Hong Kong's Best Group-Friendly Restaurants: Why Nobody Dines Alone Here

"Table for one" is probably one of the most rarely heard phrases in Hong Kong. Dining in a big group is the norm, whether it's colleagues from work, a bunch of friends from school meeting up for a reunion, or a family getting together for their regular Sunday nosh. Vast circular tables with a revolving stand in the middle – so everyone gets a chance to dig it to their favorite dish – are a routine accessory in Chinese restaurants. In short, catering for large parties is so normal in Hong Kong restaurants it's barely given a second glance.

Pretty much wherever you travel in Hong Kong, there's a restaurant that will do very nicely for a big group dinner. On the edges of Central, Grassroots Pantry holds sway. Down on the waters of Aberdeen harbor, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant has been entertaining folk by the score for decades. And as well as local operations, there are big international names like Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, known the world over for its fine dishes, and Chef Bombana's Otto e Mezzo.

With big groups comes a fair amount of noise. Hong Kong's restaurants tend to be fairly boisterous, with everyone giving vent to their feelings of enjoyment of both company and what's on the table.

Jimmy's Kitchen


Jimmy's is, perhaps, Hong Kong's most famous restaurant. Located on Wyndham Street, this Continental-style restaurant has a definite Western atmosphere. Menu options span the globe from New Zealand shellfish to North American beef and Western...  Read More



It sounds incredible but it's true: the yummiest Italian food outside Italy is hidden at the south tip of China, according to the Michelin Guide. Located on Chater Road in Central, fine-dining restaurant 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA in Central was...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Isola


Hong Kong is not lacking when it comes to restaurants with a view, so a place needs to be truly exceptional in some other way to distinguish itself from the pack. Isola's floor-to-ceiling windows and huge outdoor terrace do indeed offer stunning...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui


As with Chinese food, Italian fare lends itself to big group meals. This sophisticated Italian restaurant is located at the Royal Garden Hotel, in the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui East business district. Inside, you'll find a dining environment...  Read More

Bombay Dreams
Photo courtesy of Bombay Dreams


Indian food is quite popular in Hong Kong, given the city's substantial Indian population, so purveyors of the piquant cuisine are a dime a dozen. Bombay Dreams earns high marks, though, for its exceptional cooking. A wide variety of appetizers...  Read More

Yung Kee


The famous Yung Kee is enormous and one of Hong Kong's oldest and most popular Cantonese restaurants. The roasted goose is their signature entree, but the menu also features a fairly large list of award-winning dishes. The restaurant offers four...  Read More

Grassroots Pantry
Photo courtesy of Grassroots Pantry


Grassroots Pantry is one of the most impressive restaurants to have opened in Hong Kong in years. It's vegetarian, incredibly imaginative, and the food is presented beautifully amid inspiring surrounds. Very much the brainchild of the dynamic...  Read More

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Photo courtesy of Ruth's Chris Steak House


If you are planning to eat in this restaurant, better plan to arrive with an empty stomach. Menu selections in this steakhouse include the mouthwatering New York Strip or a jaw-dropping 40-oz. Porterhouse Steak for two. Dishes such as stuffed...  Read More

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jumbo Floating Restaurant


In operation for decades, the Jumbo has become something of a landmark. Renovated to create a modern and stylish interior, expansions over the years include a tea garden, banquet and party facilities and a museum exhibit of bronzeware. The...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of The Peninsula


The intriguing decor, the magnificent views, and the delectable food offered at this establishment complement one another to create an unforgettable dining experience. The sleek interior was designed by the renowned Philippe Starck. Menu...  Read More


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