10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong

Food is one of the prime topics of conversation in Hong Kong, so it's a good ice-breaker if you are searching for something to talk about with new friends or colleagues. And as one of the foremost cities in China, Hong Kong has an unrivaled collection of restaurants, large and small, showcasing cuisines from all over the country. If you are visiting during one of the major festivals, such as Lunar New Year, you can expect to find tables filled with traditional dishes and surrounded by enthusiastic diners. Obviously, reservations at this time are essential.   

Some of Hong Kong's Chinese restaurants have been going for decades, and old age pensioners who remember being taken out to eat at somewhere like Spring Moon when they were knee high to a grasshopper now treat their grandchildren at the very same tables. Others have made a name for themselves more recently: Hutong, overlooking Victoria Harbour from one of the city's more impressively designed skyscrapers, embraces both an amazing design and thrilling menu. And of course, there are super (Michelin) stars like T'ang Court.

Best of all, you can eat Chinese for a handful of dollars at a streetside hole-in-the-wall or dine in very much more plush surroundings and get a rather larger check at the end of it. There's a meal for all budgets here.

Hunan Garden


Named after a Chinese province, this restaurant is popular for its hot offerings of Hunanese cuisine. Most of the chicken and fish dishes are not exempt from the spiciness, but have no fear, the hot items are clearly marked on the menu. The...  Read More

Spring Deer


After decades in operation, Spring Deer still manages to pack in crowds of loyal locals and many overseas visitors who have eaten here previously. Spring Deer is particularly popular with groups, ratcheting the noise level up during peak meal...  Read More

Wu Kong


Wu Kong specializes in Shanghai cuisine, a style of cooking that refines dishes from neighboring provinces (primarily Jiangsu and Zhejiang), and was rated one of Hong Kong's best restaurants by the Hong Kong Tatler magazine. Foods are often...  Read More

Wan Chai
Canton Room


In search of authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine? Visit the Canton Room at the beautiful Luk Kwok Hotel. Located in the Wan Chai neighborhood of Hong Kong, the restaurant provides a flawless Eastern setting and menu. Catering to the health...  Read More

Ye Shanghai


This modern deco-style restaurant is located in Pacific Place, one of the city's most popular shopping, dining and entertainment venues. The staff is efficient, and most of their dishes are portioned large enough to share with others. The menu...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
T'ang Court
Photo courtesy of T'ang Court


T'ang Court has won a stack of local and international awards, most recently three stars from the world-famous Michelin. The food certainly warrants a wealth of praise, from exquisite soups to sauteed prawns and crab roe. In keeping with the...  Read More



One of Hong Kong's most successful "cha chaan teng" (a traditional but unpretentious eatery) chains serves iconic bites that are yummy and quick. The food here is an eye-opening mix of Asian and European cuisines given a local twist, extremely...  Read More

House of Tang


One of the city's most notable restaurants, the House of Tang in the Metro Park Hotel has long been regarded as one of Hong Kong's Best Restaurants. The chefs specialize in fabulous dim sum and other traditional Chinese delicacies. The...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui


The Cantonese restaurant at Hong Kong's finest and most elegant hotel, The Peninsula Hong Kong, is a haven for fans of Chinese dim sum. Situated in a 1930s' Shanghai art deco style (think dark rosewood furniture, oriental rugs on the floor and...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of Hutong


Hutong's stunning space is a clever play of faux rustic decor against the backdrop of uber-modern Hong Kong seen from floor to ceiling windows. Much of the food, traditional northern Chinese with a modern bent, may not appeal to...  Read More


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