Best Places to Lunch in Barcelona, for as Long as You Want!

For the most part the rumours hold true: there's rarely such a thing as a thirty-minute lunch in Barcelona. Perhaps one of the most celebrated meals of the day, for those who work in typical 'Spanish' offices or for those who have adapted to the Mediterranean way of life, lunchtime can be one of the most relaxing occasions taking anywhere from between 1-2 hours or more, depending on how ‘lax’ your office is. As a result, the city caters itself accordingly with most restaurants offering lunch 'menus del dia' from around 8-12 Euros. This usually includes a three-course meal (starter, main and dessert) as well as a drink and often a glass or half liter of wine. Traditional Catalan and Spanish menus can include a selection of chicken, meat, salad, soup, beans, lentils, pan con tomate (bread with tomato), fish amongst other tapas and main dishes. If you don't feel like eating Spanish cuisine during lunch, then there are plenty of restaurants throughout the city that offer the 'menu', whether it be Japanese, French, Continental or otherwise. It's easy to find a cheap and delicious place to eat between 1 and 4pm, just be sure to show up before it’s too late as many establishments close their kitchens between 4pm-8pm; to enjoy siesta time of course.




Qu Qu serves some of the freshes salads in Barcelona, with fresh produce daily and an option to create your own salad as well, which is hard to find in the city. Part of the AN Grup chain of restaurants, this is a very convenient, lively and warm place to eat, with a spacious, indoor dining area both upstairs and down, as well as a terrace in the sun on Passeig De Gracia, one of the best people watching walkways in Barcelona. This is a great place to eat lunch if you want to hit the high-end shops before or afterwards.

Tucked away in the Raval, in the gardens of the Old Hospital Santa Creu, El Jardi is a quaint and very charming outdoor tapas bar and restaurant. Ideal during the spring and summer, the restaurant serves fresh salads and tapas and also features an extensive wine list. During the winter the outdoor heaters and blankets provide for a cozy and fairly warm atmosphere, while during the summer, it's hard to find a more romantic place to dine or to have an intimate evenings amongst friends. The staff are mostly unpretentious Argentineans who take things slow, so don't go there if you're already hungry as it'll take some time to get your food.

Not only does this sleek yet rustic restaurant/bar sport a large breakfast menu, but it is one of few places in Barcelona to offer bagels as well. Situated in the up and coming Raval neighborhood in the Old City, Dostrece's brunch and lunch menu is hard to beat. With a wide variety of eggs dishes, cheeses, breads, yogurts and even fruit smoothies for brunch and mouthwatering hamburgers and sandwiches for lunch, Dostrece has high quality food in a very cool atmosphere. Don't be fooled however, this trendy restaurant turns into a lively bar and lounge in the evening with a stage downstairs, ideal for live music venues and djs.


The recovery brunch is only one of Milk's strong selling points. Available daily until 4pm, this restaurant was one of the first in Barcelona to nail down the breakfast menu with their American style brunch. In addition to their delicious morning options, Milk has a great lunch menu which leads nicely into happy hour cocktails, at 5 Euros a piece where you'll be left with quite the headache, (although it's well worth it at the time). If you're keen on staying for dinner, try one of their mouth watering hamburgers. Run by an Irish couple, this bistro turned cocktail bar after dark, is an ideal place if you're looking for quality food in a warm and cozy atmosphere.


It's hard to get more Catalan than Sol De Nit, located in Plaza Del Sol. This tiny restaurant has one of the best terraces, ideal for gawking at hippie Catalans, buskers, performers, runaway dogs and for sun tanning, especially during the summer. Their food is cheap and tasty and it's one of a handful of places you can sit for hours and not even notice the time pass you by. It's right around the corner from various great plazas so you can lunch on this terrace and then browse the others while shopping at the various boutique, designer stores.

Finally a Barcelona restaurant that has mastered the brunch menu. Not only is Federal's classic decor, spacious setting and inviting ambiance selling points in themselves, but this Australian owned rustic three-story diner, restaurant and cocktail bar all rolled into one, boasts the best breakfast in the city. Whether you're carving pancakes, eggs 'benny', smoked salmon mixed with spinach or just a Mimosa to help with the Sunday hangover, this is a Barcelona treat and a brunch lover's haven. They also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu and with free wi-fi you could easily stay all day.

Tapas 24

One of the most well known Tapas joints in the city, Tapas 24 features high quality food with a greasy flare. Their menu is diverse with a variety of Spanish, Catalan and Mediterranean options. The restaurant itself is tiny with a few outdoor tables on the patio, ideal during summer and heated in the winter. You can't make reservations and the place is always packed so it's best to go early especially on weekends. A fun place to enjoy authentic Barcelona tapas this is a classic, greasy spoon haven for those looking to delve into tasty Mediterranean stlye tapas.

El Foro

A beef lover's paradise, El Foro cooks a mean Argentinean bife de chorizo and is one of the few places in Barcelona that knows how to make a steak 'poco hecho' (bloody rare). This lively, airy and spacious restaurant is excellent for dates, parties or just an intimate evening out amongst friends. When it comes to lunch, they have a very affordable three-course lunch menu. Even if you're not a carnivore, you still have options; El Foro has an extensive menu including pasta, pizza and salad dishes amongst other Argentinean specialties. Every morning El Foro also features a small breakfast menu, with fresh orange juice; the restaurant also has free wi-fi.


A trendy, young, lively and unique restaurant that specializes in Asian tapas. Mosquito has found its niche offering the most amazing Dim Sum and dumplings, you'll actually feel like you're in Hong Kong and China, while dipping into a wide variety of tapas amongst friends. Mosquito is a small locale in the heart of the Born, owned and run by a British native who spent years in Asia mastering the art of Asian cuisine. This place is always packed and for good reason. They don't take reservations so be sure to show up early or put your name on the list and go for a drink at one of the many bars nearby.

Teresa Carles

A vegetarian oasis on the edge of the Raval neighborhood, Teresa Carles serves fresh vegetables and fruits, authentic salads and even brunch. This is a comfortable, relaxing, very warm and inviting place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and even takeaway. This is one of the only restaurants in Barcelona that really knows how to make a fresh and hearty salad. They also have delicious croquettes (small, lightly battered balls filled with cheese, mushrooms etc...), quiches and soups. It's extremely homey and an excellent place to enjoy comfort food. Their breakfasts are also great with eggs and fruit and other daily specials.


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