Best Brew Pubs in Barcelona

Barcelona's Best Spots to Grab a Beer and Soak Up the Atmosphere

Barcelona's brew pubs are fun, exciting and always feature delicious cervezas (beers). From the Irish pubs to the Belgium ones, the city hosts a wide range of pubs, all with a Spanish/Mediterranean edge. On Via Laietana in the Old City there are several Irish pubs usually featuring Irish Brews such as Stouts and great draft beer. Barceloneta also has a fair amount of Irish pubs all of which are excellent places to watch the football games, especially during the World or European Cups.

In Gracia Neighborhood, there are some lively Belgium Brew Pubs, all of which are very local with a mix of expats as well as Catalans who enjoy Belgian beer. Most of the brew pubs play live music, so be sure to check out the schedule online or at the bar, to see which band is lined up.

The pubs in Barcelona are a refreshing alternative to the tapas and wine bars. They usually attract a more touristy crowd, especially during holidays like St. Patty's Day which is more of a North American and Irish affair. Although more and more Catalans and Barcelona expats are starting to frequent the pubs and choose a cold beer in addition to or even sometimes instead of, a glass of Rioja or Ribera del Duero. 


Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, La Cerveteca is both a cultural as well as gastronomic experience. Situated on the corner of Gignas street, the brew pub gives way onto the street and has an open concept which is inviting and exciting. You can sit with your drink on a barrel or at one of the small tables. In addition to the beer and small snacks, the Cerveteca also offers courses if you're interested in beer making. They can teach you about the fermentation process and show you how they make some of the city's tastiest artisan beer.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Great artisan beer in a fun and open atmosphere.

Sam's expert tip: Try their non alcoholic beer which is equally as tasty and without the 'side effects'

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Ginger Bar

With its hanging disco ball, plush leather seats and wooden tables, many Ginger fans have coined this trendy wine and cocktail bar as an 'airport lounge'. It is however, rather known for it's innovative cocktails, wide selection of amazing wine and high quality tapas. This is a Barcelona gem, ideal for weekend adventures, intimate drinks and lively evenings on the town. Ginger is nestled behind Plaza Sant Jaume, in Plaza San Jus a little hard to find if you don't know where to look, but once you stumble upon it you'll be sure to mark the spot and keep on coming back for more.

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A local and rustic brew pub in Barcelona's trendy and lively Gracia neighborhood. Tucked on one of the side streets, Bristol Blue Pub is an off the beaten path, bar with delicious Irish beer including Stout, Guinness, Stella Artois and Bass amongst a host of others. This bar is only open from 7pm until 2am so be sure to get there early as it's always packed. They often play live music especially on weekends, so check their facebook page or flyers on the street for specific times. After the pub stroll to Calle Verdi in Gracia which is always lively and full of things to do, including movies, theatres and fun bars and dance clubs.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Local brew pub in Gracia neighborhood, rustic with tasty beer

Sam's expert tip: Try their Stella Artois beer

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Located in the Boqueria, this brew pub is central, busy and always lively. If you're looking for a tapas and beer bar right off La Rambla, then this is a great option. Located towards the back of the market, you can grab a seat (although it's quite crowded) and sip an Estrella or a Stella while enjoying Pan con Tomate and cured Manchego Cheese. The Bar Boqueria is an ideal place for a morning beer or a late afternoon pick me up before heading out to happy hour or an early dinner. The Boqueria is also the best market to get fresh fish and fruits and ingredients if you're thinking about cooking at home.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Great beer and tapas bar in the heart of the city

Sam's expert tip: Try their Bock-Damm beer or their Estrella Damm

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The Cerveceria Catalana is a large beer hall known for it's excellent selection of Belgian beers. This is a great place for a lively night on the town with tasty, artisan beers. It also sports delicious tapas and is home to a mix of locals and expats without too many tourists. Located in the trendy Eixample area, once you've had a few drinks you can easily walk a few blocks and check out some of the cocktail bars and nightclubs. Check out Matt bar which isn't too far away as well as City Hall and Enrique Granados street which has a ton of amazing places to spend the evening.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Brew pub featuring a select list of Belgian Beer

Sam's expert tip: Ask for their Belgian beer of the day

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This rustic wine pub is situated on the corner of Rambla Catalunya and is at the center of Barcelona's chicest shopping and most exciting nightlife area. The pub is down a few steps from street level so you feel like you're slightly underground looking up through a small window as you watch people's feet go by. It's cozy and classic with a range of Spanish tapas and delicious beer on tap. La Bodegueta is an authentic place to enjoy a beer in Barcelona's Eixample neighborhood. It also has an amazing patio, ideal for people watching when the weather is good.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: One of the best brew pubs in the 'newer' part of the city

Sam's expert tip: Try their olives they're delicious

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Located right off of Plaza Reial, Glaciar Bar is one of the city center's best brew pubs. Open from 11pm - 2:30am, 365 days a year, this pub is perfect for those looking for a fresh, cold beer in the heart of the downtown core. Right off La Rambla, Glaciar Bar caters to tourists as well as locals who know where to find a delicious beer. This is a cozy, 'no frills' typs of bar, one that serves beer, cocktails and tasty tapas. Once you've had your fill or the bar is closed, you're perfectly situated to enjoy late night dancing at any of the clubs just a stone's throw away. Check out Jamboree or Sidecar or Marula Cafe right around the corner.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Brew pub in the downtown core with excellent beer

Sam's expert tip: Go early on weekends the line ups are long and it's hard to get a table

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La Cervecera Artesana is a special Barcelona brew pub, showcasing artisan Spanish beers. This unique bar is lively and eccentric and great for a fun start to the evening in the Eixample neighborhood. Slightly off the beaten path and outside of the downtown core, it's a nice getaway from the noise and hustle in the city centre. If you enjoy beer and want to try a few Spanish specialty items, then this is a great bar to frequent. La Cervesera Artesana prides itself on quality, authenticity and will even walk you through their beer making process if you ask nicely.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: An excellent artisan beer shop with a large vareity in the Eixample area

Sam's expert tip: Try their Iberian beer with some Manchego cheese

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Belchica Bar specializes in Belgian beer and is ideal for Belgians, expats and locals alike, looking for delicious artisan beer. With its modern interior, it has a purple hue which adds to the dark and intimate setting. Some of their signature beers include Rochefort, Orval, Tripel karmeliet, Chimay, Westmalle and Val Dieu Tripel. Even if you're not into Belgian brews, try their Irish Stouts and their bottled American beers. With over 40 different bottles and four on tap, Belchica Bar has an excellent selection. They also feature Belgian and Spanish tapas so try the Pan con Tomate and Frankfurts with salad.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Delicious Belgian brews in the Eixample neighborhood with a unique flare

Sam's expert tip: Ask for their specialty bottled beers not on the menu

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A trendy, young, lively and unique restaurant that specializes in Asian tapas. Mosquito has found its niche offering the most amazing Dim Sum and dumplings, you'll actually feel like you're in Hong Kong and China, while dipping into a wide variety of tapas amongst friends. Mosquito is a small locale in the heart of the Born, owned and run by a British native who spent years in Asia mastering the art of Asian cuisine. This place is always packed and for good reason. In addition to its Asian cuisine, Mosquito features a long list of delicious beers from Spain as well as China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Delicious Asian beers and tapas in the Born neighborhood

Sam's expert tip: Ask for their specialty beer on tap

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