Greenville's Romantic Restaurants Feature Various Cuisines, Memorable Scenes

Birthdays, anniversaries, and just plain “we haven’t done this in a while” are all perfect reasons for a night out with your special someone. No matter what you have going on with kids, work, and social engagements, healthy relationships need those evenings for just the two of you to connect like you used to. Conversely, if you are in the early stages of a budding relationship, now is the time to pull out all the stops and plan that perfect evening on the town.

All of the places on this list are perfect for each of these scenarios.

From the majestic views of Restaurant 17 to the dark and cozy embrace of The Cazbah or Vault & Vator, there are no wrong answers here. Connect over the James Beard nominated cuisine at The Anchorage or the classic Italian comfort food at Giovanni’s (just don’t do that Lady & the Tramp thing with your spaghetti, please). Each of the establishments on this list offer a little something special for the perfect romantic evening on the town. Enjoy the read and start planning your night out today.


Vault & Vator
Photo courtesy of Vault & Vator

Simply arriving at Vault & Vator is an experience every couple should share at least once. Just finding it on the back side of Main St. in the West End can be a challenging experience, as is adjusting to the lighting when you walk in the door before you find yourself reading the cocktail menu by candlelight. This is the speakeasy experience and it is executed so well that you almost feel like you are violating some kind of law just by being there. That imagined thrill of illicit behavior will certainly spice up date night as you sip on some of the finest cocktails in town. It is important to note, however, that the small plate menu is limited so plan your evening accordingly if a full dinner is on your menu.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Vault & Vator's speakeasy experience is unlike anything else Downtown Greenville has to offer.

Brett's expert tip: Check the House Rules on their website before you go and mute your cell phone before you walk in the door. They're kind of particular about that.

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The Cazbah
Photo courtesy of The Cazbah

There is something undeniably sensual about tapas style dining. When done well, each plate comes out on its own and a couple will take their bites simultaneously, thus perfectly enjoying the experience together. The subtle grunts of satisfaction are not inappropriate as good food is supposed to elicit such primal reactions, especially on date night. Just to take things to the next level, the amount of sexual innuendo on the menu itself ranges from nuanced to blatantly obvious and will entertain those inclined to such humor. Just make sure you order the Lobster Cigars and spring for a couple extra as the menu invites you to do (I have yet to meet the person that can just eat one).

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: The Cazbah has been the place for tapas in Downtown Greenville since it opened.

Brett's expert tip: Pay attention to the Peace Center calendar as The Cazbah gets packed before showtime.

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Focusing on the best local ingredients while supporting local farmers, Stella's Southern Bistro features fine regional cuisine, inspired by the coastal Carolinas and the American South. Stella's offers an intimate, but cozy atmosphere that makes it an ideal choice for date night. Start with a plate of their specialty cheese or Stella's Sampler, before enjoying one of their delicious entrees that include steak, shrimp and grits, and fried chicken. You can finish your evening with an exceptional dessert or a drink from the bar. No matter where in town you live, Stella's is hands down worthy of the ride to Simpsonville.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Stella's offers a more rounded version of Southern cuisine, with a changing menu and a relaxed setting.

10Best's expert tip: Stella's is located in a small plaza on Simpsonville's main thoroughfare, several miles from Greenville, but the drive is easy and well worth the trip.

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Wine Cafe at Northampton Wines
Photo courtesy of Northampton Wines

Let's be honest – a romantic evening for two is likely going to include wine. For that, you cannot forget about the restaurant side of Northampton Wine. It is a quiet, low key space which is perfect for a date night with upscale offerings like grilled quail and lamb shank on the menu. You also have the luxury of choosing between a recommended wine pairing with each dish or ordering a bottle from the retail side itself. That feels like a near limitless assortment of options so leave room in the budget for an extra bottle or two (and an Uber ride home, of course).

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Northampton cannot be overlooked as a romantic dining destination as it offers the perfect ambiance paired with a great selection of food and wine options.

Brett's expert tip: Sign up for a wine tasting while you are there - they are both educational and delicious.

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Peddler Steak House

While an old steak house might not intuitively inspire romance, there is no denying the charm of The Peddler. It is in the ambiance of the old stone building in the woods off of Poinsett Highway. There is passion in the spirit of your fellow diners, many of whom line up in the parking lot an hour before the restaurant begins seating. There is an energy about the whole experience that begs to be enjoyed with a couple looking for a romantic evening alone. From prom dates to senior couples and everyone in between, there are a lot of dates going on in the room and everything about that just feels right.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: The Peddler is a Greenville institution and you cannot deny the charm of the hundred-plus year old building.

Brett's expert tip: Patience is key at Peddler. They're always busy and they don't take reservations. Arriving early doesn't offer you a leg up either. Be prepared to wait.

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Woodruff Road

In the mood for a cozy little Italian place with good food and the sort of quirkiness that can often be the hallmark of family-owned places? Then brave Woodruff Road and search out this tucked-away eatery, set in a strip mall. Meals are leisurely, and they're as convenient for a family as for date night. If the menu doesn't offer something you've been craving, ask if they'll make it for you. They're usually happy to accommodate and are always intent on pleasing diners. Again, a perk of independent places.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Giovanni's is the perfect little spot for an evening of classic Italian comfort food.

Brett's expert tip: If you go on the weekend and don't want to wait for a table, try to arrive a bit early, around 5:30 pm.

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If you want to pull out all the stops for date night, Halls Chophouse is the place to go. The location is stunning with a two-story glass wall gazing out upon the Reedy River and Downtown Greenville – the perfect backdrop to a luxurious evening out. Select from 28-day dry aged steaks, grass-fed or Japanese Wagyu filets, or less traditional menu items like bison, duck, lamb, or locally raised trout. There are no wrong answers at Hall's and you are guaranteed a dining experience you will not soon forget.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: With a dining room overlooking Downtown Greenville, excellent fare, and impeccable service, you cannot help but feel romance in the air.

Brett's expert tip: The bar at Halls has its own menu, so if you want the full Halls experience, make a reservation and enjoy a romantic table instead.

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Larkin's on the River
Photo courtesy of Libby McMillan

Known for aged steaks, fresh fish, and romantic ambiance, Larkin's on the River is another excellent choice for a romantic evening in Downtown Greenville. Subdued lighting and cozy tables set the stage for date night as does the backdrop of the Reedy River, the Peace Center Amphitheatre, and Wyche Pavilion just outside. Restaurant specialties include she-crab soup, shrimp and grits, dry aged center cut ribeye, and Chilean sea bass. The bar also features a stacked 14 page wine list and cocktail menu featuring some old favorites with their own unique twists. When the weather is nice, sit outside and take in all the best parts of Downtown Greenville in the air and all around you.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Larkin's on the River has been serving up romantic evenings in Downtown Greenville for years.

10Best's expert tip: When the weather merits, sit outside for the best view of the Reedy River Downtown Greenville has to offer.

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West Greenville

It is fascinating how well a good meal can ignite your emotions so, if you are looking for the best cuisine in town, you will want to consider The Anchorage. Not too many establishments get nominated for a James Beard award in their first year in business but one visit will show you exactly why they did. Put your faith in Chef Greg McPhee's hands and try the Tasting Table where the kitchen will surprise you with a five course selection of his choosing. It is date night so let them go ahead and provide the wine pairing as well, leaving you lovebirds with nothing to think about than each other.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Any restaurant nominated for a James Beard award in their first year in business is going to make just about every list imaginable.

Brett's expert tip: Nothing kills a romantic dinner faster than not getting a table. Definitely make a reservation for this one.

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One of the Upstate's best features is its natural beauty and Restaurant 17 puts as big a spotlight on that as the food coming out of the kitchen. Located just off Highway 11, Restaurant 17 is a part of Hotel Domestique, the luxury hotel owned by world class cyclist George Hincapie that looks more like an Old World French mansion than a hotel and restaurant in South Carolina. On the menu, look for dishes featuring local and regional sourced ingredients like the grass fed ribeye or Heritage breed pork chop. Time your meal around sunset for a stunning view of the mountains and, if you want to make a week of it, the rooms at Hotel Domestique are perfect for a romantic weekend away from home.

Recommended for Romantic Dining because: Excellent food served in stunning surroundings make this the perfect place for a romantic dinner with a loved one.

Brett's expert tip: Time your visit around sunset as the view is absolutely spectacular.

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