10Best Finds Deals and Value in Variety of Settings

Although Greenville is blessed with many fine dining establishments and more great restaurants than you could ever hope to patronize, there's also a wonderful variety of places which offer highly affordable meals.  Whether its via a happy hour deal or just by very fair pricing offered all week long, the city's best value restaurants offer patrons many places to have the a great meal without breaking the budget.  so the next time you ask yourself, "Where's the best place to go out to eat that doesn't cost a fortune?" you should consult this list as a reminder.  But beware, locals know about these places so it's good to get there early or in off-peak hours if the value is available then.   While many of our Best Value picks - like Sushi Koji, Smoke on the Water, and High Cotton - are on Main Street in the downtown neighborhood, others are throughout the city, from south Augusta Road to Haywood Road.  

South Pleasantburg


Even if you have to wait to order, the service is fast and the patrons are never rude. Plus, the Mediterranean food is great. Garlicky hummus, fresh-baked pita bread, stuffed grape leaves, and hot falafel will appease your appetite for something...  Read More

Augusta Road
Thai Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan


Augusta Road's nondescript Thai Restaurant gives diners a great value for great food. It's worth the drive to Thai Restaurant just for its green curry. More locals order takeout than opting to eat in, but the interior is pleasant, although...  Read More

Augusta Road


At lunch time, you'll see well-to-do Augusta Road yuppies, tables of senior citizens, groups of professionals, construction workers on break, a crew of Greenville policemen and women, and crowds of teens. In short, everybody comes here. The...  Read More



Widely proclaimed as the best barbecue in town, Henry's is Greenville's great equalizer, seating business and government types alongside guys in jeans and workboots. Such a response isn't surprising when you sample the tender, succulent meat...  Read More

Smoke on the Water


Most times, folks think of barbecue in conjunction with small, no-frills eateries. Smoke on the Water quickly dispels that perception. The upscale restaurant is as serious about ambience as it is about barbecue. Quietly elegant, it's a great...  Read More

Haywood Road
Papas & Beer
Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan


Papas & Beer is a large, lively Mexican restaurant which serves good to great food at incredibly reasonable prices. Families are often seen here, a testament to its fair pricing, but there is also a bar which offers a little more privacy. ...  Read More



The cozy Trappe Door is tucked beneath Barley's Tap Room just west of Main St. Find the staircase and you'll descend into a cozy and incredibly inviting pub-like space that's popular with locals. A large bar sits within the pub space and...  Read More


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A longtime travel journalist, Libby chose her beautiful city after a nationwide search for a new hometown. Greenville's amazing downtown, four mild seasons, varied terrain, friendly residents...  More About Libby