surf tour company are all qualified and highly experienced instructors of this most exhilarating of water sports. Based on vibrant...  Read More

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Located west of the city along the Lisbon coast, Oeiras marina is the departure point for exciting sea kayaking guided tours. Suitable for beginners and advanced kayakers, the expedition route passes several historical landmarks, including the...  Read More


Raquel Policarpo and Inês Ribeiro are two archaeologists who share a passion for history and a love for all things Lisbon. Indeed, their extraordinary knowledge of the city and its culture and heritage, combined with a canny entrepreneurial...  Read More

Cais do Sodré/Santos

An action-packed way to see Lisbon is on two wheels, and Bike Iberia has designed 1 to 2-day off-road guided mountain bike rides that weaves through the city's undulating Monsanto Park before descending into the Restelo district of the...  Read More


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