At 10Best, we're always on the lookout for Greenville's best restaurants, and while we appreciate places that have a broad culinary range, we can't help but adore restaurants that specialize in a given cuisine. When we're in the mood for Japanese food in Greenville, we head to Sushi Hana - a reader favorite - or we count on Irashiai Izakaya Sushi Pub & Japanese Restaurant's solid track record and consistently great dishes. You'll find these places - and any of the restaurants on our list - to be fantastic options for Japanese cuisine, and if you're looking to concentrate your efforts, start with the vibrant Downtown area.


Attracting constant crowds, Tsunami gains favor for its fantastic sushi. Fresh, well-seasoned and delicious, each item is presented in an authentic Japanese manner. The menu is à la carte, so select a variety of dishes and sample them with...  Read More

Haywood Road

Within this Japanese restaurant, the decor is full of exotic flourish, with trailing greenery, gilt-accented mirrors and polished surfaces. The chefs, too, are exuberant, as they prepare steak, chicken, shrimp and vegetables right before your...  Read More

Irashiai Sushi Pub & Japanese Restaurant

Whether you're a sushi aficionado or simply a novice, this sushi pub is the destination of choice. Ken-San Shimizu, known as one of the best sushi chefs in the country, ensures that each roll is fresh, well-prepared and beautiful. If you've...  Read More

Sushi Murasaki

A long, chic sushi bar and tall bistro tables flank the interior of this popular downtown restaurant. Start off with some edomame and shrimp dumplings, then take your pick of the wide variety of veggie, raw and cooked sushi offerings. Try the...  Read More

Haywood Road
Sushi Hana

Located in a small shopping strip, this restaurant boasts an elegant interior that catches you by surprise. Wield your chopsticks at the cozy sushi bar, or retire to a table for a more formal experience. In addition to topnotch sushi, you'll...  Read More

MiMi's Steakhouse of Japan

With its cinnabar hues and shoji screen accents, there's no doubt what MiMi's culinary specialty is, and one glance at the dining room's large stainless steel vent hoods lets you know that some ambitious cooking is going on. Everywhere, chefs...  Read More

Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

Can't decide what to have for dinner? Southwestern? Sushi? Lucky for you, there's a single restaurant for that. TakoSushi brings together the best of both worlds, delivering shumai and sashimi alongside steak ranchero and posole. Whatever you...  Read More