Best Late Night Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona's Most Exciting and Eclectic Late-Night Restaurants

Although it takes some getting used to, Barcelona's late night dining is not to be missed. A meal in this city is more of a cultural experience than anything else, and if you really want to delve into the authenticity of Barcelona's culinary scene, then eat like the locals and make a reservation for 10pm (or later). Most restaurants don't open their doors until 8pm and that's for the early birds. If you want to blend in and eat with the locals, go for a drink at 8pm and try and hold out until 9pm or 9:30pm before sitting down to dine. Keep in mind Barcelona (and Spanish) meals usually take between 3-4 hours, so if you start at 9pm or 10pm you'll go well into the night. The majority of restaurants keep their kitchens open until after 12am and it's hard to find a place that will actually kick you out if you've overstayed your welcome. If you're still thirsty and hungry, you can usually order, if not hot plates than cold tapas, if the kitchen's closed. Once you've finished dining, if you still want to keep the night going, the clubs start opening around 1am, so you're right on time for the discos. 


There is always a line up outside Les Quinze Nits. Part of the Andilana Restaurant group, although this place can be slightly touristy, it's one of the tastiest Gothic Quarter restaurants. Their dishes have a Mediterranean and Catalan flare and are all reasonably priced. One of the best parts about Les Quinze Nits is its location. Perfectly situated, overlooking the always lively, Plaza Reial, you can enjoy dinner while feasting your eyes upon the performers who are always there to entertain during dinner (breakfast and lunch as well). The palm trees and gorgeous lights make for a romantic and very special evening.

Recommended for Late Night because: Plaza Reial is the heart of the Old City and you can people watch for hours at Quinze Nits

Sam's expert tip: Show up early as you can't reserve and there are ALWAYS long lines

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A delicious new addition to Barcelona's brunch scene, Benedict is an American style brunch restaurant with an extensive menu and tasty food. With its mix of antique British and Indian decor, it's an open space, ideal for late weekend brunches or even a few hours or work if you feel like using their free wifi while sipping on a latte or a fresh fruit smoothie. Located in the Gothic Quarter, Benedict has truly understood how to capture brunch in the city. On Thursdays through till Sundays, this is an excellent late night dinner locale. Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, it's close to fun bars and clubs and is a great place to get the evening started with their delicious cocktails.

Recommended for Late Night because: An electric late night restaurant with tasty cocktails and a welcoming atmosphere

Sam's expert tip: Try their mimosas, free on weekends before 3pm

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Andu Bar

Romantic, intimate and cozy, this dimly lit wine and tapas bar is tucked away on one of the Gothic Quarters' many side streets. Ideal for dates or a few drinks with friends, it's owned by a Canadian and the service is top notch and so is the food. The bar has a great selection of comfy couches and tables and ideal for groups of friends who want a large space with little interruption. Andu's wine list is also quite extensive and includes dessert wines as well as a few international bottles. Their food is limited to tapas but their cheese plate is quite yummy.

Recommended for Late Night because: An intimate late night bar and tapas restaurant in the city center

Sam's expert tip: Try their hummus

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An excellent gastro tapas bar in the Old City right near Arc De Triomf at the edge of the Born neighborhood. Elsa y Fred sports an early 1920's decor and provides an elegant understated vibe. It's a great place for a morning coffee and paper, tapas lunch and delicious dinner. On Tuesday nights they have Jazz and on weekends they're always packed for brunch. This is a great late night restaurant, pretty much on any day of the week. They stay open until you're finished eating and drinking and whether you're there to 'picar' (snack), eat a full out meal or just have a drink, it's a lively place to stay until late into the night.

Recommended for Late Night because: A charming and fun tapas and wine bar with great late night action

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve in advance on Tuesdays and on the weekends

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A slice of Paris in the heart of Barcelona's Ciutate Vella, if you're in the mood for a french cafe/bistro, this is the place to go. Run by all French staff, this rustic, quaint and incredibly personable cafe acts as a restaurant as well as a late night wine bar. It's an ideal place to set up shop and work for the day using their free Wi-Fi while sipping on a glass of Bordeaux accompanied with a plate of Comte cheese. If you're not in the mood for French wine however, they also have an excellent tea list and comfy leather arm chairs in the far left hand corner, ideal for reading, working and relaxing.

Recommended for Late Night because: A lively French restaurant ideal for late night dining in the Upper Born

Sam's expert tip: Try their Comte and Ham salad

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Bar Mut

A trendy, upscale bar in the heart of the Exiample neighborhood. Bar Mut specializes in fresh, mouth watering seafood which it serves in an authentic setting atop barrels, which act as tables. They also have a variety of other delicious dishes including cheeses, meats and salads. There are few places to sit in Bar Mut, making for a very intimate setting. If you don't feel like spending an arm and a leg, go for their lunch menu which is on the less pricey side but allows you to experience high quality dishes in the middle of the day. Sit outside, if it's a nice day out - excellent for people watching.

Recommended for Late Night because: Trendy, bar and restaurant for an intimate late night out

Sam's expert tip: Reserve well in advance

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Boca Grande

An excellent mix of Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine in a charming and elegant setting. Boca Grande is one of Barcelona's fastest rising 'IT' restaurants. It's a great place to throw private parties as they have an additional salon for large groups and an outdoor terrace, especially fun during the summer. Boca Grande is an ideal late night restaurant in one of the 'nicer' areas of the city, close to Sarria neighborhood. It turns into a club after dinner, so you can start dining around 10pm and eat until the music starts playing. If you dine there you don't have to pay the entrance fee for the club.

Recommended for Late Night because: Great late night restaurant in one of Barcelona's posher neighborhoods

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve well in advance

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Old Town
El Salón

Charming, quaint and one of the only restaurants in Barcelona that takes reservations on their outdoor terrace, El Salon is a always a sure bet for out-of-towners, dates and intimate evenings amongst close friends. Featuring a mix of Catalan and French cuisine, the inside of the restaurant has a classic and authentic feel while the patio nestled out back creates a friendly and warm ambiance as it sits alongside several other bars and restaurants, all situated within close proximity of each other. El Salon is ideal for late night dining, as the owners are wonderful and flexible and don't care how long you stay.

Recommended for Late Night because: One of the best late night restaurants in the Gothic Quarter with an outdoor terrace

Sam's expert tip: Try their Tuna Steak it's amazing

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OBE restaurant
Photo courtesy of Obe Restaurant

A trendy and cute Italian restaurant in the Born neighborhood, Obe has a vast Italian wine list and a delicious selection of pastas, meat, fish and antipasta cuisine. The restaurant is a new addition to Born's already thriving culinary scene and is fast becoming known for its top notch service and high quality food. Although Obe is primarily Italian, it has a variety of options and is more of an Italian/Mediterranean Fusion restaurant. Located behind the Santa Cata Market, Obe has an excellently situated outdoor patio, adjacent to other restaurants, yet far enough away that you don't feel squished. It's ideal in the summer and perfect for those looking for an enjoyable meal in a vibrant atmosphere.

Recommended for Late Night because: Delicious late night authentic Italian food and wine with a great patio in the summer

Sam's expert tip: Try the Risotto with saut�ed shrimp

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Agua Barcelona

It's hard to beat Agua's location. Situated directly along the boardwalk, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, not only is Agua one of the hottest restaurants in town, but it boasts fresh, eclectic seafood daily. As part of the trendy and well-known Tragaluz chain of restaurants, this is an ideal place to kick back and relax along the water and if you're in the mood for fish, shrimp or mussels amongst plenty of other options, then this is an excellent choice. Agua is ideal if you feel like going for a late dinner, one that leads into dancing along the beach until the sun comes up.

Recommended for Late Night because: Agua is both a restaurant and disco, so dine until late and then dance the night away

Sam's expert tip: Check out their tapas and cocktails every afternoon on the terrace until the sun goes down.

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