Best Tacos in Greenville

Greenville's taco scene features styles and flavors from all over the map

The beloved taco is a broadly defined delicacy as it comes in a seemingly endless variety of styles and flavors. From the basic meat and cheese in a tortilla to a laundry list of creative ingredients and flavors for an unforgettable culinary experience, a taco can happen a lot of different ways. Fortunately for you, the Upstate has no shortage of taco joints where you can get your fix with whatever style you prefer.

Greenville has its taco institutions like Taco Casa, the beauty of the Mission Style taco served at Asada, way out-of-the-box concoctions from White Duck and Willy Taco all ready to serve your taco craving taste buds. We also did not forget the authentic Mexican street taco experience at spots like Las Meras Tortas and Taqueria Don Chile. Also, being Greenville, there are of course food trucks zipping around that you should definitely chase like a lawyer after an ambulance. We have the list of the 10Best Taco Restaurants so you can keep up with the best of the best right here.


There are a handful of Greenville institutions and Taco Casa is proudly on the list. Decades before Greenville had the culinary scene that it has today, picking a place to dine out was simple enough as you went to Stax's for breakfast, The Clock if you wanted a burger, and Taco Casa if you wanted a taco. The tacos are simple, cheap, and always paid for in cash because they do things today just as they have always done at the same location on Pleasantburg Drive since the 1980s. Taco Casa's historical value makes it impossible to leave them off this list.

Recommended for Tacos because: Taco Casa is a Greenville institution, exiting long before the Upstate has any kind of notable food scene.

Brett's expert tip: A relic of a less technological era long past, Taco Casa still does not accept plastic so make sure you stop at the ATM on the way for some cash.

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The Cribbs family has been doing great things for Spartanburg with its uber-successful brand that includes Cribbs Kitchen and The Kennedy. Their taco joint, Willy Taco took the town by storm and, thankfully, was popular enough to warrant a Greenville location. These tacos-with-an-edge are brought to you by servers wearing shirts where the Willy Taco brand is merged with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, Guns N' Roses, and other such bands and carry names like Mother Clucker and Tuna Cobra Kai. With 10 tacos on the menu, plus quesadillas, burrito bowls, and even a Torta burger, there is a little something for everyone in this innovative taco experience.

Recommended for Tacos because: Willy Taco became somewhat of an overnight sensation after opening in Spartanburg and the Greenville location delivers in kind.

Brett's expert tip: Try the lunch special, two tacos served with black beans and rice, for $9.50 if you're extra hungry.

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Taqueria Don Chile combines the authenticity of Los Meras Tortas with the mobility of Automatic Taco. Billed as one of the truest representations of Mexican street cuisine by anyone who has ever lived in or visited the country, a visit to Taqueria Don Chile is a true adventure in eating. Their web presence is limited to a sporadically updated Facebook page, hours are ever-changing and hard to find, and, to be honest, you are rolling the dice on whether you might actually get a taco every time out. Once you get your hands on one, however, none of this matters as Taqueria Don Chile's cuisine is a true gem on the Greenville food scene.

Recommended for Tacos because: Authentic Mexican street tacos, unlike anything you will find anywhere.

Brett's expert tip: Taqueria Don Chile is only open in the evening and they stay open late.

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White Duck Taco
Photo courtesy of Brett Barest

At one time, Hampton Station was a dilapidated building on the wrong side of the literal tracks but, thankfully, there were those with the vision to bring it to life as a virtual oasis just outside of Downtown Greenville. Birds Fly South Ale Project brought crowds with their award-winning beers right out of the gate but we needed food of comparable quality to complement the libations. Asheville's White Duck Taco with their first Greenville location, providing another huge reason to visit Hampton Station. Their tacos use the highest quality ingredients and are insanely creative has the menu has a tendency to change as you dine. Like a beer list on the walls of a taproom, one delicious option may disappear while you wait, only to be replaced by something even more satisfying, making for an incredibly fun and memorable experience.

Recommended for Tacos because: White Duck produces some amazing tacos and margaritas in a great Greenville location.

Brett's expert tip: The menu changes regularly so be ready for fresh new surprises alongside classics like the steak & cheese and fish tacos.

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North Pleasantburg
Cucho's Taco Grille

Whether you like your tacos classic or with a twist, Chucho's has you covered. Authentic Mexican street tacos feature your favorite pastor, chorizo, and Asada fillings on a corn tortilla with cilantro and onion. "Chucho's Tacos", on the other hand, up the ante with the likes of shrimp, fish, pork, or even Korean steak all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Burritos, quesadillas, and bowls are also on the menu, as is the Patrick's Cheeseburger, a holdover menu item paying homage to the neighborhood favorite establishment that occupied this building for longer than most people can remember. It all comes together for a delicious dining experience no matter which path you choose.

Recommended for Tacos because: Separate menus for "Chucho's Tacos" and "Mexican Street Tacos" show that Chucho's is serious about their taco game.

Brett's expert tip: Patrick's Cheeseburger –" an homage to the restaurant that called this building home for generations –" is still on the menu.

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Ask anyone who has ever been to Las Meras Tortas and the answer is often the same. "It reminds me of what I ate in Mexico", "I haven't had one that good since Mexico", and so on and so forth as the comparison is seemingly reflexive. This is authentic Mexican street food like nothing else Greenville has to offer. Serving up everything from classic tacos to tortas (a Mexican sub) and everything in between, this is as much a cultural experience as it is a culinary one. Their sauce bar is the stuff of legend and the service is top-notch to boot.

Recommended for Tacos because: If you want tacos that make people dream of their last trip to Mexico, this is your spot.

Brett's expert tip: If you're new to the place, bring someone who has visited here (or Mexico) before to help guide you through the menu.

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What was once one of Greenville's best mobile eateries, Automatic Taco made the logical transition to a brick and mortar establishment with the opening of The Commons a few years ago. Their chorizo - locally sourced from Colfax Creek Farm - is the stuff of legend, as are their Brussel sprouts, a menu staple from Day One. This would be a destination in and of itself but neighbors like The Community Tap Trailside, Methodical Coffee, The Bake Room, and so many others make a visit to Automatic Taco an experience you just plain need in your life. As a bonus, you can wear out the kids at Unity Park before and/or after your visit.

Recommended for Tacos because: Another food truck turned brick and mortar, great tacos merit such growth.

Brett's expert tip: The opening of Unity Park has made parking at The Commons seem daunting auxiliary make a visit a totally manageable endeavor.

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West Greenville

When Woodside Bistro moved out of its original spot on Woodside Ave. to the newly renovated Woodside Mill, one could not help to wonder what might become of the cozy little kitchen down the street from The Village of West Greenville. Thankfully, Comal 864 came to town with their Rio Grande Valley-inspired cooking that previously operated as a food truck/pop-up kitchen. Here you will find tacos for breakfast as well as tacos, quesadillas, and Birria quesitacos for lunch and dinner. There is even a Birria grilled cheese served on Texas toast which makes my mouth water merely typing these words. Between Woodside Bistro and now Comal 864, one cannot help if there is but a little magic in the room at this off the beaten path location.

Recommended for Tacos because: Comal864 is changing the taco game in a modest little kitchen just a stone's throw from The Village of West Greenville.

Brett's expert tip: Check the clock before you go as there is downtime between lunch and dinner.

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North Pleasantburg
Taqueria Mixtepec

Located in a "blink and you will miss it" little building on Pleasantburg Dr near Cherrydale, Taqueria Mixtepec is serving up some of the Upstate's finest tacos and other Mexican cuisine. The tortillas are made in-house, the pastor, or marinated pork, is the stuff of legend, and authentic favorites like beef tongue are all on the menu. All of this can be had in a super casual setting with wildly affordable prices ($5 burritos and quesadillas? Count me in!) Bigger appetites will want to try the Tlayudas, which are big corn tortillas topped with refried beans, shredded cabbage, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, and AND your choice of meat for a meal you will not soon forget.

Recommended for Tacos because: Authentic, creative, and affordable Mexican food at its finest.

Brett's expert tip: Ask for the blue tortillas which are made fresh in-house.

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Wade Hampton

For creativity, variety, and unparalleled quality look no further than Asada. Their brand of Mission Style Tacos are inspired by owners Gina and Roberto's time in San Francisco but with an endless supply of other ethnic influences sprinkled in. Their classic tacos, quesadillas, and burritos feature the usual suspects in terms of ingredients â€" melted queso, pico de gallo, sour cream, and the like â€" presented in the highest quality you will find anywhere. Dig a little deeper and you will find things like the Japanese-inspired Chicken Karaage taco and the Nicaraguan Style Churrasco keeping your palate on its toes with a whole world of influences at play.

Recommended for Tacos because: This is hands down the best taco in town, not to mention the friendliest service and coolest ambiance.

Brett's expert tip: Parking is limited but the motel two doors down has plenty to spare if Asada is full.

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