Ten new Upstate restaurants that are definite crowd pleasers

At the rate Greenville is growing, it seems like a new restaurant opens up every 15 minutes. From casual fare to fine dining, in Downtown and surrounding communities, hot new spots are popping up all over the place. The only question is, which new restaurants do you need to try out first?   

For casual fare, Coastal Crust and The Farehouse are cranking out some seriously good pizza while Rick Erwin’s Saltwater Kitchen is serving up high-end Lowcountry cuisine right in Haywood Mall. Woodside Bistro and the Seafood Spot are dishing out some ridiculously good food in a couple of places you would least expect while trucks like Mobile Meltdown and Black Thai are taking mobile dining to whole new levels. Enjoy our list of new (within the last year) eateries all over town that you definitely need to try for your next lunch or dinner date out as you find your new favorite spots to eat.


Greenfield's On The Go

If you live in or around Downtown Greenville, the drive down Lauren's Rd. to Verdae Blvd. can feel like a bit of a schlep, which is a small price to pay for the best bagels in town... but a price nonetheless. Thankfully, Greenfield's made the decision to expand to both Downtown Greenville and Greer in the last year, making the finest bagels in the Upstate available with a lot less hassle. This is a scaled-down version of their original location so favorites like the brisket sandwich are not available, but that is a small price to pay for the best bagels around just two blocks off Main St.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Greenfield's serves up Greenville's best, most authentic New York bagels and their arrival in Downtown is long overdue.

Brett's expert tip: If you are used to the original Greenfield's, be prepared for a slimmer menu. They have all the bagels and breakfast sandwiches here but you still have to go to Laurens Rd. for items like the brisket sandwich.

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Haywood Road
Saltwater Kitchen

From the West End Grill to Rick's Deli, Rick Erwin's restaurants have definitely made their mark on the Upstate food scene. That trend continues with their addition of Saltwater Kitchen at Haywood Mall. The menu offers up classic, casual fare like the Po' Boy or blackened fish sandwich, as well as higher-end entrees like Atlantic Salmon and Linguine & Clams. Naturally, there is also a daily catch available, served blackened, sautéed, or grilled, and reasonably priced at only $15.95. A full cocktail, beer, and wine menu are also available making this a perfect spot to wind up a day of shopping at Haywood Mall.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The newest addition to Rick Erwin's dining group features Lowcountry fare with a twist at Haywood Mall.

Brett's expert tip: Oyster lovers will enjoy Tuesday's oyster nights, raw or grilled with your choice of house-made bbq sauce or garlic butter for only $1.50 each.

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Black Thai

The Black Thai food truck specializes in something they call "Ameri-Thai" cuisine that defies description. The rotating menu serves up everything from burgers and wings to pulled pork lettuce wraps and wontons. All of it is served with a unique twist that only Black Thai can deliver. Take the burger, for example, as it is made with a blend of freshly ground beef, duck, and world-famous Benton's bacon from local butcher Revival Butchery. Black Thai keeps a packed schedule appearing for lunch service at local businesses and office parks with dinner popping up at social spots like Fireforge Crafted Beer and Piney Mountain Bike Lounge.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The Black Thai is serving up a unique fusion of "Ameri-Thai" cuisine, unlike anything you have ever had.

Brett's expert tip: Get the burger - It's made with a delicious blend of freshly ground beef, duck, and Benton's bacon.

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Mobile Meltdown
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? It is simple, timeless and, most importantly delicious. Grilled cheese does not have to just be melted cheese on toasted bread, however, and Mobile Meltdown is here to show us just how creative you can be with this classic sandwich. You can add bacon, tomato, pickles, and jalapenos to the basic grilled cheese or get a little crazy with the Spicy Pig (hot capicola ham, two kinds of cheese, and jalapenos) or pesto chicken on a croissant. Since nothing pairs better with grilled cheese, tomato soup is on the menu as well. Look for Mobile Meltdown at spots like The Community Tap, Pint Station, and other local watering holes and even private events.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The original comfort food has gone mobile with this popular new Upstate food truck.

Brett's expert tip: Check out the Spicy Pig (cappocola ham, Jarlsberg cheese, jalapenos, honey, and balsamic drizzle) for the most decadent spin on a grilled cheese sandwich in town.

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Augusta Road
The Burrow
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

The newest addition to the Augusta Road culinary scene is The Burrow, brought to us by the owners of Barley's and Trappe Door. Just as we have come to expect from the first two establishments, the food is delicious and the restaurant features a totally unique atmosphere. The menu features everything from small plates like fried olives to entrees like the Greenville Hot Chicken sandwich, steaks, and even octopus. The bar also features a full selection of craft cocktails and, true to Barley's and Trappe Door form, an expansive and carefully curated selection of craft brews. This is a welcome addition to the Upstate food scene and a perfect neighborhood hot spot for the Augusta Rd. community.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The Burrow is the newest restaurant by the owners of Greenville favorites Barley's and Trappe Door.

Brett's expert tip: Definitely make a reservation if planning to visit Friday or Saturday evening.

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Oak & Honey

Nestled at the base of the Downtown Greenville's new Residence Inn you will find Oak & Honey, arguably one of the most visually stunning new restaurants around. It is not just glitz and glamour, however, as the menu features some really good eats perfect for any occasion. Want just a taste as you make your way around town? Try the Risotto Croquettes off the "Small Bites" menu. For something bigger, the "Not So Small Bites" menu features items like flatbreads and meatloaf sliders while the "Handhelds" menu offers up a burger, chicken sandwich, and street tacos. There are no wrong answers whichever you pick, making Oak & Honey worth a visit on your next night out on the town.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Oak & Honey is putting out some creative fare perfect for a quick snack or full-blown meal just a block off Main St.

Brett's expert tip: The craft cocktails are great but also check out the "craft mocktails" part of the menu if you want to keep it alcohol-free.

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The Seafood Spot
Photo courtesy of Christina Barest

The Seafood Spot is a tiny little family-owned establishment tucked into a nondescript strip mall just off Laurens Rd. Despite its diminutive size, the kitchen is producing some really big things in the world of Lowcountry cuisine. Fresh seafood from the South Carolina coast means you can throw down on some grilled snow crab legs or your choice of any one of seven fried basket combinations featuring your choice of fish, shrimp, scallops, or oysters, all seasoned and cooked to perfection. This is a family business where everything is prepared and served with love for a true Lowcountry experience right here in the Upstate.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Blink and you will miss it but the Seafood Spot is cranking out some legitimately good Lowcountry fare.

Brett's expert tip: The restaurant is way too small for large groups but really does make for a cozy, intimate experience in pairs.

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The Farehouse
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

There are a lot of new and creative things happening at Taylors Mill but the tastiest among them is The Farehouse. Serving up everything from casual bites like pizzas and sandwiches to high-end entrees like seared duck breast and pasta dishes, The Farehouse really does have a little something for everyone. You will also want to stop in for Sunday brunch with classics like shrimp and grits, steak and eggs, or the weekly burger feature which is only available on Sundays. As an added bonus, 13 Stripes Brewery is right next door so you can cap your adventure with a locally brewed craft beer.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: The Farehouse is serving up some really creative cuisine in the fun and unique setting that is Taylors Mill.

Brett's expert tip: Just to be safe, make a reservation on weekend evenings and Sunday brunch.

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Woodside Bistro
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

A dilapidated restaurant space on Woodside Avenue looked like it might stand vacant forever but, fortunately, the owners of Woodside Bistro had a bit more vision than that. They completely renovated the building creating a warm and inviting space that is a pleasure to visit. And the food? Start with the Braised Short Rib French Dip and ask yourself who in town is making anything close to such sandwich magic. Burgers, a catfish plate, and vegan options abound making this a must-visit lunch spot any day of the week. Breakfast was recently added to the repertoire so now you don't even have to wait until lunch to get your Woodside Bistro fix.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Woodside Avenue might not be the first place you would look for a good meal, but the food coming out of the kitchen is amazing.

Brett's expert tip: Parking in the lot next door can get pretty tight so get there just a little bit before lunch to make sure you get a spot.

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Coastal Crust
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

When Charleston's Coastal Crust arrived in Greenville as a mobile eatery, everyone who tried it knew there were good things to come. A number of issues delayed their brick and mortar opening (and then delayed it some more) until they finally opened in the Village of West Greenville in July. As expected, it was worth the wait with farm to table ingredients going into some of the best pizzas in town. Sourcing produce from farms like Reedy River Farms and Italian Sausage from Revival Butchery (both located right on Pendleton Street), it really does not get any more local than this.

Recommended for New and Popular Restaurants because: Greenville has been waiting a long time for Coastal Crust to open up… and the wait was entirely worth it.

Brett's expert tip: Splurge on your appetizer and share the Peasant Board with your party. It's delicious!

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