Hong Kong's Best Bars: Where to Make Friends While under the Influence

Whether it's on a corner of a city street, the cornerstone of a swish hotel, a few tables and a fridge on a beach, or a mock English pub, Hong Kong's got bars for all seasons. Alcohol (although there are plenty of fruit juices and the like on offer too) lubricates many of the city's business and social discussions, and most parts of Hong Kong host some sort of drinking establishment.

The biggest concentration is on Hong Kong Island, in the nightlife area of Lan Kwai Fong and then stretching away through the areas of SoHo and NoHo, where it would be difficult to take more than a dozen paces without passing some sort of bar. Why so many? Well, Hong Kong works hard, and likes to wind down. 

Best of all, there are bars to suit all pockets and moods. Up for a high octane celebration? Head for Ozone, the highest bar in the world. Just fancy chilling by the sea? China Bear is the answer. Need a traditional English pub? Nobody turns a blind eye to Trafalgar. And – given that there are few restrictions on appropriate times to serve alcohol – if you're in Hong Kong right at this moment there's probably a bar that's open not too far away.

121 BC
Photo courtesy of 121BC


First of all – enjoy the location. 121 could only be in Hong Kong. It's on a steep street that's dotted with traditional shops and just down the road from an incense-swathed shrine, yet well within the trendy entertainment zone that is SoHo....  Read More

Wan Chai
Photo courtesy of Trafalgar


From Adnams Broadside to Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin via Fuller's London Porter and Thwaites Liberation Premium Ale, Trafalgar runs the gamut of Brit beers. And quite a lot of other traditional drinks including single malt whiskey and cider as...  Read More

Tazmania Ballroom
Photo courtesy of Tazmania Ballroom


Get ready to be amazed, even if only slightly. Tazmania Ballroom is a dance club, for sure, but added to that is a lounge and – gasp – games. Twice a week, thanks to some ingenious hi-tech design, the billiards tables are hoisted out of the...  Read More

Feather Boa
Photo courtesy of Feather Boa


Some of Hong Kong's coolest hangouts aren't easy to identify from the outside, and Feather Boa is a good example. There's no sign, so you'll have to look carefully. Once past the curtained doors, you'll find an eclectic space furnished with the...  Read More

The China Bear
Photo courtesy of China Bear


The China Bear's the best pub on Lantau. There again, it's almost the only pub on Lantau outside the expat enclave of Discovery Bay. Such quibbling is beside the point, for the Bear – right next to the ferry pier with a view that stretches all...  Read More

Ned Kelly's Last Stand


A traditional jazz band takes the stage nightly at Ned Kelly's, which also offers a lively ambiance and a good selection of classic pub food. The club has happy hour specials and an Australian menu that showcases culinary favorites like meat pie...  Read More



The Landmark Mandarin Oriental's MO Bar is one of the most sophisticated and nightlife hangout on Hong Kong Island. The two-story space was created with amazing attention to detail. Textures abound, from the floor (stone, mosaic tiles, carpet)...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of The Peninsula


The Peninsula bar is one of the classiest places in Hong Kong to get a drink and enjoy top-notch service while taking in the glittering harbour and stunning skyline. Opened in 1994, it was a forerunner of Hong Kong's ever-growing harbor-view...  Read More

Wan Chai


Having been feeding the locals with mind-bending gigs for more than 25 years, The Wanch is an institution of live music. This is said to be the longest running livehouse in Hong Kong. Shows are on every night from 6pm on weekdays and 4pm at...  Read More



Perching on the highest floor of the world's highest hotel overlooking a skyscraper city, Ozone is an experience not to be found elsewhere. Occupying the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the sleek and futurist-looking space is...  Read More


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