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Barcelona's Most Delicious and Innovative Brunch Restaurants

Barcelona is known for many wonderful things; brunch has yet to become one of them. In a city where breakfast usually consists of a croissant and shot of espresso (and often a pint of beer depending on if you're in the right neighborhood), the bacon and cheese omelet, with a side of toast, scoop of hash browns and/or sausage culture, has yet to take off. That being said, there are a few Barcelona breakfast gems that are starting to tap into the early riser niche and many of them are doing an excellent job; including not only a wide variety of eggs on the menu but early morning cocktails including Mimosas and the infamous Bloody Mary. From the Gotico to the Eixample barrios, several modern, tasteful and rustic restaurants are springing up or simply adding a breakfast option to their already extensive menus. So if you're craving a bit of greasy spoon goodness to get the day going during the week or on the weekend, you have a few very viable options.

A few notable restaurants to check out include Milk, Federal, Benedicte Bistro and Picnic. All have geared their menus to a more 'American Style' brunch and have nailed down the bacon and eggs option quite well. 


The recovery brunch is only one of Milk's strong selling points. Available daily until 4pm, this restaurant was one of the first in Barcelona to nail down the breakfast menu with their American style brunch. In addition to their delicious morning options, Milk's daily happy hour cocktails, at 5 Euros a piece, will leave you with quite the headache, (although it's well worth it at the time) and you'll most likely be enticed to stay for dinner and demolish one of their mouth watering hamburgers. Run by an Irish couple, this bistro turned cocktail bar after dark, is an ideal place if you're looking for quality food in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Recommended for Brunch because: A classic Barcelona brunch staple in the Old City right behind the large post office

Sam's expert tip: If you want the full day brunch menu be sure to get there before 4pm

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El Foro

A beef lover's paradise, El Foro cooks a mean Argentinean bife de chorizo and is one of the few places in Barcelona that knows how to make a steak 'poco hecho' (bloody rare). This lively, airy and spacious restaurant is excellent for dates, parties or just an intimate evening out amongst friends. Even if you're not a carnivore, you still have options; El Foro has an extensive menu including pasta, pizza and salad dishes amongst other Argentinean specialties. Every morning El Foro also features a small breakfast menu, with fresh orange juice; the restaurant also has free wi-fi.

Recommended for Brunch because: Ask for three eggs with your scrambled eggs or omelet as they're often small portions

Sam's expert tip: Try their Bianchi Malbec, an excellent and reasonably priced Argentinean wine. They also have a tasty and cheap, three-course menu del dia for lunch.

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Casa Paco

If you don't know what you're looking for, it's very easy to walk by Casa Paco without taking a second glance. This unassuming, hole in the wall is a true local's delight. The bar's strong cultural appeal attracts a diverse crowd and is well known for its relaxed vibe, tasty cocktails and late hours. They have a small menu which includes a few breakfast specials; so if you manage to wake up at a decent hour, give their coffee and croissants a try. Their patatas bravas are also excellent and usually a good side dish to accompany the usual breakfast menu.

Recommended for Brunch because: A local and rustic restaurant with good food and an authentic vibe

Sam's expert tip: Check out late nights on Fridays and Saturdays with well known djs.

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Cafe Alfonso

Set in a gorgeous, Barcelona building, Casa Alfonso dates back to 1934 and over the years has become a Barcelona staple. Located on the edge of the Ribera and Eixample neighborhoods, this elegantly classic locale has a tasty, traditional menu. They feature home made pastries for breakfast, which go well with their diverse selection of teas, coffees and specialty jams. Cafe Alfonso has recently added a breakfast menu to its repertoire which sports a mix of Catalan specialties such as fresh croissants and sandwiches as well as the more 'Western Style' brunch including eggs, toast and orange juice and other fresh fruit options.

Recommended for Brunch because: Traditional, Catalan style food and brunch set in an authentic building and in a great location

Sam's expert tip: Try their goat's cheese salad

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Not only does this sleek yet rustic restaurant/bar sport a large breakfast menu, but it is one of few places in Barcelona to offer bagels as well. Situated in the up and coming Raval neighborhood in the Old City, Dostrece's brunch menu is hard to beat. With a wide variety of eggs dishes, cheeses, breads, yogurts and even fruit smoothies, it's worth it to wake up before 1pm in order to catch the brunch menu - served daily. Don't be fooled however, this trendy restaurant turns into a lively bar and lounge in the evening with a stage downstairs, ideal for live music venues and djs.

Recommended for Brunch because: They have a diverse menu with great variety for all food types and allergies

Sam's expert tip: They serve a special vegan and vegetarian brunch menu as well

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Buenas Migas

Renowned for its delicious pastries and baked goods, what many people don't know about this coffee house chain, is that at 9am every day, Buenas Migas has a small yet mouth watering breakfast menu. Since the owners are Italian and English, they feature a mix of Ligurian and Cornish products and even offer a take-away option. All of Buenas Migas' food is made in house and from the highest quality ingredients, which explains why it's so incredibly tasty. With several locations throughout the city, this cafe/restaurant also serves pizza and salads. They're located in the Born, Gracia and Gotic neighborhoods.

Recommended for Brunch because: A Catalan style Brunch with Italian influences they serve fresh croissants and Bocadillos

Sam's expert tip: Try their hot chocolate

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Situated in the Born, Alsur's outdoor patio is perfect for summer afternoon brunches, or early evening cocktails. Along with their fairly extensive brunch menu they feature a wide variety of Catalan and Mediterranean lunch and dinner dishes. This is a fun, unassuming restaurant in the heart of the Old City, reasonably priced and extremely lively. Alsur is perfect if you want to eat and then work for a few hours. Their comfortable couches and lounge chairs provide for an inviting and very warm atmosphere and are ideal for lazy weekend brunches and enjoyable afternoons amongst friends and family. It's also a nice area to go for a stroll after the meal.

Recommended for Brunch because: A comfortable and relaxing place to Brunch, work and spend time with friends

Sam's expert tip: It's great if you're looking to do some work as they have free wi-fi

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Another Barcelona rarity when it comes to brunch, Picnic's menu is not elaborate, but it's packed with high quality, tasty dishes and most importantly it caters to those looking for a 'greasy spoon' breakfast (although it's not greasy). Located in the heart of the Born, this is a small, intimate locale with a few bar stools and tables lining the walls as well it has some outdoor seating. The staff are personable and eager to please and the food is great, especially the eggs! They also have a large downstairs area if you're looking to reserve for large groups or a special gathering.

Recommended for Brunch because: A trendy, modern brunch restaurant in the Born, great food and a nice vibe

Sam's expert tip: If you want the brunch menu be sure to arrive before 1pm.

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Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and cocktail bar all rolled into one, boasts the best breakfast in the city. Whether you're carving pancakes, eggs 'benny', smoked salmon mixed with spinach or just a Mimosa to help with the Sunday hangover, this is a Barcelona treat and a brunch lover's haven. They also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu and with free wi-fi you could easily stay all day and take 'sun breaks' on their terrace.

Recommended for Brunch because: A classic breakfast and brunch restaurant in one of the city's more local neighborhoods

Sam's expert tip: Get there before 10:30am on weekends. They don't take reservations and they are ALWAYS full

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A delicious new addition to Barcelona's brunch scene, Benedict is an American style brunch restaurant with an extensive menu and tasty food. With its mix of antique British and Indian decor, it's an open space, ideal for late weekend brunches or even a few hours or work if you feel like using their free wifi while sipping on a latte or a fresh fruit smoothie. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Benedict has truly understood how to capture brunch in the city. On Thursdays through till Sundays, this is an excellent late night dinner locale. Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, it's close to fun bars and clubs and is a great place to get the evening started with their delicious cocktails.

Recommended for Brunch because: A delicious, new brunch restaurant in Barcelona's Gotico neighborhood, great in the winter

Sam's expert tip: Every weekend they serve a free mimosa with your meal

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