Hong Kong's Best Waterfront Dining: Feast on the World's Finest Harbor View

Hong Kong grew up around its harbor, and while it might have reclaimed quite a lot of land at the edge of this vast natural haven, it's still the focus of life in the city. Finding somewhere to eat with a marine view is by no means difficult, so whether you take your seat on Hong Kong Island – and face north – or in Kowloon looking the other way, you are pretty much excused if the spoon misses your mouth from time to time. The panoramas are breath taking.

Waterfront dining can be so many things, in such a variety of places: perhaps in an ultra smart restaurant like Rech  or Caprice, which looks out over the harbor and boasts a cellar crammed with artisanal French cheese; or out on one of the islands that dot Hong Kong's waters, steps from the sea and in earshot of the ferry pier at China Bear.



Southeast Hong Kong Island
Photo courtesy of Cococabana


Cococabana is the prime restaurant on Shek O beach, Hong Kong Island's super laid-back seaside village. Fans are drawn here by the Mediterranean-inspired menu and the alfresco setting. The best place to sit is on the terrace outside and the...  Read More

Lantau Island
Photo courtesy of Bathers


Phuket? The Caribbean perhaps? Nope, it's Hong Kong, and just half an hour's drive from the international airport, which lies on the other side of a fairly substantial mountain (so this might be a good venue for a last lunch or supper before...  Read More

Lantau Island
China Bear
Photo courtesy of China Bear


The China Bear is far and away the best pub on Lantau. There again, it's almost the only pub on Lantau outside the expat enclave of Discovery Bay. Such quibbling is beside the point, for the Bear, right next to the ferry pier with a view that...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Isola


Hong Kong is not lacking when it comes to restaurants with a view, so a venue needs to be truly exceptional in some other way to distinguish itself from the pack. Isola's floor-to-ceiling windows and huge outdoor terrace do indeed offer stunning...  Read More

Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Jumbo Floating Restaurant


In operation for decades, the Jumbo has become something of a landmark. Renovated to create a modern and stylish interior, expansions over the years include a tea garden, banquet and party facilities and a museum exhibit of bronzeware. The...  Read More

Southern District
Photo courtesy of Amalfitana


Hong Kongers love their beaches like they love their food, and Amalfitana puts the two together in a single splendid package.Repulse Bay has long been Hong Kong Island's go-to beach, and Amalfitana sits just back from the sands in the chic...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Caprice


The well-regarded Caprice is lovely, with tastefully opulent decor and a wonderful view over Victoria Harbour. The chef's forte is contemporary French cuisine and he imports a plethora of special ingredients to accomplish the best flavors and...  Read More



A truly hidden gem of all Hong Kong attractions, this fishing town is where Hong Kongers retreat for swimming, kayaking and some of the city's best seafood. The center of the town is a 1,000-meter street lined with seafood stalls. Each of them...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Watermark


Watermark offers unparalleled waterfront dining. Boasting a stunning 270-degree view of Victoria Harbour,it offers the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Serving Continental gourmet fare, including dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood specialties...  Read More

Rech by Alain Ducasse
Photo courtesy of Rech by Alain Ducasse


This is possibly one of the most amazing restaurants in Hong Kong, combining views, food and drink that are all out of this world. As one of France's greatest chefs, Monsieur Alain Ducasse needs little introduction and it's in this superlative...  Read More


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