Hong Kong's Best Inexpensive Restaurants: Top Food at Affordable Prices

Just as cheap food isn't necessarily good food, so good food isn't necessarily cheap. How to strike a balance? The great thing about Hong Kong is that it's a city that loves to eat, and not everyone can afford to dine somewhere fancy three times a day. And so there are many restaurants in Hong Kong that not only provide top-quality menus, they are also very reasonably priced. Visitors looking for good value should start with the city's myriad Chinese restaurants, like Super Star Seafood; however there are plenty of international eateries that also cater to the thrifty diner, such as Classified.

One tip that every visitor to Hong Kong should look out for: many restaurants run an "early bird special" at lunch times. Arrive before the rush (noon is a typical start time) and finish within a set time, and you can eat for a set price. The food and the surrounds are just as good, but the restaurant benefits as it makes use of the extra seats, while diners get a great meal deal. Early bird specials are usually advertised by a notice outside the restaurant, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk around the city. Note that early bird specials usually only operate on working days.

Beef & Liberty
Photo courtesy of Beef & Liberty


Beef & Liberty traces its slightly unusual but highly forthright back to 18th century Great Britain where the leading members of London society gathered in beefsteak clubs to partake of great food, fine booze and entertaining company. The...  Read More

La Paloma
Photo courtesy of La Paloma


La Paloma, meaning pigeon, is named after one of the oldest nightclubs in Barcelona, Spain. The whole concept of La Paloma is built around a fun, value for money and interactive dining experience. An open kitchen provides a full frontal view of...  Read More

Linguini Fini
Photo courtesy of Linguini Fini


Linguini Fini serves everyday Italian food for everyday people, with diners being treated to an authentic culinary experience - served with a generous portion of warm down home hospitality. Produce is served in-season and hails from local...  Read More

Super Star Seafood Restaurant


Get your seafood quota here! The tanks filled with lobsters, crabs, prawns and a plethora of fish leave no doubt that Super Star's specialty is super fresh seafood. Usually your selection will be plucked straight from the tank, quickly prepared...  Read More

Jimmy's Kitchen


Jimmy's is, perhaps, Hong Kong's most famous restaurant. Located on Wyndham Street, this Continental-style restaurant has a definite Western atmosphere. Menu options span the globe from New Zealand shellfish to North American beef and Western...  Read More

Bombay Dreams
Photo courtesy of Bombay Dreams


Indian food is quite popular in Hong Kong, given the city's substantial Indian population, so purveyors of the piquant cuisine are a dime a dozen. Bombay Dreams earns high marks, though, for its exceptional cooking. A wide variety of appetizers...  Read More

Classified Cheese Room
Photo courtesy of Classified


Classified, which is part of a chain that has rapidly spread across the city, is a Hong Kong success story. Founded by three friends who had studied abroad and reckoned that their native HK needed a slightly more sophisticated yet casual sort of...  Read More

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jumbo Floating Restaurant


In operation for decades, the Jumbo has become something of a landmark. Renovated to create a modern and stylish interior, expansions over the years include a tea garden, banquet and party facilities and a museum exhibit of bronzeware. The...  Read More

Spring Deer


After decades in operation, Spring Deer still manages to pack in crowds of loyal locals and many overseas visitors who have eaten here previously. Spring Deer is particularly popular with groups, ratcheting the noise level up during peak meal...  Read More

Luk Yu Teahouse
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Tourism Board


Luk Yu has the distinction of being Hong Kong's oldest still-operating tea house. It opened back in 1933, and not much about the place has changed since. The setting is still charming, with ceiling fans, wooden booths, marble tabletops, wood...  Read More


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