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Visit these hot spots for the best burgers in town

How much do we love our burgers? Well, Americans eat 32 million burgers a year which is enough to circle the globe 32 times so I would say we love them just a bit. If we are going to eat that many burgers, however, we should be eating the very best ones. Fortunately for us, Greenville has plenty to choose from so we went out and ate them all.

From a classic farm to table burger cooked to perfection at Fork & Plough to a dry-aged patty at Grill Marks, Greenville has some really great burgers to sink your teeth into. Select from the classic beef burgers that we have enjoyed all our lives or branch out and enjoy a beef, duck, and bacon burger from the Black Thai food truck or even lamb and falafel offerings from Velo Fellow. Plus, vegetarians and vegans can even get in on the action with Beyond Meat burgers finding their way to menus at traditional burger joints like LTO Burger Bar.  Whatever flavor you are after, Greenville’s thriving culinary scene has you covered and we are here to help you sort it all out.


Topsoil Kitchen & Market
Photo courtesy of Sarah DuBose

Brand new to Travelers Rest, Topsoil Kitchen & Market is letting us know right out of the gates that they are not playing around. Led by a powerhouse trio of Chef Adam Cooke (formerly of Blackberry Farm and Restaurant 17), Swamp Rabbit Inn's Wendy Lyman, and Due South Coffee's Patrick McInerney, the restaurant that has taken over the old Williams Hardware location is putting all the love in their burgers. Made with grass-fed, grass-finished beef from Anderson's Providence Farm, topped with locally sourced accouterments, and served on house-made bread (maybe a traditional burger bun or maybe an English muffin if you want to mix it up), this is a seriously good addition to the Greenville burger scene.

Recommended for Burger because: The newest addition to Travelers Rest is showing up with really creative plates right out of the gates.

Brett's expert tip: For a fun twist, get the burger on a house-made English muffin instead of the traditional sesame burger buns.

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If you are in Downtown Greenville and want the best burger on Main Street at nearly any given moment, Grill Marks will never let you down. Made with a house blend of Angus Chuck, brisket, and short rib, the burgers pack a ton of flavor and are cooked to your request every time. An extra $3.99 gets you a dry-aged patty from Debragga, New York's Butcher to totally change everything you thought you knew about burgers. The menu also sports more than a dozen specialty burgers, build your own options, and "unburgers" offering chicken, bison, salmon, and veggie burger options.

Recommended for Burger because: Grill Marks dishes out some really tasty burgers right on Main St. seven days a week.

Brett's expert tip: Spend the extra $3.99 for the dry-aged patty to really elevate the burger experience.

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When we think of Hall's, we typically think of some of the finest steaks, chops, and seafood for a romantic night out on the town. It is easy to forget, however, that they are also open for lunch on Friday and Saturday and brunch on Sunday. That is when you will find some items that do not fit their dinner menu, not the least of which is their burger. This is a 10 oz. prime, house-ground beef offering, cooked to order and served with parmesan truffle fries. This is a burger taken every bit as serious and prepared in the same quality as their normal higher-end offerings, making it a special treat on the menu, if only for three services a week.

Recommended for Burger because: Everything from Hall's Chophouse is top-notch so we expect nothing less from the burger when it is available.

Brett's expert tip: The burger is only available Friday and Saturday for lunch and Sunday brunch.

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Black Thai

Who said a burger has to be just ground beef? While that may the traditional way of thinking, Black Thai broke the mold with a burger made with ground beef, duck, and Benton's Bacon, all prepared in collaboration with Revival Butchery. The ground beef serves as the traditional foundation for a burger while the duck adds another level of richness and the bacon chimes in with the perfect smokey note to things. It all comes together for a totally unique offering from the Upstate's only "Ameri-Thai" mobile eatery. Check out their website to see when and where they will be pulling up next.

Recommended for Burger because: Who adds duck and bacon to the mix? Black Thai, that's who.

Brett's expert tip: Visit their website to find out where to find their next service or to book the truck for your location or next event.

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The Velo Fellow
Photo courtesy of The Velo Fellow

The English publik house that is Velo Fellow is unique in every way so, of course, their burger (or burgers, rather) would follow the same pattern. The "traditional" burger is served slider style while the two other options run things right off the rails. Option number two is a lamb burger, grilled and topped with gouda and sautéed Portobello mushrooms while a third burger uses a house made falafel as the patty and adds gouda, mixed greens, tomato, and Raita sauce as a condiment. All of this is served in one of the best ambiances you will find in Downtown Greenville with a great craft beer and cocktail selection and live music in the back room on the weekend.

Recommended for Burger because: Velo Fellow has exactly what you don't think about when you talk about burgers and that is hard not to love.

Brett's expert tip: Go on Thursdays for Honky Tonk Happy Hour with live music accompanying the already fine food and drink.

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North Pleasantburg
LTO Burger Bar

Naturally, a place that specializes in burgers over everything else has to be on this list and, for that, look no further than LTO Burger Bar. Creativity is king here with everything from the Grateful Garcia (blue cheese, shrooms, bacon, steak sauce), Piedmont Mullet '85 (American cheese, bomb mustard, chili, fried onions), and the Keith Richards (pimento cheese, chili, bacon, over easy egg) being among the ten or so specialty burgers to choose from. Don't worry â€" you can still get a Plain Jane for a traditional burger as well as the Cheeseburger in Paradox which uses a Beyond Meat patty and all vegan ingredients for those following a plant-based diet.

Recommended for Burger because: If you put "burger" in the name of your restaurant, it better be a good one and LTO Burger Bar gets it right.

Brett's expert tip: Don't expect a quiet night out as it is always a party at LTO, complete with DJ Trivia, karaoke night, and late-night happy hours all over the LTO calendar.

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Augusta Road
The Burrow
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

The Burrow is the newest addition to the Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria and Trappe Door Family and, as one would naturally expect, the food is excellent. Located on the site of the old Gregory Laundromat on Augusta Rd., The Burrow is downright swanky with modern décor and a slick look about the place. Serving everything from small plates to steak and octopus, the burger is the perfect "in-between" meal balancing casual dining and high-quality cuisine. The burger is cooked to order (rare does indeed mean rare) which is surprisingly hard to find at a lot of restaurants, especially newer ones. Named after the homonym for smaller neighborhoods in large cities, this is a great neighborhood restaurant for the Augusta Rd. community and an even better for outsiders to visit, if not for the burger alone.

Recommended for Burger because: The newest restaurant from the owners of Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria and Trappe Door, this is another top-notch establishment on the Greenville culinary scene.

Brett's expert tip: Approaching from Faris Rd. is always easier than tackling Augusta Rd. at any time of day (it's on the corner).

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Woodside Bistro
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

I will be honest â€" it took me at least half a dozen visits to Woodside Bistro before I tried the burger. They have a braised short rib French Dip on the menu after all and my thought was "why would I ever eat anything else?" Eating the burger for this 10Best list quickly showed me the error of my ways as everything about this burger is perfect. It does not need any fancy names or accouterments beyond the classic cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato for the perfect All-American burger. The fact that it is nestled in a quiet corner on Woodside Ave. makes this kind of a hidden gem but, given the quality of the food, do not expect that to last very long.

Recommended for Burger because: Everything coming out of Woodside Bistro's tiny kitchen is big on flavor, especially the burger.

Brett's expert tip: Pay it forward when you visit as Woodside Bistro has a program where you can buy lunch for a member of the community who cannot afford one themselves.

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Husk Greenville
Photo courtesy of 10Best Editors

During weekday lunch services and Saturday and Sunday brunch, there is a lot of goodness to choose from but the burger is not to be overlooked. Often listed plainly as the "HUSK Cheeseburger" at the bottom of the menu, the simplicity is matched by the quality of the product. Husk's policy dictates that nothing served in the restaurant is sourced outside of the South, meaning that everything is fresh, local, and prepared in true Southern fashion. Served with potato wedges, this is classic Southern eating at the highest level. Just make sure you make reservations if you are going for brunch to ensure a seat at the table.

Recommended for Burger because: Husk continues to impress with locally sourced Southern cuisine and the burger is no different.

Brett's expert tip: Make a reservation for brunch and remember that the burger is not typically on the dinner menu.

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Fork & Plough
Photo courtesy of Fork & Plough

The menu at Fork & Plough changes twice daily but there is one item that you can always trust to be on the menu â€" the Shiitake Swiss Burger. Served with a healthy heaping of arugula, this burger comes directly from Greenbrier Farms and is cooked to perfection. Chef Shawn Kelly "the right amount of salt" and fresh, local, grass-fed beef as the secrets to the burger's quality but much credit goes to the talent in the kitchen. A burger that has the right amount of char on the outside while still maintaining a rare center is hard to find but Fork & Plough nails that with every burger I order. Sure, get it medium or well if you prefer but there is no reason to given the quality of the product they are working with.

Recommended for Burger because: Fork & Plough's burger, sourced directly from Greenbrier Farms, is the most consistent and perfectly cooked farm to table burger you will find in town.

Brett's expert tip: The menu asks that you limit substitutions to the burger as it is prepared but rumor has it that you can actually ask for bacon on your burger just to dial things up a notch.

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