Things to do in Hilton Head, SC


Get Your Bearings in Hilton Head

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Hot Tips: Beachwear is appropriate almost anywhere on Hilton Head, but many of the golf courses have strict dress codes.

Hot Tips: Some of the luxury hotels can be pricey, but many offer special packages that include resort credit, which can be utilized at on-site spas, golf courses and restaurants.

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Caution: Hilton HeadĀ's popular restaurants get very crowded during the high season. Plan ahead or plan to wait.

Be Sure to Sample: The islandĀ's fresh, delicious seafood.

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Take It or Leave It: Some of the best bars are located in restaurants, so you can eat first and party later without having to leave the building.

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Avoid: Driving to the outlets can be tricky on weekday mornings and evenings as commuters make their way to and from work. Plan accordingly.

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