Barcelona's Old Fisherman Village Features Some of the City's Best Restaurants

What's so unique to Barceloneta, is the mix of 'old man dive bars' juxtaposed beside trendy designer gastro bistros. It's a neighborhood that has 'hipsterfied' over the past five years, yet somehow been able to preserve it's locale flare. What used to be Barcelona's old Fisherman Village has evolved into a foodie's paradise along the beach. 

Not only are the chiringuitos (beach side restaurants) spicing things up with themed decors and a modern vibe, trendy new locales are springing up throughout the neighborhood shocking the locals who have been used to a more 'greasy spoon' tapas feel.

If you're into seafood there are some excellent restaurants, including Barraca and if you like salads, Santa Marta is one of the freshest places to eat with a variety of options including tasty pizzas.

Slightly outside of the Barceloneta area are some higher-end eateries, especially under the W Hotel and closer to Bogatell Beach where places like Escriba have made their mark. 

But food aside, Barceloneta is a wonderful neighborhood in which to stroll, browse and take in the essence of a Barcelona 'pueblo' (small town). No matter how many new restaurants take up shop in this seaside village, it'll always hold onto it's authentic style. 


A Barcelona classic, you can feel the history and authenticity from the moment you walk into the restaurant. Situated in Barceloneta, this sea side locale features a range of delicious seafood and Catalan dishes. This is an excellent fusion of Mediterranean, Marine and Catalan cuisine, set in a traditional yet unassuming atmosphere. Can Sole is situated in Barceloneta neighborhood, a charming, old fisherman village this restaurant is perfectly situated, close to the water, yet not as touristy as some of the others, which are right along the border. This is a mix of rustic and classic Spanish and Catalan food.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: A classy seafood restaurant, embodies the essence of Barceloneta

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve, especially on weekends

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Founded in 1968 this family run, beach side restaurant is a definite must. Known specifically for their delicious paella, Can Majo has an intimate outdoor patio overlooking the Mediterranean and is ideal during the summer. The owners pride themselves on serving only the freshest seafood and make regular trips to the Barceloneta market which is only a stones throw from the restaurant itself. This is a short walk from the cruise port, but well worth it, especially if you're craving some authentic Spanish Paella whilst overlooking the water. Can Majo is a family-run and owned restaurant, thus providing a very personalized service throughout the meal.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: A family run restaurant with exquisite paella and a wonderful terrace

Sam's expert tip: Order their paella

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Bright, airy and absolutely delicious, this is a Barcelona gem. Tucked away in Barceloneta, only a three-minute walk from the water, Segons Mercat prides itself on serving high quality tapas, especially when it comes to their fish and seafood. There are two locations in the city, one in the Old City and the other on Gran Via in the Eixample district. This is a great place if you want to experience local tapas with a gourmet twist. Edu and Billy are the owners and they're both lovely, personable and eager to please. Be sure to get their cava sangria, it's delicious.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: An off the beaten path, authentic and absolutely delicious Barceloneta restaurant

Sam's expert tip: Order the asparagus with goat's cheese and the 'ternera' (beef).

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Wok to Wok is an excellent take out choice, especially if you want to grab something by the beach and have a little 'beachnik'. With several shops around the city, one of their most popular is in Barceloneta, it's always packed and for good reason. Wok to Wok uses fresh ingredients with a choice of rice, noodles or vegetables. Inspired by a trip to Thailand, today Wok to Wok has over 50 restaurants worldwide and is known for its consistent high-quality, tasty ingredients and top-notch service. They also have vegetarian options and the restaurant itself acts as a healthy food store, so if you're looking to shop a bit, they might have what you're looking for.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: Delicious take out along the beach. Organic, healthy options available with gorgeous views

Sam's expert tip: Go early on weekends as the line can sometimes have a 45 minutes to an hour wait (early means before 1:30pm)

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A classic seafood restaurant, located along the water in Barcelona's, Barceloneta neighborhood. As you pass Salamanca you'll see the fresh catches of the day, displayed on ice outside the main restaurant doors. This is an oldie but a goodie, with a mix of the 'Old Boys' club mentality, combined with a young vibe and an array of pictures on the walls, featuring prominent chefs and great 'catches'. If you're hungry and want to be by the water, this is a fabulous choice, especially for paella. This is one of the most well known restaurants in the area and a great place for an authentic meal.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: Excellent seafood in an authentic neighborhood restaurant, a well-known establishment

Sam's expert tip: Try the paella and the salmon dishes and be sure to ask for a terrace seat

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A well known restaurant chain, Cal Pinxo is situated along the port, overlooking Barcelona's new Yacht scene. It sports a lovely terrace with fabulous service and an elegant yet unpretentious vibe. Specializing in seafood, the restaurant has a host of other options including meats, other types of fish, salads, vegetables amongst other innovative dishes. Although it's lined together with other port side locales, Cal Pinxo distinguishes itself using the highest quality ingredients put together by its renowned chefs. It's also one of the few restaurants with a vegetarian paella which is hard to come by in the city.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: Right along the water, delicious food and amazing service

Sam's expert tip: Try the Monkfish and be sure to see a dessert menu

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A great restaurant with a killer patio, fresh salads, delicious pizzas and hearty hamburgers. Santa Marta always has a line, especially when the suns out, as it has one of the best patios in the city. Situated in Barceloneta beach, it's just a stone's throw from the sand. The restaurant's staff are fabulous, with quick service and attention to detail. This is one of the few restaurants along the beach that really knows how to make a salad. The tuna and spring salads are especially tasty. A great choice in summer or whenever the sun is shining, if you want to dine by the water.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: Tasty, fresh food with a fabulous terrace overlooking the Mediterranean

Sam's expert tip: Don't let the lines turn you off they go quite quickly

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If you're looking for tasty seafood, exceptional paella and a host of options including vegan dishes, Barraca is the optimal choice. Overlooking the beach, floor to ceiling windows line the upper floor of this restaurant, providing for gorgeous views, especially if you get to sit near the window. The food is delicious, with a particular focus on their fish and paella dishes. The staff are quick to accommodate and willing to adapt for dietary restrictions. It's also one of the only restaurants with a strictly vegan paella, which is mouth watering. Barraca is the perfect restaurant for a great lunch on the beach.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: A delicious seafood restaurant overlooking the water with great service and wonderful views

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve in advance, especially on the weekends as it fills up extremely quickly

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A fabulous, local, seaside restaurant with affordable, tasty food. Filferro's bread is from the Baluard bakery, just down the road in Barceloneta and attracts and liberal, avant-garde clientele. It's a tiny two-storey place with a cozy outdoor terrace. Close enough to feel the water's breeze and far enough away, to be out of the limelight and away from the tourists. This is an excellent restaurant for a Sunday lunch with friends or a romantic evening. It's situated in a plaza with a few other restaurants, providing for a lively ambiance, especially in the evenings.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: A authentic, well known Barceloneta gem with delicious food

Sam's expert tip: Try their cheese salad

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Fabulous cooking classes by a professional nutritionist and vegan cook. This is less of a traditional restaurant and more of a home experience plus cooking class, which ends in a three-course meal. Pabulum focuses on fresh, organic, local and in season foods, providing private and group cooking classes in a modern, trendy loft in the Gothic Quarter. Classes and dinners are run by a native American with a passion for food and not only are incredibly fun and informative, but focus on creating pretty, elegant dishes that are sure to impress vegans and non-vegans alike. Cocktails and an amuse-bouche accompanies the classes. If you'd rather not participate and just watch the magic happen, that's possible as well.

Recommended for Barceloneta's Best Restaurants because: The best 'local restaurant' in the city with hands on participation for aspiring cooks

Local Expert tip: Schedule in advance as classes are limited

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