Keeping Young Minds Occupied – Things to Do with Kids in Lisbon

There are lots of things to do with kids in Lisbon, and plenty of visitor attractions to keep them occupied. Youngsters of all ages, and indeed adults, will get a thrill out of climbing the "Canopy" at the Adventure Park complex, sited west of the city centre. And everyone will love the sea life at the brilliant Oceanário de Lisboa, located at Parque das Nacões. Over in Sintra, the fantastic Quinta da Regaleira is a veritable wonderland with caves, grottos and underground walkways to explore. One of the most convenient ways to discover the Portuguese capital is to take a Hills Tramcar Tour – let the kids sit by the window! Across the river is the Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória, a marvelous and fully restored 19th-century wooden warship. All children like the zoo and at the city’s exciting Jardim Zoolígico the residents include rare white tigers. Another favourite attraction for kids is the Pavilhão do Conhecimento-Ciência Viva, where learning about physics and science is a fun-packed interactive experience. It’s situated back at Parque das Nacões, where the Telecabine cable car also operates – a great highlight for children! Lisbon’s most famous historic landmark is Castelo de São Jorge, and what child doesn’t like exploring a castle? And for a sightseeing trip with bags of family appeal, book an excursion with HIPPOtrip. They use an amphibious custom-built vehicle to tour the city before driving it into the river to explore Belém.


24 de Julho & Docas/Alcantara


Easily the most novel sightseeing option currently available in Lisbon, Hippotrip operates an amphibious custom-built vehicle to tour the city centre before heading off to Belem to drive down a ramp at the marina and into the River Tagus. It's a...  Read More



All kids like castles, and the bigger the better. Fortunately Lisbon castle is one of the grandest in the land and youngsters can enter a make-believe world of medieval magic at this landmark monument. The imagination can run wild in a place...  Read More

Parque das Nações


The telecabine, or cable car, that runs above the river's edge at Parque das Nacoes provides visitors with an uplifting panorama of the entire Nation's Park area and the wide estuary. The cabins glide lazily between two stations set either end...  Read More



The thoroughly engaging Science Alive Centre in the Pavilion of Knowledge takes learning to a new level – a fun-packed, interactive one. Young minds will be working overtime at this extraordinary facility, which is crammed full of working...  Read More

Sete Rios/Benfica


Lisbon Zoo is a magnet for young, curious minds. Kids can spend hours here discovering the wonderfully diverse array of wildlife that calls the zoo their home. Residents include rare and beautiful white tigers and a family of majestic mountain...  Read More



One of the finest examples of historic ship preservation in the modern era, the wooden-hulled frigate D. Fernando II e Glória counts among Lisbon's least-known visitor attractions, probably because of its location at Cacilhas, on the opposite...  Read More



No visit to Lisbon is complete without taking sightseeing trip on one of the city's trams. But if you're travelling with kids, the best option is to take an official tour using a tourist tram. Departing from Pra�a do Com�rcio, the...  Read More

Outside the City


A veritable wonderland of caves, grottos and underground walkways set within a sprawling garden landscaped in the image of the cosmos, Quinta da Regaleira is one of the most surprising and bizarre visitor attractions in Sintra. Its given name...  Read More

Parque das Nações
Oceanário de Lisboa


Listen to the mock screams of terror as the sharks glide by and you'll understand why this world-class visitor attraction appeals so much to kids. Youngsters are absolutely mesmerised with the astonishing collection of sea life on display at...  Read More

Outside the City


Located 15 minutes west of Lisbon, this exciting adventure park is designed to get youngsters off their feet and up in the trees for a fun-packed adventure along the "Canopy". Essentially an obstacle course of hanging bridges, ropes, nets,...  Read More


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