Lisbon's street food scene: menus for the sidewalk foodie.

Although Lisbon is not particularly regarded as a street food destination there are nevertheless several places where those seeking a snack on the go can head for. There’s an appetising array of sidewalk cuisine at Mercado de Fusão, located in the city’s Baixa district. Here they serve authentic oriental noodles and soups, among other choices. If you like Austrian style sausage then Wurst is the place to head for. The owners are from Austraia so this is the real deal! At Mercado da Ribeira near Cais do Sodré hungry visitors can choose from nearly 40 kiosks preparing all kinds of different meals and snacks.  Beira Gare is celebrated for its fabulous and filling bifanas – juicy pork steak sandwiches. Alternatively, seek out busy Casa Brasileira, which offers a scrummy range of pies, cakes and sandwiches to go. Up in Príncipe Real neighbourhood is Pizza a Pezzi, a great pizza joint that has all sorts of toppings on its menu. Príncipe Real is also home to Cone à Portuguesa where you can grab a cone-shaped roll crammed with traditional Portuguese delicacies. For breakfast on the go turn up early at A Padaria Portuguesa-Camões, also in Chiado, for warm croissants and crunchy baguettes. And for a real belly filler, head across town and order burger and fries at Hamburgueira da Parada, an open-air kiosk set in a lovely park. Feeling hot? Cool off with a tub of frozen yoghurt. They serve it at the Weeel VW kiosk at Cais do Sodré railway station. 

Cais do Sodré/Santos


When is ice cream yoghurt? When it's frozen yoghurt. And tubs of this wonderfully refreshing delicacy are being sold across Lisbon from quirky little portable kiosks designed as old-style ice VW camper vans. Made using natural yoghurt, fresh...  Read More



Set in tranquil gardens in the west of the city, this popular take out attracts street food fans from all over Lisbon. The homemade hamburgers are freshly prepared and crammed with all sorts of mouth-watering ingredients. Try the Queijo da Ilha...  Read More



This citywide caf-bakery franchise has caught the imagination of locals and tourists alike. The concept is simple " a bright and breezy French-style boulangerie (bags of croissants and baguettes) shining under 60's-style lamplights and lots...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


The simple idea of layering savoury fillings inside oven-baked cones crusty bread has put this tiny eatery firmly on Lisbon's street food map. Traditional Portuguese ingredients are used to create a tasty sit in or take out menu, and hungry...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


Street food is epitomised by the ubiquitous pizza, and this little hole in the wall eatery serves up rectangles of the thin-crust variety to an appreciative clientele. Italian-owned, the pocket-sized pizzeria is a stone's throw from the bar and...  Read More



Not to be confused with Café A Brasileira in Chiado, this near namesake enjoys an equally privileged location in Rua Augusta, Lisbon's animated pedestrian thoroughfare in the Baixa (downtown) district. Inside, the long stand-up glass counter...  Read More



From the sidewalk you can gaze through the window in gleeful anticipation as the waiters in this city-centre caf-restaurant rustle up the house speciality " bifana, a pork steak sandwich braised in a savoury sauce wedged in a fresh bread...  Read More

Avenida 24 De Julho


This huge market is the place to go for a Lisbon "street food" experience. Nearly 40 kiosks, not much more than kitchen units, are housed around the edge of an immense covered hall. Each "restaurant" specialises in a particular cuisine so the...  Read More



Austrian nationals Maria and Martin have successfully imported to Lisbon one of their country's favourite foods – succulent, flavoursome sausages. Wurst, (which is the German word for sausage) is located in a covered market area where the...  Read More



This multicultural space in the middle of the city is serious street food territory. Food stalls serving all types of tasty world cuisine line either side of this central square, and when they fire on all four cylinders the aromas are fabulous....  Read More


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