Barcelona's Most Innovative, Creative and Exciting Museums in and outside the City

Barcelona is a city rich in history, architecture and of course art. It's renowned for being home to some of the most well known artists, including Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and just a little up the coast, Figueres was home to Salvador Dali. Even if you're not a 'museum goer' by nature, Barcelona has a diverse variety of historical as well as fun and inspiring venues to ignite your passion even more for the city. With several of the more interesting ones situated in the Old City (Gotico, Born, Barceloneta) there are also a few really cool museums just a short ride outside the city center, which is great if you want to combine your museum experience with being able to take in the sites as well as gorgeous panoramic views. Most of the museums don't require reservations, but it never hurts to arrange for tickets ahead of time online, as it really saves you time standing in line, especially for some of the more popular ones like the Picasso Museum which can see lines of up to an hour during high season. 

One of the newest additions to the Museum scene is the Ideas Museum which is definitely worth a look, right off of Plaza Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter. 

Museu Historica de Catalunya


Situated on the edge of the Born and Barceloneta neighborhoods, this is probably the best Museum to visit if you're looking for an indepth view into the history of Catalunya. Located in the Palau de Mar, this is the only building in Barcelona's...  Read More

Science Museum


The CosmoCaixa, aka the Science Museum in Barcelona is run by La Caixa (a Bank) Community Projects. It's purpose is to stimulate knowledge and people's opinions of science through exhibitions and a wide variety of activities. Located near...  Read More

Museu De La Xocolata


Situated in the trendy and chic, Born neighborhood, the Chocolate Museum is a great way to spend an afternoon with children or with those who love chocolate. There are private and group tours available and also classes where you can learn how to...  Read More

National Art Museum


This Museum has a noteworthy ensemble of regional, national and international contemporary art. Most material is from the last 50 years and represents a wide range of mediums. The museum hosts a variety of periodic events such as concerts,...  Read More

Salvador Dali Museum at Figueres


Home to Dali's Museum and a nice day trip outside the city, Figueres is worth the short trek. Combine it with a visit to the beautifully historic (and very delicious) city of Girona, as they're only 20 minutes away by train. This is a nice mix...  Read More

Maritime Museum


The Museu Marítim (Maritime Museum) in Barcelona is one of the most interesting sights as it's so unique. Located in the former shipyard of Drassanes, the Museum is now situated at the edge of Ciutat Vella (Old City) at the end of La Rambla....  Read More

MACBA (Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum)


Named a national museum in 1990, this is the world's greatest collection of Romanesque mural paintings and home also to an impressive array of 14th and 15th century Gothic art. The MACBA is more than a museum. It has a wide range of services...  Read More

CCCB (Barcelona Contemporary Cultural Center)


Established by Joan Miro as a forum for contemporary art. Much of Miro's work is displayed here in a wide variety of mediums, while periodic exhibits feature other artists. There's also a sculpture garden, library, gift shop, restaurant, and an...  Read More



Opened to the public in 1975, The Joan Miro Foundation was created to promote the works of contemporary artists and today is one of Barcelona's most popular and most sought out museums. Renowned artist, Joan Miro, had his first large exhibit in...  Read More



A definite 'must-see', even if you're not into art. The Picasso Museum, showcases a small yet wide selection of the artist's works; you'll be taken through the different and very diverse stages of his life and career. The Museum often has...  Read More


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