Hong Kong's Late-Night Restaurants: Best Dining for Night Owls

Hong Kong is pretty much a 24-hour city, and it's rare not to be able to get a bite to eat at any time of the day or night.

Pretty much whatever you feel like eating will be available somewhere in the small hours, as the city's restaurateurs have worked out there is a substantial market for late-night bites. Pride of place goes to The Flying Pan, which is open all day (and night), every day, every day of the year. Asian eateries figure largely, with Edition, a Korean gastro pub heading the new wave. And of course there's always some great Hong Kong home-grown establishments, such as Under Bridge Spicy Crab, which started out as a humble stall and has since grown into three pukka restaurants.

What Hong Kong could really do with is a proper food truck scheme – however a pilot scheme launched in 2017 has yet to get off the ground.

Ho Sing Coffee Shop
Photo courtesy of Ho Sing


It may call itself a coffee shop, and it may be called Ho Sing, but anyone who is anyone calls it Andy's, and while they may come here for a coffee, the real draw is the fried rice, which is not only filling and flavorful but also astonishingly...  Read More

Sheung Wan
Sun Hing
Photo courtesy of Sun Hing


Sun Hing is on Smithfield Road, which was named after the former meat market in London. In days gone by there was an abattoir in this part of town too, and when the workers knocked off they were more than ready for a meal. Recalling those times,...  Read More

Causeway Bay
Photo courtesy of Ichiran


Here's oodles of noodles, and then some. You can argue about whether Marco Polo supplied the recipe to the Chinese or brought it back to Italy with him: at the end of the day a bowl of noodles doesn't so much hit the spot as score an eternal...  Read More

The Flying Pan
Photo courtesy of The Flying Pan


Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Eggs Maharajah, Eggs Oscar, Eggs Norwegian, Eggs Nantucket ... you get the idea. Just about every breakfast combo is up for grabs here, in significant portions in relaxing surrounds. They serve alcohol, there's a...  Read More

Sheung Wan
Burger Circus
Photo courtesy of Burger Circus


As might well be expected, what you get here is freshly ground burgers, together with fries and sides which are complemented by a selection of house-made milkshakes, sodas and classic cocktails suitable for any time of day. Burger Circus, known...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Stockton


As the adverts for cruise lines used to say: getting there is half the fun. Tucked up a little alleyway off Wyndham Street, Stockton is a hidden late-night gem. The menu is pretty tempting: think roast beef sandwiches, black truffle risotto...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Edition


If the words Korean, Fusion and Gastropub seem like a bit of a mixture, you'd be right. But it's a great mixture. Settle in, and let your wildest culinary meanderings take you for a ride. Kimchi fries are nothing if not revolutionary, likewise a...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Tokyolima


TokyoLima dishes up Nikkei cuisine in the atmosphere of a buzzing izakaya, Japan's answer to a British pub. Embracing a casual approach, Peruvian Chef Arturo puts together a menu that balances the heat of Peru with the delicate flavors of...  Read More

Under the Bridge Spicy Crab
Photo courtesy of Under The Bridge Spicy Crab


There are more than a dozen different seafood dishes at this restaurant, but a plate of fragrant and tongue-numbing crab is what everybody lines up for. Crabs from Vietnam and Canada, averaging 2.5 kilograms in size, are wok-fried with...  Read More

Ciao Chow
Photo courtesy of Ciao Chow


Ciao Chow: geddit? Serving top Italian food in China's most famous port city, CC has been a roaring success since the day it opened. At ground zero Lan Kwai Fong, there are few surprises here and a lot of solid, tasty comfort food. Think pasta,...  Read More


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