Best Hong Kong Nightlife: 10 of the Hottest Bars and Clubs

Work hard, play hard – then do it all over again the following day. Nightlife in Hong Kong is conducted at much the same pace as people work during the day. After all, there's no point in earning all that money from nine to five if you don't go and spend some of it later.

Where to start? Hong Kong is lucky as many of its top nightlife zones are right next to each other. Lan Kwai Fong in Central is adjacent to SoHo, and from there it's only a few steps to NoHo, and then on to Tai Ping Shan, which is rapidly developing a name for itself as the trendiest after hours hang out.

But Hong Kong nightlife is not all drinking, dancing, and more drinking. Stop by the Fringe Club for a dose of the arts, or head to Happy Valley between September and June for an evening of horse racing, which is still one of Hong Kong's most thrilling entertainments.

Best of all, Hong Kong – by and large – is a very safe city, with little street crime or gratuitous violence, although of course it pays to be sensible at all times and not take any unnecessary risks.

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of The Peninsula


The Peninsula bar is one of the classiest places in Hong Kong to get a drink and enjoy top-notch service while taking in the glittering harbour and stunning skyline. Opened in 1994, it was a forerunner of Hong Kong's ever-growing coterie of...  Read More

121 BC
Photo courtesy of 121BC


First of all, enjoy the location. 121 could only be in Hong Kong. It's on a steep street that's dotted with traditional shops and just down the road from an incense-swathed shrine, yet well within the trendy entertainment zone that is SoHo....  Read More

Happy Valley Racecourse
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board


Surrounded by a curtain of high-rises, this downtown racecourse is one of the greatest stadiums on earth to enjoy a sweaty, noisy and adrenaline-pumping horse race at night. Dating back to 1844, the 55,000-seat racecourse is one of the earliest...  Read More

The China Bear
Photo courtesy of China Bear


The China Bear's the best pub on Lantau. There again, it's almost the only pub on Lantau outside the expat enclave of Discovery Bay. Such quibbling is beside the point, for the Bear, right next to the ferry pier with a view that stretches all...  Read More

McSorley's Ale House
Photo courtesy of McSorley's


Inspired by the McSorley's Ale House in New York City, but with a much better variety of beer. It's a traditional Irish Victorian style pub, with lots of wood, and when the weather's fine the doors and windows open onto the street. If you want a...  Read More

Fringe Club
Photo courtesy of HKTB


Upscale avant-garde entertainment is the focus at the Fringe Club. The club's award-winning renovations of a former dairy warehouse have left it with two theaters, two art galleries, a photography gallery, rehearsal space and studios, a fine...  Read More



Hong Kong was ruled by Great Britain for over a hundred years, and the influences of Chinese and European cultures can be seen all over the city in nearly every facet of life. There's no better place to taste the mix of these two worlds than at...  Read More

Tazmania Ballroom
Photo courtesy of Tazmania Ballroom


Tazmania Ballroom is a dance club, for sure, but added to that is a lounge and, gasp, games. Twice a week, thanks to some ingenious hi-tech design, the billiards tables are hoisted out of the way to make room for ping pong tables. Seriously....  Read More



The Landmark Mandarin Oriental's MO Bar is one of the most sophisticated nightlife hangouts on Hong Kong Island. The two-story space was created with amazing attention to detail. Textures abound, from the floor (stone, mosaic tiles, carpet) to...  Read More

Ned Kelly's Last Stand


A traditional jazz band takes the stage nightly at Ned Kelly's, which also offers a lively ambiance and a good selection of classic pub food. The club has happy hour specials and an Australian menu that showcases culinary favorites like meat pie...  Read More


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