Takeout Restaurants in Lisbon: Best Menus for Eating on the Go

Lisbon is a fantastic culinary destination, with hundreds of restaurants to choose from. But if you need to eat on the go then take out is no problem – there are plenty of take away menus to tempt the visitor. The bustling Mercado de Fusao is the city’s biggest open-air food market, with most of the kiosks offering a taste of the Far East – Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, among other tasty oriental fare. BBQ chicken is a Portuguese staple and at Valenciana you can take away portions grilled to perfection with or without chilli sauce garnish. A convenient snack-on-the-go choice is Cone a Portuguesa where traditional savoury delicacies are moulded into a cone of crusty bread served over the counter. Pizza to go is the mantra at Pizza a Pezzi, a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria located near Lisbon’s club land that does a roaring trade after hours. Fancy sushi? Head for Noori, a popular chain of take away Japanese food: delicious Miso soup is on the menu. If it’s hot and you’re not particularly hungry but could still use a bite to eat, consider a tub of frozen yoghurt from deli-style Frozz or a fresh fruit cup dished up at Café Gelo. For something more substantial and exotic, head for the huge Mercado do Ribeira. Here dozens of restaurants and cafes serve anything from hamburgers to seafood to eat in or take out. Hot, spicy curry and rich Italian pasta is the unusual pairing at Gandhi Palace and the restaurant offers a carry out service for customers on the go. Finally, if you’re feeling peckish but health conscious, pop along to Vitaminas where crisp salads, wholemeal breads and lots of fruit fill you but keep the weight down.



Take out lunches don't get much healthier than this. Customers can pick and choose from a colourful and appetizing selection of fresh vegetables (raw and cooked) – tomato, lettuce, broccoli, corn, olive, onion and more – and garnish their...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


Now here's an odd combination – Indian and Italian cuisine served under the same roof. As its name suggests, it's the hot, spicy food that has put this modest down-to-earth curry house on the map. But they whip up decent pizza and pasta as...  Read More

Avenida 24 De Julho


Lisbon's "riverside market" is an immense food hall consisting of approximately 35 kiosks and restaurants and a traditional fruit and veg market. A number of specialist shops also grace the premises. Each kiosk represents a Lisbon restaurant and...  Read More



The colourful frontage of this busy sidewalk café announces a mouth-watering selection of take out fresh fruit cups crammed with chilled slices of mango, kiwi, pineapple, melon and papaya – one of the healthiest take away options in the city...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


A healthy take away idea imported from The Netherlands, Frozz is the place to enjoy a frozen yogurt treat. Using 100% natural yogurt and an array of biological ingredients, tubs are prepared on site and customers can choose their own toppings,...  Read More



Sushi on the go is the concept at this small breeze in, breeze out bar. The inventive take away menu tempts with a choice of tamaki, hosomaki and uramaki specialities. The Tamaki is made with salmon or tuna, and mixed with a variety of...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


Little more than a hole in the wall, this pocket-sized Italian-owned pizzeria serves up rectangles of thin-crust pizza to an appreciative clientele – the place is a stone's throw from the bar and club districts of Principe Real and Bairro Alto...  Read More

Bairro Alto/Principe Real


The simple idea of layering savoury fillings inside oven-baked cones crusty bread has put this tiny take out firmly on Lisbon's snack map. Traditional Portuguese ingredients are used to create a tasty menu to go, and hungry customers can choose...  Read More



Located out of the city centre and somewhat off the regular tourist trail, this restaurant is nonetheless worth seeking out for arguably the best grilled chicken in town. Indeed, Valencia's reputation has been forged out of its frango no...  Read More



This multicultural space in the middle of the city is serious takeout territory. Food stalls serving all types of tasty world cuisine line either side of this central square, and when they fire on all four cylinders the aromas are fabulous....  Read More


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