Barcelona's Most Delicious and Innovative Brunch Restaurants

Barcelona is known for many wonderful things; brunch has yet to become one of them. In a city where breakfast usually consists of a croissant and shot of espresso (and often a pint of beer depending on if you're in the right neighborhood), the bacon and cheese omelet, with a side of toast, scoop of hash browns and/or sausage culture, has yet to take off. That being said, there are a few Barcelona breakfast gems that are starting to tap into the early riser niche and many of them are doing an excellent job; including not only a wide variety of eggs on the menu but early morning cocktails including Mimosas and the infamous Bloody Mary. From the Gotico to the Eixample barrios, several modern, tasteful and rustic restaurants are springing up or simply adding a breakfast option to their already extensive menus. So if you're craving a bit of greasy spoon goodness to get the day going during the week or on the weekend, you have a few very viable options.

A few notable restaurants to check out include Milk, Federal, Benedicte Bistro and Picnic. All have geared their menus to a more 'American Style' brunch and have nailed down the bacon and eggs option quite well. 



The recovery brunch is only one of Milk's strong selling points. Available daily until 4pm, this restaurant was one of the first in Barcelona to nail down the breakfast menu with their American style brunch. In addition to their delicious...  Read More

El Foro


A beef lover's paradise, El Foro cooks a mean Argentinean bife de chorizo and is one of the few places in Barcelona that knows how to make a steak 'poco hecho' (bloody rare). This lively, airy and spacious restaurant is excellent for dates,...  Read More

Casa Paco


If you don't know what you're looking for, it's very easy to walk by Casa Paco without taking a second glance. This unassuming, hole in the wall is a true local's delight. The bar's strong cultural appeal attracts a diverse crowd and is well...  Read More

Cafe Alfonso


Set in a gorgeous, Barcelona building, Casa Alfonso dates back to 1934 and over the years has become a Barcelona staple. Located on the edge of the Ribera and Eixample neighborhoods, this elegantly classic locale has a tasty, traditional menu....  Read More



Not only does this sleek yet rustic restaurant/bar sport a large breakfast menu, but it is one of few places in Barcelona to offer bagels as well. Situated in the up and coming Raval neighborhood in the Old City, Dostrece's brunch menu is hard...  Read More

Buenas Migas


Renowned for its delicious pastries and baked goods, what many people don't know about this coffee house chain, is that at 9am every day, Buenas Migas has a small yet mouth watering breakfast menu. Since the owners are Italian and English, they...  Read More



Situated in the Born, Alsur's outdoor patio is perfect for summer afternoon brunches, or early evening cocktails. Along with their fairly extensive brunch menu they feature a wide variety of Catalan and Mediterranean lunch and dinner dishes....  Read More



Another Barcelona rarity when it comes to brunch, Picnic's menu is not elaborate, but it's packed with high quality, tasty dishes and most importantly it caters to those looking for a 'greasy spoon' breakfast (although it's not greasy). Located...  Read More



Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and...  Read More



A delicious new addition to Barcelona's brunch scene, Benedict is an American style brunch restaurant with an extensive menu and tasty food. With its mix of antique British and Indian decor, it's an open space, ideal for late weekend brunches or...  Read More


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