Hong Kong's 10 Best Things to Do with Kids

No matter how old they are, there are a lot of things for kids to do in Hong Kong.

The city's excellent transportation system makes it easy to get around, Hong Kong is fairly compact, so visitors don't have to make long journeys to get from one attraction to another, and – best of all – many attractions are free, or cost only a few dollars. Take the Star Ferry – a one-way upper deck fare costs all of HK$2.50 on weekdays, HK$3.40 at weekends and public holidays. As well as a charismatic way to cross the harbor, it's a mini sightseeing tour.

Few kids don't like theme parks, and Hong Kong can boast two – Disneyland on Lantau Island not far from the airport, and Ocean Park -- on Hong Kong Island – which is still going strong after more than 40 years of operation. 

Even the ordinary things about Hong Kong can be fun for kids, such as a trip to a market, which will be filled with colorful sounds, sights and – probably – unusual smells.

Here's a tip for parents: if your kids don't have a camera, there are some good deals in Hong Kong, and giving your kids a photo assignment is a great way to keep them occupied.

Photo courtesy of The Peninsula

There are four main tours with Heliservices, the only flightseeing operation in Hong Kong. The first flies around Hong Kong Island, concentrating on Victoria Harbour. The flight lasts approximately 15 minutes. Slightly longer, the Hong Kong...  Read More

Occupying three blocks of Tung Choi Street every night, this enclave of more than 100 stalls represents the epitome of Asia's market culture: a bit crowded, a lot noisy but totally stimulating. Rather than what its name suggests, the...  Read More

Hong Kong Museum of History
Photo courtesy of Museum of History

Chinese history has taken dramatic twists and turns over the past three millennia, and this museum offers detailed exhibits that take you through every aspect of the country's development. Beginning in Neolithic times and running right up to...  Read More

Sai Kung Country Park
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board

The New Territories, once home to nothing but pastoral meadowlands, are quickly becoming industrialized and commercialized. However, this park remains a bastion of natural beauty. This unspoiled seaside area of parkland features hiking trails...  Read More

Victoria Peak

The 552-meter mountain has that classic Hong Kong view. Near the summit at 396 meters high there is an entertainment and viewing complex called Peak Tower where travelers can snap that perfect souvenir photo. In the foreground, a forest of...  Read More


Star Ferry is the loveliest attraction in Hong Kong. This 115-year-old service is one of these rare attractions that are hailed by both tourists and locals. Shuttling between Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side, and Central and Wan Chai on Hong Kong...  Read More

Hong Kong Island Trams

To really get the feel of the city, board one of its old-fashioned trams, aka streetcars, that wends its way through this intriguing city that's a unique blend of ancient and modern. Although lacking air conditioning and crowded during rush...  Read More

Hong Kong Disneyland
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland

Escape the city center for a family day trip to fantasy by the overly cute Disneyland Resort Line from Sunny Bay metro station. Currently the smallest of all Disneylands, the 240,000-square-meter park is compact and easily navigated (like...  Read More

Causeway Bay
Photo courtesy of Strokes

Strokes is the first mini golf club in Hong Kong, part of the Fashion Walk complex in Causeway Bay. It covers over 8,000 square feet and provides a unique indoor entertainment experience for individuals and large groups. With two, nine-hole...  Read More

Ocean Park
Photo courtesy of Ocean Park

This massive Chinese wonderland is a combination of amusement park, aquarium and zoo. It has enough activity to keep everyone in the family busy for an entire day. Built around several hills near the South China Sea, the 780,000-square-meter...  Read More


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