Best Restaurants near Camp Nou

Barcelona's Most Delicious Places to Dine around the Corner from Camp Nou

One area where Barcelona does not lack, is it's incredible array of restaurants, strewn throughout the city. It has a vast range of high-end, greasy spoon, moderately priced and authentic places to grab a bite. The influx of expats and tourists over the years has greatly influenced the cuisine, providing the city with a Mediterranean fusion feel often combining Asian dishes with Spanish tapas, Italian plates with Moroccan amongst a host of other combinations.

When it comes to great eateries near Barcelona's Camp Nou Stadium you're in luck as there are some tasty options either very close by or just a quick walk or taxi ride away. Although Camp Nou isn't in the heart of the city center where many of the well-known restaurants take up shop, it's a well-known established area thus attracting a wide range of quality restaurants. The stadium itself has a few stands where you can get food, but if you're in the mood for a more elegant or elaborate meal either high-end of more economical, definitely check out the surrounding area either before or after the game. Or even if you're just touring the stadium, grab a bite with your guide or with your group in the area, it'll make the experience that much more authentic if you eat in the same vicinity as the stadium. 


Boca Grande

An excellent mix of Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine in a charming and elegant setting. Boca Grande is one of Barcelona's fastest rising 'IT' restaurants. It's a great place to throw private parties as they have an additional salon for large groups and an outdoor terrace, especially fun during the summer. Boca Grande is a Spanish/Nouveau Cuisine fusion restaurant with a host of delicious food and impeccable service. The restaurant turns itself into a late night disco in the evening with a DJ playing in the bathroom. It's ideal for romantic dinners and then perfect as it turns into a disco at the end of the night.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A trendy Catalan inspired restaurant with great food and a good vibe, not far from Camp Nou

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve well in advance

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A Barcelona staple this tapas joint is well known to locals, expats, tourists and all those looking to experience a genuine Barcelona tapas meal. Situated in the Eixample neighborhood, Cerveceria Catalana offers high quality food at very reasonable prices. It's a great place for lunch with friends or dinner as they're open fairly late. This is also a perfect restaurant if you're looking to enjoy a meal with a lot of people. The restaurants outdoor patio is spacious, lined with long tables and a nice spot to lounge and people watch when the weather is nice. Although you'll hear plenty of English around you, it's still a local gem.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A Barcelona Must-try for it's greasy tapas and authentic vibe. Not too far from Camp Nou

Sam's expert tip: Try to get a seat on their terrace, it's great for people watching and they only have a few tables outside

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Poblet Sec

Ferran Adria's newest addition to Barcelona's tapas scene, Tickets is a refreshing spin on gastro-tapas, offering delicious, innovative dishes in a fun and youthful locale. Tapas can be ordered a la carte or ask for their surprise menu where you let the waiters order for you. Even if you have food restrictions or allergies, just tell the waiters and they'll adapt the menu to meet your needs. They even offer a great wine pairing, just ask for their input. Although from the outside Tickets looks like you're at a carnival with its bright colours and wooden chairs and tables, it's an incredible gastronomic experience.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: An experience not to be missed, Ferran Adria's finest tapas restaurant in the city

Sam's expert tip: Best way to reserve is to book at midnight, 3 months prior to the day you want to go. It's extremely hard to get reservations, but not impossible.

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Paco Meralgo

Innovative tapas in the heart of the Eixample, Paco Meralgo's minimalist decor doesn't take away from its warm atmosphere and absolutely delicious food. It's fair to say that this restaurant has some of the most unique tapas in the city, offering dishes that are hard to find in other places. Their large windows and bar stools provide for an airy feel and excellent people watching, especially during the day time. One of the city's first gastro tapas restaurants, Paco Meralgo has a mix of elegant dishes as well as homey Catalan favourites including pan con tomate and a mouth watering tortilla (Spanish omelet).

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A short drive from Camp Nou, their gastro-tapas are avant garde and delicious

Sam's expert tip: Check out their takeaway paella option on Saturday & Sundays.

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Les Corts/Sans

Founded in 1970 and located near FC Barcelona's Camp Nou, La Barraca is a landmark in the Les Corts neighborhood. The restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine that's always cooked with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. The menu is ideal for foodies who know they will always find the highest quality ingredients. The rustic and traditional setting is perfect for family meals, business meetings and even romantic dinners if you choose. This is a great place for wine lovers as well as they have quite an extensive list. Some dishes to consider are the Anchovies from the North, Shrimp and Shellfish.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A delicious restaurant for foodies and very close to Camp Nou Stadium

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to reserve on weekends or if there's a Barca game as it fills up quickly.

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Les Corts/Sants

Leku is undoubtedly one of the best kept culinary gems of the quiet district of Les Corts. Young chef Sergi Amor demonstrates his passion for cooking with a superb seasonal menu, inspired by the Catalan and Mediterranean traditions and made with top quality ingredients and a touch of creativity. This is a fantastic restaurant, very close to Camp Nou Stadium and high quality yet unassuming. It has a warm vibe and is great value for your money. It's ideal for business lunches, meetings and even an afternoon or an evening amongst good friends who feel like catching up with each other.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A tasty and authentic Catalan and Mediterranean fusion restaurant near Camp Nou

Sam's expert tip: Try the Oxtail Croquettes they're delicious

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Les Corts/Sants

This is a great restaurant for families, friends and those looking for a fun evening out. Anichi Sapori, is informal with a rustic vibe, and has a young and very hip crowd. It's very close to the Collblanc market and Barcelona's Camp Nou Football Stadium. If you're in the mood for genuine Italian cuisine with delicious pizza this is the place to try. Their extensive menu has a variety of pastas and homemade pizzas. Some notable ones to try include Pizza Calabrese, Pizza de Angelis and their Sauteed vegetables with melted goat's cheese. This is a great 'bang for your buck' locale, very popular amongst families and the university crowd.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: An affordable and tasty Italian restaurant that's very close to Camp Nou

Sam's expert tip: Be sure to go early on weekends or reserve in advance as it fills up quickly

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La Botiga Pedralbes is part of a chain of wonderful Botiga restaurants throughout the city. This is a cheap and incredibly tasty restaurant with gastro as well as greasy tapas. All of the restaurants are authentically designed so you feel as if you're eating in a Michelin Star establishment yet the prices are more like that of a canteen. Every weekday the restaurant has lunch dishes from 4-5 Euros and there's always a daily special. The Pedralbes Botiga is great if you want to go after visiting Camp Nou Football Stadium, either for a tour or after watching a game. It's not a far walk or you can take a quick cab ride.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: An economical and tasty restaurant not far from Camp Nou

Sam's expert tip: Try their tuna tartare

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Les Corts/Sans

Can Fuste is situated in Les Corts neighborhood, a trendy and quieter part of the city and very close to Barcelona's Camp Nou Football stadium. Since its inception in 1973, the restaurant has committed itself to only serving quality products including incredible seasonal cuisine such as fruits, vegetables fish, seafood and poultry. The restaurant, that has two private dining rooms ideal for group celebrations or meetings in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. Can Fuste is on the pricier side so it's a great place to go for celebrations and special occasions. Their tuna tartare with avocado is particularly tasty as is the roast with spring mushrooms.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A high-end delicious restaurant very close to Camp Nou Stadium

Sam's expert tip: Try their black rice with cuttlefish and artichokes, a house specialty.

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Les Corts/Sans

A delicious tapas chain in Barcelona and around the country, Lizarran is known for its quality pincho style tapas (tapas on a stick) and innovative combination of flavours and international fusions. It's a lively, charming restaurant where you can either have more elaborate tapas or grab a few smile bites while heading on your way. Lizarran Camp Nou is a special Football tapas restaurant, with Barca paraphernalia strewn throughout giving it an exciting and sporty feel. The restaurant is right beside Camp Nou Stadium, so it's perfect for a drink and some snacks before or after a game or a tour.

Recommended for Restaurants near Camp Nou because: A well-known delicious tapas restaurant in Camp Nou's backyard

Sam's expert tip: Try their chicken pinchos on a stick and their peppers wrapped with tuna

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