Barcelona's Most Casual, Relaxed and Unassuming Places to Dine

One of the best things about Barcelona, is that almost anything goes. There are very few places that require a dress code and unless you're wearing flip flops and coming straight from the beach, Barcelona's restaurants are for the most part, extremely unpretentious, unassuming and very inviting. Whether you're fine dining or hitting up greasy spoon tapas in a downtown neighborhood locale, casually elegant is usually about as dressy as it gets. That being said, Barcelona is a city renowned for its culinary innovation, avant-garde cuisine and Michelin Star restaurants. The Adria brothers are amongst many famous chefs who have made Barcelona the foodie hub that it has become today. So if you're looking to avoid some of the higher-end restaurants and stick to simple, tasty and more casual dining, there are several great places throughout the city where you can get quality food at reasonable prices in a relaxing setting.

The Old City in particular lends itself well to casually trendy and extremely tasty locales. The Gothic Quarter, Born and Raval are all rustic (the Born a bit chicer) Barrios in Ciutat Vella, with a mix of touristy and off the beaten path places to dine with a less upscale flare. 




Tucked away in the Raval, in the gardens of the Old Hospital Santa Creu, El Jardi is a quaint and very charming outdoor tapas bar and restaurant. Ideal during the spring and summer, the restaurant serves fresh salads and tapas and also features...  Read More

Ginger Bar


With its hanging disco ball, plush leather seats and wooden tables, many Ginger fans have coined this trendy wine and cocktail bar as an 'airport lounge'. It is however, rather known for it's innovative cocktails, wide selection of amazing wine...  Read More

Andu Bar


Romantic, intimate and cozy, this dimly lit wine and tapas bar is tucked away on one of the Gothic Quarters' many side streets. Ideal for dates or a few drinks with friends, it's owned by a Canadian and the service is top notch and so is the...  Read More



A trendy, young, lively and unique restaurant that specializes in Asian tapas. Mosquito has found its niche offering the most amazing Dim Sum and dumplings, you'll actually feel like you're in Hong Kong and China, while dipping into a wide...  Read More



Featuring a mix of high quality Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, Salero was established before the Born became trendy and is now one of the 'go to' hot spots for delicious food and fun evenings out on the town. Dim lighting and candlelit...  Read More

Old Town
El Salón


The antique decor that adorns El Salon is simply charming, and the menu is equally impressive. It is based on a Catalan traditional menu, but it is colored with French influence. Dishes you should try include roast guinea fowl with chestnut...  Read More

El Foro


A beef lover's paradise, El Foro cooks a mean Argentinean bife de chorizo and is one of the few places in Barcelona that knows how to make a steak 'poco hecho' (bloody rare). This lively, airy and spacious restaurant is excellent for dates,...  Read More



A slice of Paris in the heart of Barcelona's Ciutate Vella, if you're in the mood for a french cafe/bistro, this is the place to go. Run by all French staff, this rustic, quaint and incredibly personable cafe acts as a restaurant as well as a...  Read More

Teresa Carles


A vegetarian oasis on the edge of the Raval neighborhood, Teresa Carles serves fresh vegetables and fruits, authentic salads and even brunch. This is a comfortable, relaxing, very warm and inviting place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and...  Read More



Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and...  Read More


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