Menus for midnight. Lisbon's favourite late-night restaurants.


Lisbon thrives after dark and there are plenty of late-night restaurants catering for hungry insomniacs. In a city renowned for its nightlife, an evening out means eating out, and there’s an appetising choice of midnight menus to tempt the seriously wide-awake. The steak in pepper sauce served at Café de São Bento is a house speciality, and here you can dine till 2am. Another local draw is the cavernous Cervejaria Trindade in Chiado – always busy after midnight. A culinary institution, Galeto, is a funky 60’s diner located in the city’s Saldanha district that rustles up tasty comfort food almost around the clock. The king of the all-nighters though is A Merendeira. This is the place to end up in and refuel after a heavy night clubbing. Meanwhile over in Chiado diners can enjoy a late night fish dinner at Sea Me. Looking to burn the midnight oil in Alfama? Head for Santo António de Alfama (half the fun is finding this lovely late-night venue among the neighbourhood's winding streets and narrow alleys). Some of Lisbon’s best seafood is prepared at Ribadouro – a favourite city-centre haunt for theatregoers seeking post-show sustenance. For more local flavour, try Portugalia in Cais do Sodré. But if you’re in a large group nearby Kais, an unusual restaurant converted from a waterfront warehouse, is a better bet. And for good wine in splendid company, grab a table at By the Wine JMF. The after-hours fun is quite memorable!





Traditional Portuguese and southern European gastronomy enlivens the menu at this rustic-chic wine bar. Besides the Iberian flavoured cuisine the restaurant is also known for its enviable selection of wines from noted producer Jose Maria da...  Read More

Cais do Sodré/Santos


Fashioned out of the shell of a former 19th-century engine warehouse, this cavernous restaurant in one of the landmark features on the docks mid-way between Cais do Sodre and Alcantara. There's an industrial quality to the interior, with the...  Read More

Cais do Sodré/Santos


This smart riverfront eatery belongs to a national chain of restaurants beloved by the Portuguese. Specialising in fresh fish and seafood but also serving succulent meat dishes, the Cais do Sodré venue faces the river not far from Alcantara and...  Read More



One of Lisbon's premier fish and seafood restaurants, Ribadouro has been around since 1947. The menu lists a veritable feast of ocean cuisine, options like jumbo shrimp, Algarve prawn, tiger shrimp, oyster, king crab and crayfish. The seafood...  Read More



Tucked away deep in Alfama, Lisbon's oldest neighbourhood, is this charming and wonderfully decorative restaurant. The pretty courtyard intimately set over cobblestone at the front belies a voluminous interior, with no less than three floors...  Read More



Lisbon has its fair share of late night restaurants and if you fancy fish for dinner, there's a place that's known for its midnight menu. Cleverly named Sea Me urges customers to browse their meal before ordering. Rather than hidden away in the...  Read More

24 de Julho & Docas/Alcantara


A Lisbon all-nighter and a comfort food institution, A Merendeira has been the salvation of many a reveller seeking a place to eat and wind down after clubbing through the small hours. Located in one of the city's main nightlife districts, the...  Read More



Located in the city's Saldanha district near Campo Pequeno, and well off the tourist trail, late-night Galeto is the nearest thing to a genuine American diner, and the original mid-60s décor is a real eye opener. The long bar snakes around the...  Read More



A cherished culinary institution and a noted cultural landmark, this cavernous beer hall and restaurant enjoy an illustrious history. The building stands on the site of a former monastery, later a brewery. The beer is no longer made on the...  Read More



Famed for its classic Café de São Bento steak – succulent mignon fillet smothered in a rich homemade pepper sauce – this historic eatery (over 30 years old) is a Lisbon late night treat. The ground floor is styled in the Victorian manner,...  Read More


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