10 Best Hong Kong Homestyle Restaurants: That Sweet Familiar Taste

For many Hong Kong families, Sunday or Saturday offers a program that’s as unvarying as it is unbreakable. Go home to mom and dad, and sit down with your brothers, sisters and assorted relations for a family homestyle meal. For Hong Kongers exiled overseas,  whether for study or business, it’s one of the things they miss the most.

Hence the popularity of homestyle restaurants in Hong Kong. There’s something about sitting around a big table – and in the larger sort of Chinese restaurant you’ll see tables as big as or bigger than wagon wheels being maneuvered into position – dipping into a variety of dishes, sharing the food and the experience, as happy to be filling your tummy as enjoying a fulfilling experience.

It’s not just Chinese restaurants, such as Jumbo, which are popular. One of the longest running establishments in the city, Jimmy’s Kitchen, has made comfort food its forte, and grandparents who remember when their feet dangled beneath their seats now treat their grandchildren at those self-same tables.

Homestyle restaurants also allow full play to another great Hong Kong custom – the (mock) argument over the check, with various diners lunging for the waiter, waving their credit cards, protesting that it’s their turn to pay. It’s all part of the fun.

Eastern District
Mr & Mrs Fox
Photo courtesy of Mr & Mrs Fox

Mr & Mrs Fox is a three-level bar and restaurant in the up-and-coming district of Quarry Bay, which is a mix of new office blocks and traditional residential areas. The Fox menus is equally varied, with an emphasis on European food and a...  Read More

Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill
Photo courtesy of Dan Ryan's

To call Dan Ryan's a Hong Kong institution would be a massive understatement. It's one of the most popular restaurants in the city: partly for its food, partly for its service and, perhaps most of all, for its all-American ambiance. After...  Read More

Eastern District
Yo Bago
Photo courtesy of Yo Bago

The prime attraction of Yo Bago is, naturally enough, its bagels, which are made fresh on the premises. The cafe " which is by no means large " enjoys a terrific atmosphere, partly due to its location on a workaday street one block away from...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of Delaney's

Ireland's colonized the world with its pubs, serving up good cheer as well as good food and drink. Delaney's has been going in Hong Kong for the best part of two decades (there is another branch in Pok Fu Lam) and its popularity is as much down...  Read More

cafe TOO
Photo courtesy of Island Shangri-La

Hotel buffets have gotten a bad reputation over the years, one that is largely deserved. At the Island Shangri-La, Cafe TOO is an exception, however. Skilled chefs at seven cooking stations prepare food to order so things don't linger too long...  Read More

Classified Cheese Room
Photo courtesy of Classified

Classified, part of a chain that has rapidly spread across the city, is a Hong Kong success story. Founded by three friends who had studied abroad and reckoned that their native HK needed a slightly more sophisticated yet casual sort of eatery,...  Read More

Super Star Seafood Restaurant

Get your seafood quota here! The tanks filled with lobsters, crabs, prawns and a plethora of fish leave no doubt " Super Star's specialty is super fresh seafood. Usually your selection will be plucked straight from the tank, quickly prepared...  Read More

Spring Deer

After decades in operation, Spring Deer still manages to pack in crowds of loyal locals and many overseas visitors who have eaten here previously. Spring Deer is particularly popular with groups, ratcheting the noise level up during peak meal...  Read More

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jumbo Floating Restaurant

In operation for decades, the Jumbo has become something of a landmark. Renovated to create a modern and stylish interior, expansions over the years include a tea garden, banquet and party facilities and a museum exhibit of bronzeware. The...  Read More

Jimmy's Kitchen

Jimmy's is, perhaps, Hong Kong's most famous restaurant. Located on Wyndham Street, this Continental-style restaurant has a definite Western atmosphere. Menu options span the globe from New Zealand shellfish to North American beef and Western...  Read More


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