Winebeast: A Complete Wine Experience in Hong Kong

A boutique wine store opens its doors and quite a few bottles, too
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Hong Kong’s love of wine has extended itself to tasting events that are becoming the latest cool way to kick off an evening on the town. One of the prime locations is Winebeast, which recently opened its uber trendy doors in the heart of Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Known best for its restaurant and bar scene, Wan Chai is a logical spot for a boutique wine store with a difference.


The brainchild of entrepreneur David Doan Tran, Winebeast has an eclectic collection of fine wine, a champagne wall and a bottle for every budget. What makes Winebeast so special is that customers don’t need to "go it alone." Vincent Feron and Vanessa Chan, the in-house sommeliers, will help discover and tame customers’ taste buds and select the perfect wine for both everyday and special occasions.

Sommelier Vincent Feron explains some of the finer points of wineSommelier Vincent Feron explains some of the finer points of wine — Photo courtesy of Winebeast

Winebeast is currently home to more than 400 labels of red and white wine and champagne from France, Spain, Italy and the New World. More than 60 of these labels are exclusive in Hong Kong to Winebeast, which also stocks a range of bio producers under eco–friendly brands, such as Domaine Oliver Guyot and Domaine Vacheron.

“My goal is to assist and educate our customers and help them choose a wine that suits their individual palate. When my customers are happy, I am happy," says Vincent Feron, who received his first wine education from his father at the age of eight.

With more than ten years’ experience in the wine industry, Feron started his sommelier career in 2003 by taking part in wine tasting events in Paris whilst he was still a student at a hotel and catering school. He initially studied chemistry at university; however, he soon discovered his passion for wine. He created an association for students interested in wine and even organized wine tastings with Parisian sommeliers and wine makers on campus.

During Feron’s six-month sommelier training at the Four Seasons Paris Restaurant Le Cinq in 2005, he was very fortunate to work with Eric Beaumard and Enrico Bernardo, the best sommeliers in the wine industry. He also got the valuable experience of working with David Bireau, a top sommelier in the industry, at Hotel de Crillon during 2006 and 2007.

Winebeast is currently hosting a series of wine tasting events, each with a distinctive individual theme. For anyone with a fondness for wine, it’s a great way to learn more, while for visitors it’s a great way to meet like-minded locals.


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