Best Homestyle Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona's Tastiest Comfort Food and Coziest Restaurants

Although Barcelona is mainly known for its tapas, both the 'gastro and greasy' variety, there are still a few gems and unique hot spots if you're looking for a good old fashioned homestyle meal. The city is quickly adopting the Sunday (and weekday) brunch menu and with that comes new 'American Style' diners and restaurants all geared at serving locals, expats and tourists, delicious comfort food.

Whether it's paella to split amongst four or more, soup and salad incorporated into one of the daily 'menus' (set menu usually between 10-13 Euros served during lunch), or chicken and fries, restaurants are now adding 'tastes of home' into their line up.

The Gothic Quarter and Born neighborhoods in particular have several tasty 'feel good' options as do some of the surrounding neighborhoods such as Sarria and Sant Gervasi. These are more residential neighborhoods whose restaurants cater more to family style than some of the ones in the city center.

And don't be fooled by the tapas bars either. Although most of them sport small plates of food that don't necessarily convey comfort or homestyle, many places have daily specials that aren't on the menu and are constantly updating their repertoire to cater to tourists, especially in the Old City and the center. 


Wok to Wok is an excellent take out choice, especially if you want to grab something by the beach and have a little 'beachnik'. With several shops around the city, one of their most popular is in Barceloneta, it's always packed and for good reason. Wok to Wok uses fresh ingredients with a choice of rice, noodles or vegetables. Inspired by a trip to Thailand, today Wok to Wok has over 50 restaurants worldwide and is known for its consistent high-quality, tasty ingredients and top-notch service. They also have vegetarian options and the restaurant itself acts as a healthy food store, so if you're looking to shop a bit, they might have what you're looking for.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Barcelona's best take away comfort food that you can eat along the beach.

Sam's expert tip: Go early on weekends as the line can sometimes have a 45 minutes to an hour wait (early means before 1:30pm)

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The Pasta Bar is one of the Gotico's most well known take out restaurants. Serving fresh and delicious Italian style Pasta, this is one of the Old City's best places for an authentic Italian dish either to stay or as take away. The small shop has a large table at the back, comfortable enough to seat 5-10 people. They also serve a host of salads, soups and wine and beer. Pasta Bar is an excellent late night take out option or an easy dinner to grab while you're touring the Old city. It's right off La Rambla and around the corner from George Orwell Plaza (aka Plaza Tripi)

Recommended for Homestyle because: Excellent, homestyle pasta either to take away or to stay

Sam's expert tip: Try their raviolis and soup of the day

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Marmalade Bar Restaurant Cocktails

Locals trek from all over the city to eat at Marmalade. Not only does it have an affordable and tasty lunch menu, but it has some of the best comfort food in town. Large, hamburgers, hearty salads and American Style breakfasts and brunch, Marmalade is a local hot spot. Situated in the Raval neighborhoods, this up and coming 'barrio' is as local as you'll get in Barcelona's Ciutat Vella (Old City). What used to be known as the seediest part of town is now one of the trendiest, and fastest up and coming areas with a host of cool and delicious restaurants from which to choose.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Homestyle food in city's most rustic and local neighborhoods, the Raval

Sam's expert tip: Try their omelettes, especially their brie cheese ones

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GrĂ cia

This new delicious, homestyle cafe in Gracia sports a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. Godot Cafe, situated right beside Plaza Del Sol and Plaza Rius Taulet, in the charming and very local neighborhood of Gracia, and it's fast becoming one of the area's trendiest new, American style restaurants. With a 'yankee' and Mediterranean style fusion, Godot serves tasty eggs, hearty salads, homestyle hamburgers and fries and a host of other tasty dishes. It's ideal for late weekend lunches or early brunches and even has a special room for parties or large groups. If they're full when you arrive, have a cocktail at the bar while you're waiting.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Gracia's newest homestyle restaurant that serves comfort food in an intimate setting

Sam's expert tip: They don't take reservations so be sure to arrive early especially on weekends

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The recovery brunch is only one of Milk's strong selling points. Available daily until 4pm, this restaurant was one of the first in Barcelona to nail down the breakfast menu with their American style brunch. In addition to their delicious morning options, Milk has a great lunch menu which leads nicely into happy hour cocktails, at 5 Euros a piece where you'll be left with quite the headache, (although it's well worth it at the time). If you're keen on staying for dinner, try one of their mouth watering hamburgers. Run by an Irish couple, this bistro turned cocktail bar after dark, is an ideal place if you're looking for quality food in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Dimly lit with comfortable benches, this is homestyle food at its best

Sam's expert tip: If you want the full day brunch menu be sure to get there before 4pm

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Sant Gervasi

The first kosher restaurant to hit Barcelona has opened to rave reviews. Delicias Kosher features a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Fusion, all with a kosher flare. Situated in the more 'pijo' (posh) neighbohood of Barcelona, it's still easy to get to and definitely worth a visit. Their hummus and chicken and beef skewers are delicious and their dips, are tasty, warm and inviting and no matter who you're enjoying the meal with, you'll feel like you're surrounded by friends and family. This is a great place to get your comfort food fill, especially if you like Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Delicious homestyle Mediterranean food and one of the only kosher restaurants in the city

Sam's expert tip: Try their hummus and Israeli salad - you'll feel like you're in the Middle East.

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Situated in the Born, Alsur's outdoor patio is perfect for summer afternoon brunches, or early evening cocktails. Their brunch menu is offered daily until 12pm and on the weekends it's served throughout the day. Along with their extensive brunch menu they feature a wide variety of Catalan and Mediterranean lunch and dinner dishes. This is a fun, unassuming restaurant in the heart of the Old City, reasonably priced and extremely lively. In addition to their inviting patio, the inside is full of plush leather booths, comfy armchairs and high top tables. It's a good place to work and spend a few hours in the afternoon.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Large plates with tasty homestyle dishes including hamburgers and greasy fries

Sam's expert tip: It's great if you're looking to do some work as they have free wi-fi

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Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and cocktail bar all rolled into one, boasts the best breakfast in the city. Whether you're carving pancakes, eggs 'benny', smoked salmon mixed with spinach or just a Mimosa to help with the Sunday hangover, this is a Barcelona treat and a brunch lover's haven. They also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu and with free wi-fi you could easily stay all day. This is an excellent place to get your 'comfort food dose'.

Recommended for Homestyle because: French toast, pancakes and bacon, extremely tasty homestyle food

Sam's expert tip: Get there before 10:30am on weekends. They don't take reservations and they are ALWAYS full

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Teresa Carles

A vegetarian oasis on the edge of the Raval neighborhood, Teresa Carles serves fresh vegetables and fruits, authentic salads and even brunch. This is a comfortable, relaxing, very warm and inviting place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and even takeaway. This is one of the only restaurants in Barcelona that really knows how to make a fresh and hearty salad. They also have delicious croquettes (small, lightly battered balls filled with cheese, mushrooms etc...), quiches and soups. It's extremely homey and an excellent place to enjoy comfort food. Their breakfasts are also great with eggs and fruit and other daily specials.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Serves some of the tastiest and largest homestyle salads in the city

Sam's expert tip: Try their breakfast and brunch menu served daily from 9am-2pm.

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Tucked away in Plaza Sant Juss, Bliss is both a cozy coffee, tea and tapas joint as well as a thriving summer time venue due to it's great out door patio. The back room is full of plus couches and comfy chairs which makes it hard to leave and ideal for chatting with friends over coffee and a few plates of delicious tapas. Their couches suck you in making it hard to leave, thus providing for one of the best places for tea time in the city. Their extensive menu caters to those looking for a simple pot of herbal tea to those wanting a slightly more sophisticated brew.

Recommended for Homestyle because: Bliss serves a delicious chicken and rice combo as well as tasty hamburgers

Sam's expert tip: Try Their Ginger Tea

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