10 Best Chinese and International Lunches in Hong Kong, China

Everybody in Hong Kong has at least three favorite places for lunch. First is somewhere they visit on a regular basis, probably near the office, where the staff know what they're going to order the moment they walk in the door. Second is somewhere similarly nearby, but rather more expensive, a place to entertain important guests or celebrate a special occasion. And third is somewhere that they'll travel to just because the food is so good – a particular brand of Chinese cuisine, a special dessert menu, a seasonal specialty.

So it doesn't take much detective work to realize that lunch occupies an important part of every Hong Konger's day. It's not simply a matter of eating, but a chance to share some time with friends or colleagues. Food is one of the main topics of Hong Kong conversation – a good ice-breaker for out-of-towners.

And the choice is practically endless, from hole-in-the-wall eateries on a street corner with chairs and tables spilling out onto the sidewalk, to smartly designed homages to gastronomy with harbor views to match. And while Gaddi's is probably one of the most highly respected (and expensive) there are plenty of other marvelous eateries such as Va Bene and The Optimist.

Bombay Dreams
Photo courtesy of Bombay Dreams


Indian food is quite popular in Hong Kong, given the city's substantial Indian population, so purveyors of the piquant cuisine are a dime a dozen. Bombay Dreams earns high marks, though, for its exceptional cooking. A wide variety of appetizers...  Read More

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jumbo Floating Restaurant


In operation for decades, the Jumbo has become something of a landmark. Renovated to create a modern and stylish interior, expansions over the years include a tea garden, banquet and party facilities and a museum exhibit of bronzeware. The...  Read More

Wan Chai
22 Ships
Photo courtesy of 22 Ships


22 Ships, a project by Michelin star chef Jason Atherton, has a hip ambiance and comfortable neighborhood attitude. It is set to bring a unique flavor and vibe to Hong Kong, complementing Ship Street's casual and easy-going nature. The buzz...  Read More

Tsim Sha Tsui
Photo courtesy of Hutong


Hutong's stunning space is a clever play of faux rustic decor against the backdrop of uber-modern Hong Kong seen from floor to ceiling windows. Much of the food, traditional northern Chinese with a modern bent, may not appeal to...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Isola


Hong Kong is not lacking when it comes to restaurants with a view, so a venue needs to be truly exceptional in some other way to distinguish itself from the pack. Isola's floor-to-ceiling windows and huge outdoor terrace do indeed offer stunning...  Read More

Theo Mistral by Theo Randall
Photo courtesy of Theo Mistral by Theo Randall


Helmed by Theo Randall, one of Britain's top chefs, this charmingly decorated Italian restaurant is located in the basement of the harbor-side Grand Stanford Hotel. Signature dishes include fresh pasta with slow cooked beef in Chianti and San...  Read More



This Northern Italian restaurant offers some excellent views of the Hong Kong skyline. The restaurant's stylish interior is noteworthy for its Murano glass collection and organza screens. The antipasti and main dishes like the seasoned lobster...  Read More

Va Bene


This lively restaurant is located right in the middle of Central district. The decor - styled by award-winning New York designer Tony Chi - is crafty, yet sensible, with mustard and blue being the predominant colors. The artichoke appetizers are...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Gaddis


One of the Peninsuala Hotel's many culinary stars, Gaddi's has been a fixture of the Hong Kong restaurant scene for more than 50 years, during which time it has enjoyed a fine reputation for terrific service, ambiance, and food. Expect to see an...  Read More

The Optimist
Photo courtesy of The Optimist


The Optimist is a Spanish restaurant and bar, spread over three levels, serving authentic cuisine in a space that is, unusually for Hong Kong, particularly relaxed and comfortable. The menu owes much to the asador, a grill where meat, seafood...  Read More


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