Best Restaurants in Downtown Greenville

Downtown dining is where it's at… and these are the best around

As Greenville continues to earn its place as a “foodie” town, more and more restaurants open for business – and that is an entirely good thing. The hard part, however, is sorting through them all and determining who the best of the best might be. Fortunately, that is precisely the type of challenge that lives for and we set out to determine which of Downtown Greenville’s restaurants were the most deserving of your hard earned time and money.

Some of the folks on this list are the finest of the fine dining – restaurants like Hall’s Chophouse and Trattoria Giorgio, where you go to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other things that only happen once a year. Others, like Society Sandwich Bar serve up a casual experience best enjoyed with friends and merriment a-plenty. Still, others provide not-your-normal culinary experiences like the imaginative fare from Sushi Go and the Spanish style Tapas courtesy of The Cazbah. One thing they all have in common, however, is that each of the restaurants on this list is the very best at what they do.


Photo courtesy of Leslie Jones

My recent visit to Limoncello saw me almost not make it to the entrée as the list of antipasti options had us dining on Fried Calamari, Ricotta Toast, House Meatballs, and Fried Mozzarella. I persevered, however, and found room for the scallops served with herb mascarpone risotto, crispy broccolini, and lemon butter. Everything was delicious and I look forward to going back for the cannelloni, pappardelle, and capellini on the pasta menu and again for the house made pizzas. Limoncello is the Larkin's organizations contribution to the Italian dining market and they are doing an outstanding job of things there.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Limoncello is the Larkin's organization's contribution to the Italian scene and they have hit a home run with it.

10Best's expert tip: The outside seating area is perfect for happy hour (4-7 pm), especially on Thursdays when live music is scheduled.

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Society Sandwich Bar & Social Club is a great new addition to the Downtown Greenville food scene. Conveniently located on E. Coffee St, the restaurant/bar offers a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and ramen bowls. While the "JBC" burger might blend in amongst a ton of other sandwich options, it is not to be overlooked while more nuanced options like the Post Balone, Seoul-Mate, and the Chicken Cordon Bleu are all worth taking for spin. Noodle bowls, salads, and a solid appetizer menu all make this one of Downtown Greenville's best spots for lunch or a late night bite when you are out on the town.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Downtown Greenville has needed a solid sandwich shop for a long time and Society has proven to be well worth the weight.

Brett's expert tip: Get two, they're small! Sandwiches are priced and sized in a way that you will definitely want to get more than one.

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Camp is the newest addition to the Table 301 group but its identity is all its own. Located in the brand new Camperdown Plaza just off of Main St. in the shadow of the AC Hotel, Camp delivers "comfort food with a touch of global flair" with a heavy emphasis on local seasonal ingredients. Executive Chef Drew Erickson is a Greenville native who earned his culinary stripes at California's renowned French Laundry before returning to the Upstate to start his own restaurant. That experience combined with Chef Erickson's own talent makes Camp a culinary adventure you want to enjoy sooner rather than later.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: When the executive chef honed his craft at The French Laundry, his culinary chops are not to be questioned.

Brett's expert tip: Watch your time on the weekends as Camp closes for a few hours between lunch and dinner service.

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Ristorante Bergamo

For the perfect Northern Italian dining experience, look no further than Ristorante Bergamo, a staple of Downtown Greenville since 1986 when, quite frankly, the city's Main Street was at its lowest point. Ristorante Bergamo's commitment to quality Italian cuisine has resulted in more than 30 years worth of great dishes coming out of their kitchen. The daily specials are the highlight of the day here with a fresh catch of the day, special beef cuts, a weekly selection of imported meats and cheeses, and daily risotto specials all deserving of your attention every time you walk in the door. For a risotto addict like myself, every visit to Ristorante Bergamo is a delightful one.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Ristorante Bergamo has been a constant on Main Street since 1986, dependably turning out delightful Italian cuisine.

Brett's expert tip: Try to get a table near the front windows or call ahead for a reservation, for optimal people-watching.

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The Cazbah
Photo courtesy of The Cazbah

There is something undeniably sensual about tapas-style dining. When done well, each plate comes out on its own and a couple will take their bites simultaneously, thus perfectly enjoying the experience together. The subtle grunts of satisfaction are not inappropriate as good food is supposed to elicit such primal reactions, especially on date night. Just to take things to the next level, the amount of sexual innuendo on the menu itself ranges from nuanced to blatantly obvious and will entertain those inclined to such humor. Just make sure you order the Lobster Cigars and spring for a couple extra as the menu invites you to do (I have yet to meet the person that can just eat one).

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: The Cazbah has been the place for tapas in Downtown Greenville since it opened.

Brett's expert tip: Pay attention to the Peace Center calendar as The Cazbah gets packed before showtime. Make a reservation just to be safe.

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Northampton Wine + Dine
Photo courtesy of Northampton Wines

Let's be honest - a romantic evening for two is likely going to include wine. For that, you cannot forget about the restaurant side of Northampton Wine. It is a quiet, low key space which is perfect for a date night with upscale offerings like grilled quail and lamb shank on the menu. You also have the luxury of choosing between a recommended wine pairing with each dish or ordering a bottle from the retail side itself. That feels like a near limitless assortment of options so leave room in the budget for an extra bottle or two (and an Uber ride home, of course).

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Northampton can't be overlooked as a romantic dining destination; the meticulous staff, sweet setting and excellent menu make it so.

Brett's expert tip: If you want a bottle of wine with your meal, save a few bucks by buying it in the bottle shop and only paying a $10 corkage.

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For anniversaries, birthdays, or any other reason that calls for celebration, you cannot beat Trattoria Giorgio. This is Italian fine dining at its absolute best and every visit promises to make memories you will hold for years to come. Classics like Pappardelle Bolognese and Veal Scallopini Picatta will blow your mind, as will more inventive selections like the Ravioli di Spinachi e Noce â, a ravioli stuffed with spinach and walnuts and served in a cream sauce. All of this pairs nicely with an impressive wine list and finishes with a Tiramisu or Mousse al Cioccolato for the perfect Italian dining experience.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: The Italian fine dining experience at Trattoria Giorgio is unparalleled.

Brett's expert tip: When the weather is nice, elevate the experience by dining al fresco in the restaurant's garden.

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Halls Chophouse may have originated in Charleston but it is right at home in Downtown Greenville. Space is nothing short of elegant as the restaurant's two-story glass façade gazes out over the Reedy River just north of Falls Park and the Liberty Bridge. Dry aged NY Strips and ribeyes and grass-fed filets are the stars of the menu but your options extend to seafood, pork, chicken, and even vegetarian offerings as well. Pair your meal with a selection from Halls' extensive wine and cocktail list for the ultimate dining experience on a night out on the town in Downtown Greenville.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: It's Downtown Greenville's premier steak house featuring dry aged steaks in a stunning setting.

Brett's expert tip: Halls offers live music courtesy of local singer/songwriters seven nights per week. Check out the schedule on their website to see what's coming up.

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Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club

Look up the phrase "hidden gem" and it would be fitting to find a picture of Maestro Bistro & Dinner Club as the definitive example of the term. Located behind the always bustling Nose Dive and inside of the TD Bank office building, this is the place for those in the know. Classic fare like their Pasta Rustica, French Rack of Lamb, and Pan Seared Duck Breast are perfect for any romantic dinner on the town but the "Chef's Inspiration" daily specials are always waiting in the wings to knock your socks off. A thoughtfully curated wine list and cocktail menu will pair perfectly with your meal, making this a perfect destination for your next date night with that special someone.

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Maestro's has cemented itself as both a go-to lunch and fine dining establishment in the heart of Downtown.

Brett's expert tip: The regular menu is outstanding but be prepared to have your mind blown by the ever-changing "Chef's Inspiration", a nice twist on your typical restaurant specials.

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When you want sushi, look no further than the unofficial gateway to Downtown Greenville - the corner of North Main and College Streets. On the corner across from the Hyatt, you will find Sushi Go where Chef Max Godo is serving up the freshest and most innovative bites of sushi in town. From traditional rolls and Nigiri to more elaborate servings like the Godzilla and Volcano rolls, you will not be disappointed by the quality and variety on the menu. Even if sushi is not your cup of tea, cooked items like the Shrimp Shumai and Baked Mussels are well worth a visit (and pair nicely with a cup of sake - hot or cold).

Recommended for Downtown Greenville's Best Restaurants because: Sushi Go is the best (and most innovative) sushi establishment in town.

Brett's expert tip: Chef Max Godo is a classically trained Japanese sushi chef - don't be afraid to ask for a "surprise" to see what special off-menu item he might send out.

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