Shop Till You Drop at Broadway at the Beach

Close your eyes and thing of three random items, let's say, a beach ball, a bag of candy and a bottle of wine. You can find all three at the more than 100 shops at Broadway at the Beach, and the same is true no matter what three things you can come up with. With rows of stores to browse through, ranging from national and international chain outlets to local mom-and-pop shops, you're sure to find everything and anything you are looking for at the Broadway at the Beach retail district. Best of all, with a wide array of options to choose from, families and large parties can go to the complex, split up and rest assured that no one will be bored. Send the kids to play at the Pavilion Nostalgia Park, drop the hubby off at the sports bar and let the teenagers head to the movies while you stroll through retail heaven at a leisurely pace. Check out unique boutiques like Tango Bay Clothing Company or Lucy Lou's, pick up some great gifts at Klig's Kites, or enjoy a wine-tasting at Boardwalk Winery. There are more stores than you can sift through in a day, so make a night of it too, capped by dinner and some dancing. Broadway at the Beach is your one-stop spot for shopping - and so much more.

Sports Fanatics
Photo courtesy of Sports Fanatics


Sports fans have a home away from home at Sports Fanatics at Broadway at the Beach. Featuring items from virtually every pro and college sports team in the country, perhaps even the world, Sports Fanatics stocks thousands of jerseys, caps,...  Read More

Boardwalk Winery
Photo courtesy of Boardwalk Winery


When most people close their eyes an envision a winery, the setting is usually more pastoral and rural than this one. That's because Boardwalk Winery is located right in the middle of all the action at the popular Broadway at the Beach complex....  Read More

Tango Bay Clothing Co.
Photo courtesy of Tango Bay Clothing Company


Start your Myrtle Beach vacation in true tropical style by stopping at Tango Bay Clothing Co. at Broadway at the Beach. Featuring a full line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, Tango Bay is your place to shop for all the...  Read More

Martin's PGA TOUR Superstore - Broadway
Photo courtesy of Martin's PGA Tour Superstore


If you're looking for anything remotely to do with golf, you've come to the right place. The Grand Strand, featuring more than 100 golf courses, is a popular destination for hackers from all over the world and a good number of them forget to...  Read More

Broadway T-Shirt Company
Photo courtesy of Broadway T-Shirt Company


There is no more universal vacation gift than the tried-and-true T-shirt. Everybody wears them, and there's at least one perfect match for everyone on your list - including yourself. Although you can buy a T-shirt in virtually every store at...  Read More

Crabby Jack's General Store
Photo courtesy of Crabby Jack's General Store


There was a simpler time in America when people purchased everything from the local general store. Those days are still here at Crabby Jack's General Store at Broadway at the Beach. This huge place has it all - from Myrtle Beach souvenirs and...  Read More

Klig's Kites
Photo courtesy of Klig's Kites


If someone tells you to go fly a kite, at least you know where to go. Yes, Klig's Kites sells all kinds of traditional and stunt kites, as well as kite-surfing and kite-boarding equipment, but it also has much more. In fact, Klig's Kites is the...  Read More

A Silver Shack
Photo courtesy of A Silver Shack


This isn't your traditional jewelry shop. Yes, A Silver Shack has all the usual fashion pieces, but it also doubles as a bit of an art museum with a unique collection of decorative exhibits. As the name implies, A Silver Shack has one of the...  Read More

Ron Jon Surf Shop
Photo courtesy of Ron Jon's Surf Shop


Before you hit the beach for some fun in the sun, check out Rom Jon's Surf Shop for all your beachwear needs. This East Coast chain is known in the surf community for its quality water-sports equipment, but it's also a trendy name in apparel,...  Read More

The Mole Hole
Photo courtesy of The Mole Hole


Visitors were discovering rare treasure at this locally owned shop two decades before Broadway at the Beach was born. Unlike most of the stores at Broadway at the Beach, which opened in the mid-1990s, The Mole Hole has been in business on the...  Read More


Meet Terry Massey

It's no surprise that journalist Terry Massey is credited with creating the word 'stay-cation.'  He considers the past 18 years in Myrtle Beach a vacation.

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