The Best Nightclubs in Barceloneta and the Surrounding Areas

Although Barcelona runs rampant with bars and nightclubs, it's hard to find any as 'happening' as those in Barceloneta. What used to be an old fisherman village has both maintained it's authentic charm while keeping up with the times. In this neck of Ciutat Vella (Old City) you can find hole in the wall dive bars and clubs, ones that you'd miss if you didn't know where to look, as well as shishi, over the top, have to be on the VIP list in order to get in type of places.

Barceloneta also has the advantage of being ideally situated along the water, which is home to a variety of extremely fun, dance until the sun comes up, night clubs. Places like Shoko, Catwalk and CDLC are renowned for their guest lists, high heels and VIP crowd. If you're looking for something more low key, inside Barceloneta, although there aren't tons of nightclubs, some of the bars stay open quite late and are great places to enjoy a few drinks, mingle and spend time on the terrace. And if you want to switch up the vibe, the trendy and very lively Born neighborhood is a ten minute walk and full of fun bars and discos. 


Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, not far from the Barceloneta, La Cerveteca is both a cultural as well as gastronomic experience. Situated on the corner of Gignas street, the brew pub gives way onto the street and has an open concept which is inviting and exciting. You can sit with your drink on a barrel or at one of the small tables. In addition to the beer and small snacks, the Cerveteca also offers courses if you're interested in beer making. They can teach you about the fermentation process and show you how they make some of the city's tastiest artisan beer.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A fun place for beer lovers and those looking for an exciting evening out

Sam's expert tip: Try their non alcoholic beer which is equally as tasty and without the 'side effects'

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Opium Mar

Ladies throw on the heels and guys switch up the board shorts for trousers, if you want to get past the bouncers at Opium Mar. Overlooking the beach and located next to the elegant Hotel Arts, Opium is one of the hottest nightclubs in town, acting as a restaurant, bar, lounge and club all in one. If you plan on hitting the town for the night, go for dinner at Opium and then stay and watch as the restaurant slowly transforms itself into party central just a little after 12am (while avoiding the lines outside.) You can also put your name on the list and cut the lines that way.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: Wonderful, beach side club, where the music never stops and the floor is always packed

Sam's expert tip: Saturday nights often have drinks specials

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Photo courtesy of CDLC Barcelona

See and Be Seen at Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC). Posh, chic and trendy if you're up for an expensive and elegant night out this is the place to be. This bar, restaurant and lounge has an exclusive VIP area, often frequented by football players but available to anyone as long as you buy a bottle of alcohol (usually 130 Euros minimum.) The inside of CDLC is tacky chic and if you enjoy the hukkah there are plenty of tables where you can choose which flavoured tobacco you prefer. This is a fun night full of good laughs, cheesy music and a very late evening.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: If you're looking for where the VIP's hang out this is the place to be

Sam's expert tip: Put your name on the Facebook list if you want to avoid long lines

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If you're looking for swanky, sexy and chic, then Barcelona's Hotel W is your best bet on any given evening. Eclipse, known not only for it's innovative and delicious cocktails, but also for it's gorgeous views overlooking the Mediterranean and Barcelona's coast line, is the place to be if you want to be seen with the 'IT' crowd. Although their cocktails are slightly on the pricier side, they're more than worth it. The recipes for each drink are so secretive that you often have no idea what you're sipping on - you just know that it's good enough to order seconds.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A one of a kind hotel club slightly outside Barceloneta with gorgeous seaside views

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to dress to impress or you won't be allowed in

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This club, bar, restaurant, cocktail lounge and above all one of Barcelona's greatest party venues is just a stone's throw from the beach and hosts some of Barcelona's most beautiful people nightly. Once the sun goes down the restaurant transforms into a lively club featuring well known resident DJ's and very often themed parties. The space is large and the atmosphere is intense and full of excitement, especially if you're looking to party until the sun comes up. It's right next to CDLC and Opium Mar so if you're sick of the scene at Shoko you can step outside and be in another venue in a matter of minutes.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A lively, fun club where you can party until the sun comes up, right along the beach

Sam's expert tip: Put your name on the list via Facebook or their website, in order to skip the lines, especially on weekends.

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An unassuming, funky little bar in the heart of Barceloneta. Ke Bar is where the locals hang out and where tourists go to get an authentic experience. Situated right off the main square, this tiny dive bar is ideal for late night drinks, football games and Vermouth tasting. It's a fun way to spend the evening, eating tapas, drinking beer and making friends with the neighborhood folk. Be sure to get there early, especially if there's a football game on, as it's small and it fills up quickly. And around the corner are great beach side restaurants if you want a good meal.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A local, unpretentious dive bar in the heart of Barceloneta

Sam's expert tip: Try their Vermouth and be sure to get a seat early especially on weekends

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Catwalk is one of the largest clubs in near the water right by Barceloenta. Located just off the beachfront this is a fun place to party until the wee hours of the morning. This is an extremely large club that holds around 1000 people covering two floors. Downstairs is the large dance floor with a seating area and bars around the edge. Upstairs there is a chill-out zone where you can relax and chat with friends. Catwalk plays a mix of house music as well as funky, handbag and vocal. It is one of Barcelona's most well-known clubs, attracts international DJs on a regular basis. Past DJs have included Eric Morillo,

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A fun and exciting nightclub overlooking the water with a VIP clientele

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to get your name on the VIP list

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A fabulous, local, seaside restaurant with affordable, tasty food. Filferro's bread is from the Baluard bakery, just down the road in Barceloneta and attracts and liberal, avant-garde clientele. It's a tiny two-storey place with a cozy outdoor terrace. Close enough to feel the water's breeze and far enough away, to be out of the limelight and away from the tourists. This is an excellent restaurant for a Sunday lunch with friends or a romantic evening. It's situated in a plaza with a few other restaurants, providing for a lively ambiance, especially in the evenings.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A authentic, well known Barceloneta gem with delicious food

Sam's expert tip: Try their cheese salad

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A join effort by Carles Abellan and Joan Escriba (of Xiringuito Escriba), La Guingueta is a more economical version of its higher end counterpart, Escriba. Situated directly on the beach, the food is top notch and delicious feating an array of salads, tapas, seafood, ice cream, hamburgers and a host of drinks and cocktails. There are two Guinguetas, one in Barceloneta and the other directly in front of Escriba near Bogatell beach. Both are excellent and always packed. You can't make reservations, so get there by 1pm if you don't want to wait in line.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: A fun place by the beach with great music once the sun goes down

Sam's expert tip: Get there for dinner and stay until the DJ's arrive

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A great restaurant with a killer patio, fresh salads, delicious pizzas and hearty hamburgers. Santa Marta always has a line, especially when the suns out, as it has one of the best patios in the city. Situated in Barceloneta beach, it's just a stone's throw from the sand. The restaurant's staff are fabulous, with quick service and attention to detail. This is one of the few restaurants along the beach that really knows how to make a salad. The tuna and spring salads are especially tasty. A great choice in summer or whenever the sun is shining, if you want to dine by the water.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Nightlife because: Excellent beachside Chiringuito with good music and a fun night time vibe

Sam's expert tip: Get there for dinner and stay until the Dj's come out

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