Home from Home. Lisbon restaurants serving national and international homestyle cuisine.

In Lisbon there are plenty of homestyle restaurants to choose from, places to eat that offer menus of traditional Portuguese gastronomy and other homestyle cooking. At David da Buraca in the city’s Benfica district, top-notch regional fare is served in a convivial country-style ambiance. On Avenida 24 Julo Popolo rules, a trendy Italian, American, Portuguese-style food restaurant. At O Pitéu do Graça located up in the Graça district, the home cooking is so highly regarded that some of Lisbon’s most celebrated chefs come here to eat on their days off. Meanwhile at Bota Alta in Bairro Alto it’s about cooking from the heart – traditional food drawn from centuries-old recipes. Likewise, at nearby Antigo de 1 Maio, the emphasis is on good old-fashioned meals prepared with local ingredients. Tasca do Manel, also in Bairro Alto, is similarly proud of its homemade country-style credentials. Further up the hill in Principe Real, the tiny Tascardosa restaurant is big on regional tastes. Meanwhile, on Avenida da Liberdade, the Hard Rock Smoke House rustles up finger lickin’ southern-style BBQ ribs and burgers with all the hickory infused trimmings. The bite-sized nibbles served at Taberna Vintage in Bairro Alto are a Portuguese version of the Spanish tapas and filled with all sorts of tasty homegrown ingredients. Wash them down with a cold beer. And that good old Portuguese standby, grilled chicken, is done to perfection back in downtown at Bonjardim Rei dos Frangos.  





A great Portuguese standby, grilled chicken with piri-piri (chilli sauce) is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Cheap, hearty and mouth-wateringly tasty, the quality of the meat served at Rei dos Frangos ("King of Chickens") is up there with...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


This unassuming tavern is noted for its wine list as much as the selection of tapas-style pesticos (snacks) that the kitchen conjures up with suitable attention to looks as well as taste. The rustic decor " all wooden floors and walls "...  Read More



The Hard Rock Café Lisboa is already known for its international menu, but its Southern & Smoked options celebrate the traditional recipes of America's Deep South. This is comfort food at its finger-licking best, with an authentic menu of...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


The menu at this informal and rustic eatery features some unusual delicacies, including corvine " a thick cut steak of croaker fish, grilled to perfection. There's also chocos assados com tinta (cuttlefish grilled in its own ink). Blink and...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


The rustic and home-style kitchen at Tasca do Manel dishes out hearty and tasty fare from Portugal's northern Minho region, and the Alentejo, in the south of the country. The choice of gastronomy is therefore wonderfully represented and all the...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


This family-run restaurant prides itself on a menu of home cooked meat and fish dishes based on regional Portuguese cuisine, and this cosy little eatery looks the part with its the tiled walls and original stone-arched ceiling. The menu reflects...  Read More



The whacky dcor in this snug, cheap 'n' cheerful eatery reflects the restaurant's name " Bota Alta means "High Boot" in English, and this particular style of footwear treads all over customers as the subject of numerous prints, drawing and...  Read More



The regional fare served at this humble eatery is of such high quality that some of Lisbon's top chefs choose to eat here on their days off. Locals have known about this place for years, and the home cooking is as good as it gets. The menu reads...  Read More

Avenida 24 De Julho


A pizza and hamburger joint rolled into one, the homestyle menu and the traditional Portuguese flourishes that underpin it belie the modern approach the kitchen has applied in preparing what could be construed as fast food. In fact, Popolo's...  Read More

Sete Rios/Benfica


Characterising the menu at this family-run Portuguese restaurant is authentic homestyle cooking of the highest order. Working from recipes handed down from generation to generation, an enthusiastic team of local chefs prepare ingredients in a...  Read More


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