Myrtle Beach's Best Fish: Finding Fresh Seafood Is No Problem

The Myrtle Beach area is literally swimming in seafood, with local waters producing some of the best hauls of fish, shrimp, crab and oysters. The 60-mile stretch of coastline that makes up the Grand Strand includes two of the best fishing ports on the East Coast. From Murrells Inlet (the self-titled Seafood Capital of S.C.) to Calabash, N.C. (the self-titled Seafood Capital of the World), the Myrtle Beach area is surrounded by lots of fresh catches - and lots of places to enjoy them. The ready availability means plenty of options for seafood-lovers, a difficult list to trim down to 10.Whether you're looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet or a hole-in-the-wall oyster bar, you're sure to find a perfect fit for your taste buds. For a romantic dinner with a view to match, try the historic Sea Captain's House, which is celebrating its 60th summer on the Strand. Mega-seafood buffets like Captain George's Seafood Restaurant are abundant in Myrtle Beach. There's also the coziness of a small oyster shack, like you will find at Rockerfeller's and Bimini's Oyster Bar.Of course, some prefer to go straight to the source, and Calabash and Murrells Inlet have a broad range of seafood restaurants that take their fresh catches straight from the boat to your table. The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk provides a dozen dining options in a short stretch down the waterfont and Calabash has a small district of seafood establishments that make it impossible to go wrong. 

Captain George's Seafood Restaurant


Located across from Broadway at the Beach, Captain George's fresh seafood bounty is sure to dispel any misgivings you may have about the buffet experience. Plan on a feast of scallops, steamed crab legs, clams, mahi-mahi, shrimp, barbecued ribs,...  Read More

Chestnut Hill


Located on Restaurant Row, this place is known for all its food, but the seafood takes center stage. All of the fish and seafood they serve are fresh. How fresh? The restaurant owns and operates its own fishing boat. But for those with more...  Read More



This small seafood shack is a Myrtle Beach institution that underwent a recent change in ownership. Purchased by local group Bondfire, which is known for innovative dining, the Noizy Oyster received much-needed renovations and a menu makeover....  Read More



Sure, sister restaurant, Cagney's, has a longer history with Strand diners, but in its day, Flamingo has established a niche for itself as one of Myrtle Beach's top seafood restaurants. Designed with a touch of Art Deco flair, the attractive...  Read More



The Murrells Inlet Marsha Walk is where you will find Wahoo's Raw Bar & Marina. Overlooking the very waters where your dinner came from, likely just hours before your arrival, this waterfront eatery is always on island time, thanks to its...  Read More

Bimini's Oyster Bar & Seafood Cafe


As far as oyster shacks go, this is about as good as it gets. Located in a strip mall just off Restaurant Row, Bimini's doesn't look like much from the outside - or the inside, for that matter. Picnic tables fill the small space and the patio...  Read More

Garden City
Gulfstream Cafe


What a view! Gulfstream is the only restaurant in Garden City Beach overlooking the ocean on one side and Murrells Inlet on the other and, fortunately, the food lives up to the view. Recommended starters include the onion loaf (a mass of fried...  Read More

North Myrtle Beach


A Rockefeller in name only (you won't run into any high-falutin attitude or pretense), this roadside seafooder appeals to folks from all walks of life. For those who prefer their seafood in a more natural state, order from the raw bar or the...  Read More



Mr. Fish has relocated to a new, more spacious location but still features the same great food thousands have come to know and love. The new, multi-room establishment is the latest creation of Mr. Fish, aka Ted Hammerman, and daughter Sheina....  Read More

Sea Captain's House


Once a privately-owned family beach cottage, this picturesque oceanfront restaurant serves up excellent seafood dishes with a side order of wonderful view. Featuring a combination of Southern cooking and Lowcountry seafood, the cuisine is...  Read More


Meet Terry Massey

It's no surprise that journalist Terry Massey is credited with creating the word 'stay-cation.'  He considers the past 18 years in Myrtle Beach a vacation.

He and his wife Stephanie were...  More About Terry