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Greenville's 10 Best Places to Hear Live Music

When you think about music towns in the Southeast, Asheville and Charleston are often brought up as places with great venues and thriving music scenes. Greenville, however, is quietly making a name for itself with a host of venues of all sizes and shapes hosting music on a regular basis. We have full-scale listening rooms hosting nationally touring household names, smaller venues bringing in regional and nationally touring artists on the rise, and tons of smaller stages where you can immerse yourself in the local talent pool.

Each of these venues plays an important role in Greenville’s music scene and caters to specific music lovers’ tastes. Whether you are looking for an intimate sit down performance paired with a fancy cocktail at Rainer's, a good old fashioned jam band at Gottrocks, or an ear-blistering evening of rock, punk, or metal at The Radio Room, Greenville has just the place waiting for you.  

Quest Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest


You can't talk about live music venues without mentioning the growing number that are popping up due to the growth of the craft beer industry. It is no secret that breweries like to host live music and Quest Brewing Company is a shining example...  Read More

Saluda River Yacht Club
Photo courtesy of Saluda River Yacht Club


While not technically Greenville, the Saluda River Yacht Club is only 15 minutes from Downtown and is worth a visit, especially during the summer months. From the street, it looks like an unwelcoming biker bar but the outside space behind it is...  Read More

West End
Photo courtesy of Rainer's


Once upon a time, Rainer's was a café attached to an art gallery until someone decided the gallery looked better down the street and its space should bring a little more nightlife to South Main Street. It was a great decision as the space has a...  Read More

Blues Boulevard Jazz
Photo courtesy of Blues Boulevard


The Most Accurately Named Music Venue Award goes to Blues Boulevard Jazz in Downtown Greenville. Sitting on the banks of the Reedy River just a stone's throw from Main Street, Blues Boulevard Jazz serves up live jazz and blues every single...  Read More

North Pleasantburg
Photo courtesy of Gottrocks


Possibly the most unassuming venue on the list, Gottrocks was the Radio Room before we had the Radio Room. Sitting on a hill overlooking Pleasantburg Drive, Gottrocks is the classic midtown dive bar open until 2 am seven nights a week. Come the...  Read More

The Firmament
Photo courtesy of The Firmament


The youngest venue on this list, The Firmament has quickly earned a reputation as a place to catch the next big show. No genre is off the table as a quick glance at their calendar will reveal artists ranging from rock and bluegrass to hip-hop...  Read More

The Velo Fellow
Photo courtesy of The Velo Fellow


Most nights The Velo Fellow is Downtown Greenville's best little English style pub featuring great cocktails, craft beer, and classic pub fare. On the weekends, however, check the listening room in the back of the pub. Local, regional, and...  Read More

Smiley's Acoustic Cafe
Photo courtesy of Smiley's Acoustic Cafe


Smiley's Acoustic Café is the one place in Downtown Greenville where you are almost guaranteed to see live music on stage every time you walk through the door. On most nights the venue presents not one but two shows – an early gig at 6:30 and...  Read More

North Main
The Radio Room
Photo courtesy of The Radio Room


The Radio Room is the type of place that would see the term "dive bar" as a little too highfalutin for its tastes. That being said, at least their current location on Poinsett Highway has windows and ceilings higher than your basement's, things...  Read More



In its time, the building that The Spinning Jenny calls home has hosted a grocery store, a skating rink, pro wrestling matches, and the Greer Opry House. When you step into the listening room today, however, it is hard to imagine it being...  Read More


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