Where to Get Good Grub to Go in Myrtle Beach

A family can spend a lot of money on vacation by dining out for three meals a day. Between the food, drinks, dessert and tip for a family of four, the vacation budget takes a beating. That's why more and more visitors are taking advantage of take out at Myrtle Beach-area restaurants. It's a great way to cut down on cost, as well as enjoy the convenience, time-savings and flexibility of dining back in the hotel room or enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach. More and more restaurants are feeding into the to-go trend, offering drive-through windows or carry-out parking and curb service for those looking to get good grub on the go. Now families don't have to decide between pizza or Chinese when ordering take out thanks to the addition non-traditional to-go eateries. Myrtle Beach visitors can choose between home-cooking, such as Magnolia's at 26th and K&W Cafeteria, as well as breakfast, barbecue and Italian cuisine. Of course, you can still go for pizza from a place like the popular Michael's Pizza and Pasta, or Chinese from the Asian-American fusion kitchen of Hot Wing Express. Be sure to pick up plenty of extra sauces, napkins, plasticware and plates to cut down on the clean up.

Hamburger Joe's


A perennial favorite, Hamburger Joe's provides more bang for your buck than most other Grand Strand eateries, so it's perfect if you're on a budget. In fact, you can probably afford to splurge and get some wings and a beer along with your...  Read More

K&W Cafeteria


Take some home-cooking home to your family without touching a single pot or pan by visiting K&W Cafeteria. This small, regional chain has plenty of seating and cafeteria-style dining, but one of its best-kept secrets is a side door known as "K&W...  Read More

Hot Wing Express
Photo courtesy of Hot Wing Express


The name may have pigeon-holed this popular delivery/take-out establishment as a chicken-wing joint, which it is. But Hot Wing Express also serves a surprisingly diverse and delicious menu of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The wings are fried and...  Read More

Cheeseburger In Paradise
Photo courtesy of Cheeseburger In Paradise


Famous singer/songwriter crooned about the perfect burger in the song by the same title, and now his restaurant, Cheeseburger In Paradise, brings it to the masses in a unique tropical setting. Featuring 100 percent Angus burgers with a myriad of...  Read More

Best of Philly
Photo courtesy of Best of Philly


One would never guess it from the curb, but inside this tiny red-and-white shack resides one of the best delis and grills on the Grand Strand. Serving hot burgers, sandwiches, subs, gyros and, of course, Philly Cheesesteaks, the Best of Philly...  Read More

Johnny D's Waffle House
Photo courtesy of Sign of Change


The tired old breakfast and lunch get an extreme makeover at Johnny D's Waffle House, where the traditional eggs and pancakes undergo a serious upgrade. In addition to an array of waffles and pancakes topped with fruit, chocolate chips and...  Read More

Magnolia's at 26th
Photo courtesy of Magnolias at 26th


Located on the ground floor of a hotel convention center, this restaurant draws lots of locals who only venture downtown in the summer months if there's something really good waiting for them. This buffet-style eatery serves three hots a day,...  Read More

Michael's Pizza and Pasta
Photo courtesy of Michael's Pizza and Pasta


For a taste of true Italian cuisine without the fancy candles and high prices, Michael's Pizza and Pasta in downtown Myrtle Beach is the place. Featuring all the traditional Italian favorites - hand-tossed pizzas, calzones, lasagna and spaghetti...  Read More

Dagwood's Deli
Photo courtesy of Dagwood's Deli


Named after the famous cartoon character with an affinity for sandwiches stacked to the ceiling, Dagwood's Deli follows the same recipe for a longtime, lunch-time favorite that has patrons lined up out the door. Beat the rush by calling ahead...  Read More

Jimmyz Japanese Hibachi House
Photo courtesy of Jimmyz Japanese Hibachi House


Break the burgers-and-fries routine for some excellent Japanese cuisine that's good to go in more ways than one. Chef and owner Jimmy is a bit of a local legend, operating several other Japanese restaurants and catering services over the years,...  Read More


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